Words by Paul Griffin. Pics compliments of Miller Family Archives.

Torque Tube Media reported earlier this week in an update on the Krikke Boys Shootout (Bunbury Speedway this weekend – 3rd and 4th March) that a new WA-Based 16 year old Driver will be racing for the first time at Bunbury Speedway in his Limited Sprintcar.

We caught up with that Driver and have pleasure in bringing this article to you.

The Driver in question is Brayden Miller, and yep he is only 16 years old!!!

Brayden is the son of Limited Sprintcar Driver Mark Miller (WA#2) and has been busy assembling a Racing Team consisting of a few relatives/mates around his age and a couple of slightly “more seasoned” Crew members.

Brayden Miller (16 years old) is heading to Bunbury Speedway this weekend to race his Sprintcar

Brayden and his "Black Betty" prior to stickers being added

This will be the first time Brayden has set his racing foot on the Bunbury Bull Ring. He has raced only one other Sprintcar meeting. That was at a regional track in WA – Pithara Speedway.

The sign out the front of Pithara Speedway says “Ready to Rumble” and that is exactly what Brayden did in his first outing.

In his first ever heat in a Sprintcar,  he claimed victory. He was 2nd in his other heat and then took out the A-Main in fine style – winning by over half a lap…….. A first class effort for someone that had never turned a racing lap in a Sprintcar !

Brayden’s new Team is owned by his Mum and Dad – Annaliese and Mark Miller. This weekend at Bunbury Speedway sees Brayden supported by the following Team Members:

Crew Chief: Ian “DIZZY” Woods (WA #16 410 CI racer)

Chief Spanner Man: Brody Miller – 15 yo (Brayden’s brother)

Sam Miller – 14 yo (Cousin)

Reece Hendy – 15 yo (Good Mate)

Murray “Red Dog” Hendy (Just Loves hangin’ out with Sprintcars)

Peter and Sue Wojtanowski (Long time supporters)

Brayden has already developed a racing pedigree piloting Dirt Track Go Karts. He started racing Dirt Go Karts 5 years ago at the tender age 12. His first big event (The Ken and Ces Memorial at the Dirt Trackers facility at Wellard – Perth) saw him take the second Podium spot.

In 2009 Brayden came 3rd in Dirt Trackers Kart Club Track Championship in the J Heavy
Division and shortly afterwards bagged an incredible 2nd at the first ever State Title at Jenna Kart Club.

Brayden was a successful Dirt Kart Racer and has used that experience as a foundation to step into the World of Sprintcar Racing

Brayden reminisces – “The 1st ever race with my KT powered Kart was at Busselton Kart Club and I managed 2nd overall on the day – that was amongst a pack of 14 karts in every race. It was really tough as they started me off the rear every time. But that really makes you try harder, plus you pick up a lot of experience learning to get past other Karts.”

“Back in 2010 I placed 4th overall in WACS (WA Championship series). Now with that experience behind me, I am moving into a Limited Sprintcar and going to run the support events at the 2012 Krikke Boys Shootout on Sunday night. My “Journey” in racing continues this weekend at Bunbury and my ultimate aim is to  eventually move into an Open Sprintcar (410 CI) and travel with WSS (World Series Sprintcars) …….. and then maybe one day race in America” said Brayden.

Brayden continued “I am currently studying to be a Chef and when fully qualified I want to chase work on Off – Shore Oil Rigs. I am a pretty ambitious guy and I set high goals in everything I do – whether that be Racing, my Apprenticeship or my hobbies.”

“I guess you can imagine that we are doing this new “Journey” into Sprintcars with a shoe-string budget. To help get the car on the track I have often asked to purchase used tyres and bits and pieces from the big Sprintcar Teams at the end of a race night. In fact some Teams have been really good and just given us their used tyres that still have a bit more left in them. My brother Brody who will spanner the car this weekend did a great job recently by securing quite a few reasonable tyres at Kwinana said Brayden.”

Brayden gets into the "Torque Tuber" Groove at Pancho's Racing Products (Sprintcar "Supermarket") in Pennsylvania, USA

Brayden explained “The New Team has some great Sponsors and without their help the “Journey” simply wouldn’t kick off this weekend at Bunbury. Motorsport can be a tough thing to launch into and our Team would welcome any additional assistance. And if there is anyone out there that would like to join as a Marketing Partner, we would love to hear from you. Call the Team Owner Mark Miller on M: 0408 926 154. The good thing about our Team is that it’s new, fresh, young and determined. Right from the start the attention that we attract will be significant, …………  and it will only grow from there.”

The Team have been busy through the week building up a new car. The Chassis they have chosen is a Cool. It’s number ID is #99 and is an ex Ben Ellement unit. The motor is a brand new Adyme Harvey built mill and by all reports pumps out some fairly impressive  numbers – a good strong motor.

Multi Tasking - Brayden works on his car this week while discussing Team tactics on his phone with crew member Reece Hendy

Brayden's brother and Chief Spannerman Brody works on the Cool Car through the week

The brand new Adyme Harvey built engine looks cool in "The Cool"

Taking Shape - The Adyme Harvey power plant is "locked and loaded"

She's a beauty - a " Black Beauty" - just wait for the stickers to go on !

Brayden Miller is a keen photographer and took a trip Stateside last year to take in WoO Sprintcar racing and some local shows as well. He is also a valued contributing photographer for Torque Tube Media

Current Sponsers:
– Creative Elegance Wedding Decor
– Ritz Party Hire
– Brigdewood Holdings
– www.torquetube.com.au
– Adyme Harvey Racing Engines
Good luck to you Brayden and also The Team  – may your “Journey” in Sprintcars be a long, safe and very succesessful one.
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