Jan 29th, 11pm – South Australian time
Words and pics: Paul Griffin
Tonight saw the completion of the program from last night’s rain out – 7 more heats, a C-Main, B-Main and of course the 40 lap Championship Finale. Racing started at 5pm and luckily there was no rain.
Brooke Tatnell driving the West Australian owned KMS A1 COOL has just won the 2012 Fuchs Oil 50th Anniversary Australian Sprintcar Championship at Speedway City – Adelaide.
The header pipes won’t even be cold yet!

Brooke Tatnell claimed his 5th Australian Sprintcar Championship tonight at Adelaide's Speedway City

This is going to be a quickie post as I have to hit the hay reasonably early in preparation for the drive back to Melbourne in the morning. Torque Tube Media will follow up with a detailed report of all lead up racing tonight (including ripper pictures), plus an expansion on the A-Main Championship Race as part of the regular weekly Tuesday Post. Remember to come back for a look then.
Back to tonight’s A-Main ………..Tatnell won over young Tasmanian Sensation Shaun Dobson (T77) while David Murcott brought up 3rd place in the S97 entry.

L to R: Shaun Dobson 3rd, Bill Wigzell Grand Marshall, Brooke Tatnell 1st, David Murcott 3rd


The Championship A-Main top 10 starters in order from #1 possie were: Lines, Farrell, Dobson, Murcott, Scheuerle, Tatnell, Bricknell, Egel, Jenkin, and Farr.

Lines and Farrell had worked hard to secure their front row starts, and it seemed nothing was going to stop them bar mechanical failure. In the end that’s exactly what ended up happening.
Lines jumped to a clear lead at the start with Shaun Dobson slipping past Farrell to take 2nd. Tatnell got around Scheuerle and started his move forward. Something was astray with Farrell – he was slowly going south.
Tatnell was selectively working his magic, passing Farrell and then setting sail for Murcott.
With 18 down Lines kisses the exit to the Turn 4 fence with the right rear and sustains a minor car wound. Lines is then taken by Brilliantly by Dobson the next lap. Lines slips back another spot as Murcott gets past and then Lines pulls up at the end of the main straight minus a right rear wheel – obviously a legacy of the brush with the fence.
Tatnell reels off Murcott with 19 to go and heads for leader Dobson. Farrell had some mechanical gremlin and wasn’t going forward – he retired with an ailing racecar with 11 to go.
Dobson showed maturity beyond his years and kept Tatnell at bay while working the mid track until there are 9 laps left. Tatnell makes his move and gets past Dobson. The leaders work through traffic and end up crossing the line in this order:
1st: Tatnell
2nd: Dobson
3rd: Murcott
– Tatnell was a calculating magician
– Dobson drove the seat off the T77 and is a great young talent (He deserved to win)
– Murcott is in the zone on form lately and drove really well
PS: It’s now 11:45pm SA time  While loading some photos into the site at the hotel, I hear & then get up to see solid rain falling outside – WE JUST MADE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You Beauty !!!!!!!

The Car and Helmet that greeted the Chequer first - check out the lack of rubber

Brooke drove a hard, calculated race and had to apply every bit of his experience to defeat Shaun Dobson


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