As Australia Day (26th Jan) draws to a close, our eyes turn to Speedway City in Adelaide for the 50th Anniversary of the Fuchs Oil Australian Sprintcar Championship.

It’s funny really,…..what to officially call the event ? I have see it billed as a “Championship”, a “Title” and “The Nationals”. I guess it’s splitting hairs and you all know what I mean anyway. We will go with what the commemorative TEE shirts have said for years….. “Championship” ………..  it doesn’t matter anyway !

Since the conclusion of the Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic last weekend where Sydney’s Ian Loudoun prevailed, Torque Tube Media has received over 80 requests to show essentially a top 10 driver list with photos. Some said top 5, some said top 15 etc. Over 30 of those requests came from our good friends in America !

So we reckon it’s probably a good idea to have a look at the top drivers. Remember also the drivers that are eligible to compete in the Championship must be Australian. 78 drivers have nominated at time of this post.

We sat down and penciled in the top 10 – that was hard and wasn’t fair on those outside the Top 10 because in reality on a National Scale Australian Sprintcar Racing is a veritable “Food Bowl” of talent, and anyone in the Top 15 could easily pull the Championship off. We would also go so far as to say anyone in the top 30 and beyond is a possibility – who knows ?

To make it manageable, lets take a look at the top 15 faces (our opinion) and agree to agree that without prejudice, the winner of the 2012 Australian Sprintcar Championship could very well come from this list. Let’s see how we go.

You see how hard this is because up and coming hot shoe pilots like Nick Lacey, Daniel Pestka and Shaun Dobson don’t appear in the list. You never know – a good time trial, reasonable heat performances, smooth run in the A-Main ?

So in no particular order our top 15 is:

Brooke Tatnell

Trevor Green

Steve Brazier

Stephen Lines

Shaun Bradford

Ryan Farrell

Max Dumesny

Kerry Madsen

Jason Kendrick

James McFadden

Ian Loudoun

Grant Anderson

David Murcott

Danny Reidy

Robbie Farr

And if you are after a single nomination, we suggest WA’s “Flyan” Ryan Farrell. He is due for a BIG Win and set fast time at the Adelaide shakedown meeting yesterday. His form hasn’t been up to his usual scintillating level of late (mechanical gremlins), but that should all be sorted now – he’s forever looming, overdue for a major and can cope well with pressure.


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