Pictures and Words by Paul Griffin

………. 8pm South Australian time – 24th Jan 2012 ……….

Normally we commit to a weekly post on this site every Tuesday around Noon.

This week has been hectic with lots happening on the Sprintcar scene, so there have been a few more posts than usual. The last post was yesterday detailing the fabulous Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic final night victory by Sydney’s Ian Loudoun – check it out. See the links on the top RHS of this page.

In the keeping of the traditional Tuesday Post……….this one is for you. It’s a “Travelling Willbury” one ! Not quite a Noon post, but that is because we were in transit.

Torque Tube Media has arrived in Adelaide (South Australia) and we have just booked into “The Quest” at Mawson Lakes just 15 minutes from Speedway City.  How convenient !

This year Speedway City (as most of you already know) will be the venue for Australia’s Sprintcar race that determines who is the “Best Sprintcar Driver in the Nation” – The Australian Sprintcar Championship.

Some people argue that the Australian Championship should be decided over a series of races across the nation – similar to the concept of WSS………..but for now, and indeed many years prior, the accolade of being crowned the “Australian Sprintcar Champion” is determined over a two night event in one town. This year it’s South Australia’s capital city Adelaide’s turn.

Personally I don’t really mind too much – I can however see the flip side argument, but I do know that we will all be treated to the best racing the country can offer come Friday (27th) and Saturday (28th) this week.

On the way to Adelaide from Warrnambool today (by road), Torque Tube Media encountered a number of things:

  1. A stop at Mount Gambier
  2. Farmers herding 3500 sheep (from one side of the road to the other) – just south of Salt Creek
  3. Hotels in Adelaide getting into the Australian Sprintcar Championship swing with Promo Signs

You Can't go though Mount Gambier without going past Borderline Speedway - It's on the main highway before you hit town. I just had to stop and check it out. The last time I was there watching racing was probably 25 years ago. Borderline I am happy to say has not lost any of its country charm. I am a bit annoyed I didn't get to last Wednesday's King's Sprintcar Challenge at this track - The Easter Trail in April will have to be my salvation !

If you go through Mount Gambier you must take a look at the fabulous "Blue Lake" - the colour of the water is uncanny ! .... and it's an old volcano crater to boot !

3500 sheep being herded across the road added 15 minutes to the journey from Warrnambool to Adelaide - HA HA .....the Sat Nav got it wrong at the start !

A pub in Main North Road Adelaide gets right into the swing of things - I can't Wait !

Hope to see you at Speedway City Adelaide, and if you can’t get there Torque Tube Media will cover it for you in words, verbs and pictures.

The action actually starts with a Shakedown Meeting at Speedway City on Wednesday 25th Jan – the day before the Australia Day Public Holiday. It has been promoted as the “Prelude to the Australian Championship” – “USA vs Australia Sprintcar Challenge”.

Visiting American drivers who are heading to Western Australia to participate in WSS action are likely to be on the bill. Shane Stewart, Danny Smith and RJ Johnson are confirmed.

But remember, the Australian Championship itself is only open to Australian Drivers so you won’t see any lively Americans Fri and Sat night at Speedway City.

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