Recently Torque Tube Media (This Site) has been bombarded with spam. Some of this spam has the ability to autopost. So if you see a strange post that is not releated to Sprintcars (eg: about Hot Water Systems or Solar Energy etc – 2 recent examples), please choose to ignore them – it is not the Author going mad.

It is sad that the world is exposed to such trash. I have reset some spam filters and made some associated changes to the Web Press software that I am using so hopefully the recent spam posts will not be a recurring event.

Makes you wonder about internet security though doesnt it ? Web Press say the software is virtually unhackable, yet without password and proper authority several illegal posts have found their way onto the website in the last month and had to be manually removed.

Current WSS pointscore leader after 6 rounds - James McFadden

Anyway, it’s off to Avalon Raceway tonight for round 7 of World Series Sprintcars and then Warrnambool for round 8 WSS on the 1st day of the New Year.

I will grab some pictures and post them next week for you.

Cheers for now and thanks for viewing TORQUETUBE.

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