Steve Adley takes Delivery of First GF1 Chassis for Western Australia

I had a call from a mate recently wanting a hand. WA 360 Sprintcar Racer Steve Adley needed help to collect his new GF1 Sprintcar Roller from Parr Motorsport in Melbourne, and then to get it to GKR Transport for the long haul across the Nullarbor and into WA.

Cool GF1 bonnet design & graphics - GF stands for George Fisher - the Head Designer at Ti22. Ti22 are a specialised parts manufcaturer in USA who aquired JEI's assets and then set about designing the more adaptable GF1

I had pleasure in accepting the task, after all, it was the first time that I had ever towed a Sprintcar !

Steve called ahead to Adrian Parr (Owner of Parr Motorsport) and indicated that I would be in touch to arrange the pick up. The plan was perfect considering I now live in Melbourne and Parr Motosport was 20 minutes from my house and GKR was about 30 minutes from Parr’s.

The first person in WA to receive a GF1 will be Steve Adley

So I arranged with Adrian Parr a date and a time. Adrian did a fabulous job. I rocked up and there was Steve’s Roller – Already loaded and strapped on a courtesy car trailer. Steve Adley had also rung through as a last minute thought for a brand new spare rear end, some front wings and some other miscellaneous items. Everything was there, just waiting for me to arrive.

Waiting for transit - The GF1 sits out the front of Parr Motorsports ready for pick up


Adrian Parr had eveything arranged for pick up, including the roller being strapped down on a courtesy car trailer

The GF1 was fitted with Ultra-Lite twin point RR brakes

The GF1 chassis is something that I didn’t know much about. Adrian told me that the “GF” stood for George Fisher (the Head Designer – along with some help from former JEI owner Barry Jackson) and that they are made in the old JEI factory in Pennsylvania USA. Late last year Ti22, a specialised parts manufacturer acquired the assets of JEI and set about designing a new-concept chassis. The GF1 is the result and has had great success in America since its Oct 2010 launch and is looking to take off here in Australia. Steve Adley’s will be the first in Western Australia.

Adrian showed me the key differences between the new frame and the older style JEI’s. It’s quite a bold approach and very noticeable. The most obvious departure is a total rethink of the geometry forward of the engine plate.  It’s all about achieving more controlled flex in the front end.

Gone are the two diagonal bars in front of the radiator in favour of a more flexible hooped arrangement. Also adding to the dynamic flexibility of the GF1 chassis is a hooped horizontal transverse member that acts like a flexible “spreader bar”, joining the left and right sides of the forward chassis.

The key differnces between the old JEI (left) and new GF1 are easily visable - the use of flexible hoops instead of rigid bracing is the key to getting a more flexible/adaptable front end - that's the theory.

Arrival to GKR Transport depot in Melbourne - The GKR facility provides a cool backdrop for Steve Adley's new GF1 Roller

This GF1 will be Steve Adley's baby and the first unit in WA

Assignment Complete - Torque Tube Media staffer Paul Griffin and the GF1 prior to unloading at GKR Transport


The Boy's at GKR Transport knew the drill

The GF1 Roller - finally safe and sound in GKR Transport's Melbourne yard awaiting loading to a Westbound Transporter

It will be interesting to see how Steve makes the GF1 work. We might have to wait a wee while though, as this roller I believe is a spare. Steve will initially campaign his existing JEI, and use the GF1 as a back up. Having said that though, I know Steve will be more than anxious to compare notes between the two Chassis types. I bet he swaps everything into the new roller within weeks! Stay tuned on that and we will keep you posted.

In terms of Steve Adley’s background, he raced Modified Production Sedans in WA 12 years ago and after a brief dabble last season in a 360 Sprintcar has decided to do a full season in this years “Chamberlain Auto Electrics 360 Power Series”.

A total of around 25 cars have been earmarked to compete in inaugural 8 round series. “The Chamberlain Auto Electrics 360 Power Series” is developed and controlled by SAWA (Sprintcar Association of Western Australia). Remaining rounds include, Collie, Pithara (2x rounds), Northam, Kwinana (2x rounds) and Bunbury.

Steve has some very valuable Sponsors supporting his racing endeavours and simply wouldn’t be racing without them:

  • Prestige Fibreglass Products
  • Rockingham Pool and Spa Solutions
  • Custom Mechanics

As always though, any racer can use more help. So if you would like to assist Steve in Sponsorship or engage in a Marketing Alliance to promote your Company and Products, simply give Steve a call on Mob: 0408723582

I will let you know how the GF1 shapes up.

PS: I spoke with Steve shortly before posting this, and his beloved GF1 Roller has arrived safe and sound in The WEST !

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