Mark Miller’s Extreme Tall Boy – Custom Frame by Geoff Murphy

Mark Miller from Texanne Racing in Western Australia is a both a Sprintcar Driver and Sprintcar owner. He has competed in the 350 Limited Sprintcar category over the last few years and is now signing up for the new 360 CI Sprintcar series in WA – “The Chamberlain Auto Electrics 360 Power Series”. 

This season Mark  has teamed up with Ian Woods and he may even have a shot at a couple of 410 CI events. Woodsy will be spannering Mark’s car and providing valuable coaching. 

Recently Mark invited Torque Tube Media to attend a Personal Chassis Fit-Out Session at Geoff Murphy’s Maddington workshop where Geoff creates the renowned “Murphy” Sprintcar, Speedcar and F500 chassis’s.

Geoff Murphy's Maddington (Perth WA) workshops where Mark Miller is having a custom Extreme Tall Boy chassis made

Mark is a pretty tall guy at 6 foot 11 inches and has found it difficult to get a traditional Tall Boy chassis to suit his requirements ……. So enter Geoff Murphy and the custom built ETB (Extreme Tall Boy).

In the same way that a tailor will measure you up for a suit, Geoff Murphy will measure you up for a custom chassis that is precisely engineered around your personal stature with an ultimate aim of the best possible safety, ergonomics and comfort – something that Mark has grappled with for years by using frames that came close, but at the end of the day didn’t quite cut it.

The new Extreme Tall Boy chassis is 6 inches taller than a standard frame. Some of the key differences in the custom frame are extra bars to provide additional strength, a raised seat and raised steering box to provide optimum ergonomics and a unique front header bar to maximise clearance to the front of the helmet. The chassis owes its pedigree to the standard 40/47 Murphy, however 2 inches were added to the rear to give more cab room, and another 2 inches added to the front to maintain balance. So what has resulted is a custom 42/49 inch car.

Mark's new frame has been designed to be safe and comfortable for the Big Lad - He's just shy of 7 foot !

Mark went on to say “The reason for the custom chassis was mainly safety driven because of the head clearance rules. Working with Geoff Murphy we have been able to build the car around my body to give truckloads of head clearance, all achieved without an add-on Halo. The comfort is second to none for me. My legs feel like they are in the right spot and the steering has been placed for optimum ergonomics as well. The car is so comfortable compared to what I have had in the past.”

Geoff Murphy has done a fantastic job of designing a chassis that still gives Mark Miller plenty of head room - all without a Halo !

The chassis is all but finished. It only needs a couple of bar refinements and locating brackets for the quick change and top wing adjuster. Then Mark is ready to take delivery, build it up and go racing !

Mark has never been more comfortable in a car. Building a custom frame to suit personal body dimensions is a must for Mark beacuse he is just so tall

Geoff Murphy measures the height of Mark's Extreme Tall Boy and in the next photo lays that measurement against a standard frame

This shot is of a standard frame. The measure shows the difference in height from the Extreme Tall Boy to this standard frame - it's easy to pick the custom frame is 6 inches higher

Here Mark points out the front header bar has been shaped like the rear header to optimise helmet clearance

This vertical bar runs all the way to the top of the frame to help provide strength through triangulation - very important as Mark's frame has an extra 6 inches in height over a standard unit

The steering box and seat have been raised to give Mark superior leg postioning and overall ergonomics - Mark says that it's important to be safe and comfotable in the cab to be competitive

Geoff Murphy works with Mark to find the best position to mount the Quick Change "In-Out" lever

Panels will be a custom size - here the height and length differnces are very obvious when a standard panel is held in position. Mark will need the "Bubble" flare in the panel shown to provide sufficient elbow clearance

Mark Miller and Chassis Constructor Geoff Murphy share a joke after the trial fit-out of the Extreme Tall Boy frame - The custom frame is a luxury for Mark and is going to make racing easier for him

Like all Murhpy Sprintcar chassis's, Mark's ETB will come with the familiar laser cut radiator name tag - it's nice to see a local Australian Chassis Constructor offering such custom flexibility

Torque Tube Media wishes Mark Miller and Texanne Racing a successful season ahead and we will all look on with interest to see how the new car shapes up. Also a big thank you to Mark and Geoff Murphy for allowing Torque Tube Media to attend the fit-out.

For the audio of the full interview with Mark Miller, click this link:

Mark Miller – Murphy Tall Boy Interview

(The audio is a new technology for so fingers crossed it will work for you. It appears that you have to have Quicktime media player installed and it can take 20 seconds to open) – Feedback would be appreciated as to whether it worked for you or not.

For more info on “The Chamberlain Auto Electrics 360 Power Series” that Mark will race this new car in, simply click on the following link : Brian Hall – 360 Sprintcar Rookie at 60 years young

PS: While at Geoff Murphy’s Workshop I had a bit of a chat with the owner. Geoff is a very talented chassis constructor and in past years has had involvement with people like Bob Trostle (The Father of the Sprintcar) and a very Young Steve Kinser. We will be doing a special feature on Geoff and his products in the coming weeks on

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  1. Brayden Miller says:

    good job paul, the audio is an awesome feature but i didnt need quicktime player to play it. i used windows media player, but anyway this is great and if you keep the quality like this it is suer to become bigger and better

  2. Benuch Bernard says:

    Outstanding interveiw Paul!! And great story with Mark! Yes he is a Big Blooke!!
    good luck to Mark in the upcomming season..
    on a nother note, sorry did not get any pictures of the williams grove open. but did talk to Joey Saldana, He said he’s on the mend, and feels real good when he’s in the car, and it shows. Any way keep up the good work, as our season comes to an end, will be looking forward for updates on your racing season! Cheers mate.

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