Joey Saldana returns to World of Outlaws competition and cleans up at Hartford Motor Speedway

Well……what can I say!

Deep down inside we all wanted Joey Saldana to do well in his racing return after being sidelined by severe injuries resulting from a racing crash at Eldora in mid July (see pervious post).

Joey Saldana - Super Recovery and took out the A Main at Hartford - Photo


But get this ……… Joey Saldana not only returned to the track to race the best local Michigan pilots and World of Outlaws hotshoes, but Joey Saldana actually WON the Wednesday 21st September event at Hartford Motor Speedway in Michigan USA. He started on pole and lead all 25 laps – that is mercurial !

Joey Saldana has not only proved what a brilliant Sprintcar Driver he is, but also what a determined individual and fabulous athlete he has become. His physical fitness in the first instance was a keystone in the “Short Road to Recovery”. The additional support from family, friends and medical/conditioning experts was all he needed to prevail….and prevail HE DID !

Let’s face it, he rose from a massive stack at Eldora 9 weeks ago where most experts in the sport politely considered his season of racing was “done and dusted”. He had a punctured lung, broken ribs and a shattered forearm that required surgery involving screws and a plate. You don’t get over that stuff in a matter of weeks !

Fair call !

Joey Saldana cleaned up at Hartford Motor Speedway after returning from serious injury - Joey is a great Driver and the Kasey Kahne - Red Bull Racing Team once again combined so well to take A Main honours - The Driver and Red Bull/Kasey Kahne combination are one of the best the Globe has on offer

Joey Saldana has shown remarkable resolve to undertake daily physio and corrective body articulation routines to forge a path to full recovery. A major aspect in this accelerated recovery was attendance at the PitFit training facility in Indianapolis.

PitFit is a professional organisation that is dedicated to the development and implementation of cutting edge human performance programs to enable recovery, endurance and best in class performance in all kinds of Motorsports. If you want to find out more how Joey Saldana made the quick recovery to success check out and the previous post on

We all take our hat off to Joey…… And to win at Hartford was amazing, and let me tell you …. The victory simply  “Brought the House Down”. The crowd went “APE” !…………. and deservedly so.

Joey Saldana driving the Kasey Kahne Red Bull #9 is back in town – others had better look out cos this guy is now on a mission. World of Outlaws Championship contention is not possible, but Joey has indicated he is back, here to race and here to finish as high as mathematically possible in the WoO series. I for one bet he does !

Joey Saldana in the #9 Kasey Kahne Red Bull Maxim lead all 25 laps of the A Main - PIC by Max Dolder - HARDCORERACEFANS.COM

It really is a remarkable feat and well deserved of the True Champion that Joey Saldana is.

Well done Mate !

Joey Saldana and the Red Bull Kasey Kahne Racing Team head back to Eldora this Friday night (23rd Sept) and then to Lernerville Saturday night for two more rounds of the World of Outlaws Series. We wish Joey all the best and will watch with great interest.


  • Joey Saldana picked up a cool $10,000 for the win after starting from pole
  • Steve Kinser qualified fastest time with 16.046 seconds but could only manage 17th in the feature for $800
  • Jason Meyers was 2nd, Craig Dollansky was 3rd, Donny Schatz was 4th and Tim Shaffer was 5th
  • Best finishing Australian was Kerry Madsen in 7th
  • Jason Meyers was awarded Hard Charger of the night – Started 8th, finished 2nd
  • Joey Saldana telegraphed to the Sprintcar World – “I’M BACK – LOOK OUT”

Jason Meyers Bagged "Hard Charger" for the night at Hartford Motor Speedway starting in 8th and coming home in 2nd

Kerry Madsen in the Kenerick Racing #92 PIHA entry was the best finishing Australian in 7th place after starting 12th - This team is producing very consistent results and is due for a major breakthrough on the podium before the season is out

Steve Kinser set an incredible Qualifying Fast time of 16.046 at Hartford Motor Speedway, but could only manage 17th place in the A Main. Needless to say, merchandise sales were slow after the final ! It was completely the opposite for the Joey Saldana Red Bull Racing Team - People were literally everywhere


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