Father’s Day Australia 2011- Sprintcars Dont Miss out !

Hi Guys !

Well …….  this may surprise some people in the world, but last weekend (That being Sunday the 4th of September 2011),  we celebrated Father’s Day in Australia.

Yeah ……I know for some curious reason, we folks in Australia are out of phase with some other parts of the World.

I am advised by trusted authorities that Father’s Day in America was 17th June 2011……. Oh well , sorry about me missing that date, but let’s face it, EVERYDAY is Father’s Day anyway !     Isn’t it ????????????????? 


As per usual my wife Tracey “Louise” put on a Stella spread. Check out the look below.

Sweet Look : Wife Tracey set up the dining room and included the obligatory sprintcar model of Johnny Herrera #47 (USA) on the sideboard next to the 2nd "DEE" of the DAD sign

 We even had the good fortune of my Brother Glenn and his Son Nathan drop in from Queensland. (Two states North and a 2 hour plane journey away). Add to the mix our Cherrished Dad and Mum and all was set for a for a top celebration.

Happy Times : The Griffins celebrate Father's Day 2011. Top left to bottom: Glenn, Nathan, Tracey, Paul, Phyllis and Alan.

We had a great day ….. and of course Sprintcars were not forgotten . Here’s some more images of the day.  I hope you like them. 


"DAD" - A fiiting backdrop for the 2011 Father's Day celebrations - Oh Yeah !!!!! ...... and Sprintcars are King - Just like Dad !

It was really COLD in Melbourne - So we cranked up the 410 WOOD HEATER - although Glenn didn't think we needed it !

PRIOR SEASONS : The Tony Stewart "OLD SPICE" #20 Sprintcar model that we brought back from our recent American trip sits on display and is part of a very special Father's Day celebarion


Yep... My DAD.....You guys can blame him for my Sprintcar passion (See "The Beginning" Tab). He served in WWII, studied Metalurgy and is a Qualified Jeweller - now retired


My Dad (centre), his first son Glenn (right) and myself (left) celebrate life and the freedom to "Go Racin' " - Father's day 2011

Johnny Herrera #47 still races in The States - I bought this model about 10 years ago at a Sprintcar Club auction in Perth !

Can't let the day go by without another viewing of the Tony Stewart Old Spice #20 car - yeah I know it's from prior seasons, but I bought it at Knoxville for $70 and the paint job is as cool as the real deal !





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  1. I’m so sad we couldn’t be there to join in the celebrations. Fantastic job of decorating, Tracey. XXXX

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