National Speedway Directory

While in America recently I purchased a copy of the National Speedway Directory (NSD).

This is a really cool handbook that covers detailed information regarding all the Oval Tracks, Dragstrips and Road Circuits in the United States and Canada. The list is exhaustive and includes by State/Province, the track name and description, location, Owner/Promoter details (names & phone numbers), Website, what nights of the week they race and what classes compete at the venue. A total of 1370 Tracks are represented in this fabulous “Speedway Bible” and it even comes with its own chequered flag bookmark.

The Front Cover of the 2011 National Speedway Directory - a 10 Buck handbook that will save you heaps of time in figuring out where to go

The concept for the directory was born in the late 70’s and has grown to the comprehensive publication that it is today. The 2011 version that I bought was released in May and is the 32nd Edition.

I have to admit, the State by State Track details are awesome when planning a “Milk Run” of Motorsport Events. The National Speedway Directory also provides full details of all Sanctions including Clubs, Racing Series, Associations etc, as well as contact details for all major Publications/Magazines. Race-related Museums and a comprehensive Race Calender detailing all events by racing category is also included in the handbook.

If you are serious about doing a tour to the States or Canada, then the National Speedway Directory is going to save you a bag of time. I met Doug Andrews while at the Knoxville Nationals and he uses the National Speedway Directory to help plan his tours as part of his business Have Bus Racing Tours. Doug is an interesting and knowledgeable man when it comes to knowing when and where to go in order to take in the best racing. I checked out his outfit and believe me, it’s impressive ! – a total separate subject and deserves a separate post in the coming weeks.

Doug Andrews from Have Bus Racing Tours, Tracey and I all used the National Speedway Directory to help plan an efficient racing trip

You can pick up a copy of the National Speedway Directory like I did at any Track Merchandise shop in the States or Canada for only $10 – it’s a steal ! For those that prefer to do a bit more pre-planning before their race trip, reading the inside cover of my copy of NSD I understand that you can arrange to purchase a copy of the National Speedway Directory by emailing or by visiting

This morning I checked out the website just mentioned. All I will say about that is the National Speedway Directory is awesome, and the Website is right up there with it. Some ripper content and search features like Track Locator and Event Locator; even details on a Smartphone app called Track Guide that locates any track while on the go – with maps ! There even appears to be a “nearest” option too that lets you get your racing fix quickly ! Check out for more details.

These are typical screens that the Track Guide application gives you - Now that's a cool efficent way of getting to unfamiliar tracks - Speedway just moved into the 22nd Century !

There is so much more to probe on the NSD website ( – I haven’t even scratched the surface. Well worth a look, and be prepared to spend a few hours !

A tip though …..  make sure you get the second “s” in the web address, otherwise without it, it takes you to a corny financial mob.

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