Lincoln Speedway – Phase 3

Sorry guys about several Lincoln Speedway posts, but let’s face it….. it’s a great track, has many stories to tell, I take a lot of photos and I am still trying to work out the website software. This site is really a blog site and it seems to limit the words and particularly the photo count that I can place in one post. It’s frustrating ! For those that want to know, I am using Word Press to do the site.

Stay with me on that one until I can perfect things.

So in the meantime……………. A few more Lincoln Speedway Pictures.

PS: You know I am going to do the same for all the other tracks I go to…… so far in 2.5 weeks of our Journey, I have taken over 5000 photos (Speedway and tourist stuff).

As I say in the website, my aim is to share a cross section of all this; like you were with me on the Journey.

Belt up and come for the ride !

Hot 410 action down the main drag at Lincoln Speedway - Abbottstown Pennsylvania

Loud and Proud at "The Linc" - 410's in full flight

Car Weighing line-up at the end of the A Main

The end of the night doesn't mean the end of the work for the crews - Wash down of Sprintcars post-race is critical and the # 48 Danny Dietich team are hard at work at the local pressure wash facility.

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