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As the Outlaws headed to Lebanon Valley Speedway in the state of New York (after Williams Grove) for their 24th July Sunday meeting, we headed to Lincoln Speedway in Abbottstown, Pennsylvania to catch a local 410 Posse and 358 show. (see previous post for report).

Lincoln Speedway is in its 59th year of operation and the 410 brigade are scheduled to race in 29 events out of a whopping season of 39 meetings. Not bad hey !

As part of the tradition that is embroided into the fabric of American Sprintcar Racing in Pennsylvania, Lincoln Speedway always hosts the opening night of Pennsylvania Speedweek. Not a bad accolade to kick off this highly recognised series !

Lincoln Speedway has one of those ripper Totem Pole lap counters that also lets you see the top 10 at any point in time

A number of other classes run “The Linc” as well, but I was particularly interested to learn  that the USAC Wingless Sprints are also slated for a skid at this country venue. We are trying hard to get to a USAC Wingless Sprintcar race while in the States as it’s something I have never seen in the fleash. I will be pretty dissapointed if we return to Australia without us seeing these “Back ’em In” 410 Warriors – It’s a totally different driving style and there aren’t too many drivers who can hop in and out Wingless and Winged cars and do well in both. I seem to remember Sammy Swindell being able to do it ?

Anyway, back to Lincoln – the track is a cosey 3/8 mile banked outfit, there is bags of parking space formotorhomes and the like, and it produces fast-paced and competeitive racing that ranks at the top of the action list. Well worth a visit if you happen to be touring the region.

Not to be outdone by the big 1/2 Milers, Lincoln also Boasts Spectator Tunnel Access to the infield


Next we head to Florida to take in some tourist stuff like the Kennedy Space Center where the Shuttle launches and Disney World. We also plan to stop in at Daytona Speedway to check out the track and all the NASCAR gear at the merchandise shops. There is no NASCAR race scheduled during this time unfortunately.

In the meantime, here are some more Photos from “The Linc”.

Local Hero Mike Bittingger guns it down the main straight

Brian Montieth on route to a heat win.

Even the Rubbish Bins got dressed up for the occasion !

How good is this - Living right next to the speedway ! These guys would never be late.

Mike Bittinger up high while Brian Monteith hugs the pole.

There were some cool lookin' cars - Pat Cooper's #26 was no exception


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