Williams Grove Speedway – The Home of the Posse

We left Panchos and headed straight for Williams Grove. The racing was only a couple of hours away.

The "Benuch Campsite" was 30m from the Pit Entry

Mark Miller who we are travelling with has a mate in The States. He goes by the nickname of Benuch….that’s another story for a different time. Anyway, Benuch (who was also at Eldora with us) has been going to The Grove for over 20 years, and always has the same camp site…. boy you should have seen what Benuch bagged. The site was 30 meters from the Pit Ticket Gate and it would have measured close to 40 x 40 m. Knowing we were coming, Benuch had kept two spots for our motorhomes, and he also had friends with their caravans on the same site. They were a great bunch of people and looked after us like we were Royalty.

The King tried hard but PA Posse Greg Hodnett had his measure in the A Main - Pic Brayden Miller

The Preliminary night went to local PA Posse driver Greg Hodnet. Right on his tail was Steve Kinser and third home was Darren Pitman. Hodnett and Kinser had a great tussle throughout the final stages of the race, but Hodnett just seemed get it to the ground a touch better. Ultimately he had the Kings Measure when it counted.

Sam Hafertepe Jnr in the Pancho racing Products car drove a superb race to come home in 7th ahead of many big names like Donny Schatz, Jason Sides, Craig Dollansky, Jason Myers and Eldora King Tyler Walker just to name a few….not a bad effort for the young fella !

Jason Sides nailed the Morgan Cup - Pictured here proud as punch with my Wife Tracey

Also on the bill for 410’s was the running of the inaugural Morgan Cup. I reckon this is an interesting race. It is an invitational event and to establish the grid, the first five best placed Posse drivers and first five best placed WOO drivers in the previous seasons National Open (held in OCT) receive the invitation to race. It’s run over 12 laps.

Jason Sides who could only manage 10th place in the main event for the night managed to find a whole lot of determination and extra car speed. He blitzed the field coming in well ahead of Stevie Smith and 3rd placed Jason Myers.

Champion Donny Schatz tried hard but missed a podium finish and came in 8th in the the A Main & Morgan Cup


Donny Schatz could only manage an eighth place in the Morgan Cup – the same as his final placing in the A Main run just prior. Knowing the champion that Donny is, I am sure that a detailed analysis will follow and a podium finish, perhaps even a victory is just around the corner.

At this stage the next race that we will take in will be a local PA Posse show at Lincoln Speedway followed by the Knoxville Nationals, however having said that, we are going to investigate the possibility of something different such as USAC Sprints or even a NASCAR race. We are heading to Florida soon and it’s a question of what coordinates with that movement.

Here are a few more photos from the Williams Grove WoO weekend.

Main Pit Marshal Gettin' down and serious


Birds Eye View - The King is all smiles on top of his hauler

Kraig Kinser gets amongst the action


"Gettin' Ready to Rumble"


Those transporters are really something. The Kenerick Racing Rig is one of the best - Kerry Madsen WoO #92


Donny Schatz - Happy after Qualifying

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  1. Benuch Bernard says:

    G’day Paul, hope you had a great time at the Grove!! I sure did, tell everyone I said hi.. Great site you got here mate!! Cheers! \~/ \~/ \~/


  2. billy sheppard 'waxim' says:

    im a mate of benuch when your in arizona your royalty hear as well mate

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