Panchos Racing Products

Panchos Racing Products shopfront in PA

Sam Hafertepe Jnr's Race Car complete and ready for "The Grove"

Well as promised, we called into Panchos Racing Products on route from New York to Willams Grove. The shop is situated at Suite D, 140 Enterprise Drive, New Oxford, PA – Phone 717-624-0090 and really does cater for everthing a Sprintcar Driver could possibly want (They even do other categories too).

"Tab" emphasizes the real benefits in using high quality race parts

We met owner Pancho, his brother Tab, work associate Sean plus a few of the other lads too. It was 1:30pm Friday afternoon (22nd July) and the boys were putting the final touches to the Pancho House Car that Sam Hefertepe Jnr was to drive that night.

It probably wasn’t great timing for us to roll up at that point of the day, particularly because my mate Mark Miller had a shopping list that was as long as his arm.

All Spares are neatly assembled for easy identification

Despite all that, we were treated really well and after 2 ½ hours, Mark left happy and a quite a bit lighter on coin.

Helpful service for Mark Miller from people in the know at Ponchos Racing Products


The outfit is simply superb, The front showroom and main sales area displays fittings, consumables, rims, brakes, axles, bars, rods, plugs, bearings and on it goes – all laid out neatly. Gosh they even have a Sprintcar Sitting in the showroom.

The display racecar in the main showroom

The neat and Ordered layout makes life easy

Front Axles and brake rotors are fast moving items and there are truckloads to choose from


Out back they house the heavy artillery like wings, panel kits, chassis’s, tail tanks. There was even a 358 CI Sprintcar complete with all new gear on it, ready to race for $10 K !

Heaps of Chasis's and that Black $10K ready to race 358 CI car

NEXT STOP: Williams Grove Speedway for the World of Outlaws 22/23 rd July

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