New York

We spent two days and nights (July 20 and 21) in “The City That Never Sleeps”.

Tracey and Self in the thick of all the NYC lights


We parked up the Motorhomes in Jersey City which is just across the Hudson River from Manhattan Island/New York. The RV (Recreational Vehicle) park that we stayed in is the closest one to NYC and doubles as the Liberty Marina. You can see the statue of liberty in the distance.

From the RV park it is a brief subway train ride under the Hudson River or a ferry trip to reach New York proper.

On the first night we went for a night walk to Times Square and the Broadway Theatre District. 

The lights along 7th Avenue and the Broadway District

Times Square was hot, busy and Spectacular


That was pretty special – again the colours, the lights, and all the electronic bill boards were something else.

The following day we ventured out to Liberty Island on a ferry to see the Statue of Liberty. The statue was a gift of friendship from the people of France to the people of the United States.

The Grand Statue of Liberty stands over 300 feet high


It was constructed in sections in France and then shipped to the United States where it was assembled. The statue is actually made from copper and is only two American pennies thick.

It took 20 years for it to oxidise from the brilliant sheen of copper to the green  appearance it enjoys nowadays. Internal staircases provided access to the top of the torch, but this balcony has been off limits since the early 1900’s. It is currently possible to access the balcony just below her feet.


Thumbs Up for Jamie Veal and the Statue of Liberty

Something I didn’t know was that the American people are rebuilding the World Tade Centre twin towers that were reduced to rubble in the September 11 attacks. I recall  shortly after this sad incident that there was no plan to rebuild these structures, and I had not caught up with the fact that this thinking had changed. Below shows the construction well underway. The original footprints of the two buildings have been presereved as memorial fountains, so the new structures are to sit in different positions.

Infact the original Trade Center complex consisted of 7 individual buildings, two of which where the twin towers. The new plan consists of 5 individual buildings – all apparently skyscrapers. In the following photo we can see one skyscraper nearly complete and a second about 1/3 height. It won’t be until 2020 that we see all 5 buildings complete. An unofficial 6th building is also being considered.

Construction of two new World Trade Center towers is well advanced – look for the cranes on the rooftops. The rebuild plan calls for a total of 5 skyscrapers for the new World Trade Center Complex

Well that’s about all for now on the toursist stuff, as we head to Pennsylvania and the Outlaws show at Williams Grove. We will do it via Panchos Racing Products and catch up with the boys out there – for those that don’t know, its kind of a “Sprintcar Supermarket”  – a one stop Sprintcar shop.

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