ELDORA – 16th July

After reading about and watching DVD’s of Eldora for many years, I finally made it to “The Big E”.

 First Impressions: Big, Loud and Fast !

 It was the running of the 28th Kings Royal (July 16th) and the first time that I had witnessed racing at a ½ mile track.

 Think about this for a moment….The cars were lapping the ½ mile in around 13.5 seconds…….. That’s about the same time that we see for most of the ¼ mile tracks in Australia.

That puts it into perspective don’t you think. Roughly double the distance, in around the same time !


Tyler Walker won the race in spectacular fashion and was crowned the 28th “King”. Earl Bates, the creator of Eldora way back in 1954 presented Tyler Walker with his ceremonial crown and robe. Needless to say, Walker was over the moon.

Thumbs Up - Tyler Walker brimming with confidence before the A Main


Sammy Swindell was dealt a hard blow, leading virtually the entire race until his right rear exploded exiting turn 4 on the very last lap. The finish line and the $50,000 to win cheque was literally 100m away and it vaporised from his grasp in a nanosecond.  Tyler Walker was able to capitalise on Swindell’s misfortune and snatched victory from the jaws of defeat.

Paul McMahan was third home and best placed Aussie was Kerry Madsen in 9th. Other Aussies nominated for the event were Marty Perovich and Bruce White but they were unable to transfer to the A Main.

Paul McMahan - 3rd Place

Joey Saldana took a massive hit on turn 2 in the A Main and was taken from the track by ambulance. Unconfirmed reports suggest that Joey suffered broken ribs, a collapsed lung and required the insertion of a plate in his arm. Our thoughts are with Joey.

Kerry Madson and me at Eldora Kings Royal


Aussie Leadfoot Marty Perovich made the haul to Eldora

"Big Bad Bruce" White from Australia

Next Sprintcar Race that I will attend : Williams Grove 22 & 23  July.

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2 Responses to ELDORA – 16th July

  1. Steve Adley says:

    Hi Paul and Tracy good to see you are haveing a great time and yes Eldora is orsome makes the hair on the back of neck stand up when you look over the pit wall at the end of the back streight and a 410 is coming at you full noise. Enjoy Williams grove a bit more like our country tracks, if you see Dean Jacobs say hi to him for me, He’s farther was one of the origanal builders of the track. keep having a blast.
    Cheers Steve and Deb

  2. Brigitte says:

    Nice photo of Tylor Walker, I am glad he hasn’t got his winning robe on.

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