Brad Maiolo Rockets to Victory at Perth Motorplex


BRAD Maiolo’s name has been added to an illustrious list after he won the 34th Annual Scardifields Smash Repairs King of Wings at the Perth Motorplex Speedway on Saturday night.

Not only did his win cement his name in the history books but it was also part of another LJM Racing 1-2 finish after big brother Jamie was second, reversing the result from the previous round at Quit Bunbury Speedway the week prior.

Ben Ellement was third for his third podium finish from four rounds in the 2015-16 AHG Sprintcar Series.

The 40-lap feature race was highlighted with a midrace infield pitstop that was called on lap 18 after Jake Beard-Miller slammed into the pits bend fence hard when eyeing off a top five result.

Drivers and crews knew the pit window would be open sometime between laps 15 and 25 and once officials were able to get Beard-Miller out of the car and clear the debris, the pitstop was called.

Going into the break Jamie was leading from Brad with Ken Sartori just ahead of Kendrick and Ellement.

A handful of drivers didn’t even make it to this point.

On the first start Andrew Priolo ran high and then cut down low in front of a bunch of cars that took evasive action that ultimately saw them tangle and be out of the contest, including Taylor Milling, Troy Lawson, Carl Dowling and Kye Scroop.

Priolo managed to get a restart but officials sent him to the rear as he was deemed to be cause.

Kendrick, who started from P2, was the early leader but was then passed by both the Maiolos with Jamie stretching the legs on the #99 machine.

After the pit stop the crew on the Luke Dillon machine were not able to get the car ready in time and he was forced to drop out of his mid-pack start and to go the rear, but in the end it didn’t matter as the car failed to start.

In the final section most of the cars were running mid to low track in the first turns and up high near the fence in pits bend.

Brad Maiolo was working the high line better than most and clawed the gap to Jamie before striking with about seven laps to go.

After the siblings argued the spot for a lap it was Brad who had the better car set-up and went on to take the win.

David Priolo (from P8) finished fifth, ahead of Shaun Bradford (from P6), Daryl Clayden (a great recovery after starting P15), Callum Williamson (who started P13 and moved up five spots), Lee Nash (from P10) and Jason Pryde (who started 18th and completed the top 10).


Qualifying: Brad Maiolo 13.990, Jason Kendrick 14.261, Jake Beard-Miller 14.364, David Priolo 14.376, Ben Ellement 14.429, Lee Nash 14.448, Ken Sartori 14.457, Jamie Maiolo 14.447, Kye Scroop 14.479, Taylor Milling 14.517, Shaun Bradford 14.523, Luke Dillon 14.534, Ryan Farrell 14.600, Daryl Clayden 14.677, Troy Lawson 14.690, Callum Williamson 14.728, Andrew Priolo 14.794, Scott Chatwin 14.909, James Inglis 14.947, Ryan Lancaster 14.966, Jason Pryde 15.049, Robert Watson 15.053, Carl Dowling 15.102, Mitchell Wormall 15.600, Jason Boland 15.786.

Heat 1: 1st Luke Dillon, 2nd Ken Sartori, 3rd Lee Nash, 4th Bradley Maiolo, 5th Mitchell Wormall, 6th James Inglis, 7th Scott Chatwin, 8th Jason Boland. DNF: Ryan Farrell.

Heat 2:
1st Daryl Clayden, 2nd Jamie Maiolo, 3rd Shaun Bradford, 4th Jason Kendrick, 5th Ben Ellement, 6th Andrew Priolo, 7th Carl Dowling. DNF: Ryan Lancaster.

Heat 3: 1st Callum Williamson, 2nd Troy Lawson. 3rd Jake Beard-Miller, 4th David Priolo, 5th Robert Watson junior, 6th Jason Pryde, 7th Kye Scroop. DNF: Taylor Milling.

A Dash: 1st Bradley Maiolo, 2nd Ken Sartori, 3rd Ben Ellement 4th Jake Beard-Miller, 5th Shaun Bradford, 6th Robert Watson junior, 7th Callum Williamson, 8th Daryl Clayden, 9th James Inglis.

B Dash: 1st Jason Kendrick, 2nd Jamie Maiolo, 3rd Luke Dillon, 4th David Priolo, 5th Lee Nash, 6th Andrew Priolo, 7th Troy Lawson, 8th Mitchell Wormall, 9th Jason Pryde.

Midpack Madness: 1st Kye Scroop, 2nd Carl Dowling, 3rd Taylor Milling, 4th Jason Boland, 5th Scott Chatwin.

Feature race: 1st Brad Maiolo, 2nd Jamie “The Jet” Maiolo 3rd Ben Ellement, 4th Jason Kendrick, 5th David ‘TOP SHELF’ Priolo, 6th Shaun “Son Of ‘A’ Gun” Bradford, 7th Daryl Clayden, 8th Callum Williamson, 9th Lee Nash, 10th Jason Pryde, 11th Andrew Priolo, 12th Mitchell Wormall, 13th Jason Boland, 14th Scott Chatwin.

Our roving cameraman Peter Roebuck was on hand to capture ALL the SPrintcar action from the King of Wings – including the fabulous support classes of 360′s and Limiteds. David Hall took out the 360 feature while Gavin Davis bagged the Limited Sprintcar A-Main.

These great images of the entire “Winged Night” from Peter Roebuck – Thanks Mate !!

Brad Maiolo leads the AHG Series comfortably now after his victory


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A good man

A superb developer !


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Jamie Maiolo wins AHG RD 3 at Bunbury Speedway

Words – Darren “The Digger” O’Dea
Images – Peter “Straight Shooter” Roebuck

“THE car was pretty good, the track was pretty demanding and I was trying to hang on.”

That was Jamie “The Jet” Maiolo only moments after winning round three of the AHG Sprintcar Series at Quit Bunbury Speedway on Saturday night.

Jamie won the 30-lap final from younger brother Brad and Jason Kendrick for his second victory in three races.

Jamie Maiolo

Jamie Maiolo Won Saturday Night on a Dusty Bunbury Surface

Jamie started from P4 and was tucked in behind front runners Shaun Bradford, Luke Dillon and Ryan Farrell for two thirds of the journey until Bradford spun and was collected by the other two.

Bradford sustained too much damage but Dillon and Farrell were able to get a restart, albeit from the back of the pack.

After inhering the lead Jamie never looked back and powered away for the win.

“I think we were good for a podium and it came unfolded in front of us and I’ll take them anyway they come but it’s a great result for the LJM Racing team,” Jamie said.

This was on the back of the brothers starting on the front row for the feature race at the Perth Motorplex seven days earlier.

Jamie said the different track layout tested drivers and crews.

“We changed it a bit (the car set-up), we probably missed it a little bit in the Dash, after that track grade it was pretty smooth.

“We probably should have thrown a little bit more gear in it and tightened it up a bit for the track conditions.

“But yeah we ended up making a fair few changes for the feature and the car was pretty good, I think we were probably good for third but the other boys got tangled up.

“When it’s pretty demanding like this, sometimes you are just happy to roll it back into the trailer, so to come out with a win, it’s great.”

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Shaun Bradford Wins Magic Man 34 at Perth Motorplex

Words: Darren “The Digger” O’Dea
All Images compliments Peter “Straight Shooter” Roebuck

SHAUN Bradford has claimed back-to-back victories in the Magic Man sprintcar race, winning the 2015 instalment at the Perth Motorplex Speedway on Saturday night from Bradley Maiolo and Ben Ellement.

Bradford started from P3 for the tribute race to the late Michael Figliomeni and alongside another former winner of the event in David Priolo.

Brothers Jamie and Brad Maiolo started from the front row in the event that was round two of the 2015-16 AHG Sprintcar Series.

Unfortunately for Jamie he dropped back a couple of spots early on and ultimately was a DNF after crashing out on lap nine.

The first major incident occurred when Luke Dillon, in his first drive for his former Diamond Bay Motorsport W26, spun in pits bend, forcing Carl Dowling, Kye Scroop and Jason Kendrick to be involved, with Kendrick then also being tagged by Jason Pryde.

Jake Beard-Miller, who started from P5 and was looking strong on the back of his podium finish in the first round of the AHG Sprintcar Series at the same venue three weeks earlier, was out after spinning on lap five after the car was damaged following contact with another only moments earlier.

He was hit by Callum Williamson and Taylor Milling with the latter tipping over.

It is understood Beard-Miller has suffered a couple of broken ribs from the incident.

The bad start to the series continued for Ryan Farrell who claimed another DNF after the W90 pulled up in pits bend and was then collected by Jamie Maiolo and David Priolo, putting all three out of the contest.

The win continued the strong run to the season for Bradford who was sixth in the season opener and then only last week won the Bonza Bradford Memorial in Pithara, a tribute race for his late father Ian who passed away 23 years ago on Saturday.

Brad Maiolo was only 2.216 seconds off the pace and this is on the back of his seventh in the first race of the season.

It was Ben Ellement’s second third placing in as many weeks and he continues to impress in his return to the sport after a two-year break.

Ken Sartori started from P9 and charged forward for fourth while team mates Daryl Clayden (from P6) and Lee Nash (from P16) were next over the line.

Ryan Lancaster started 15th and finished seventh and one of the interesting results on the night was the eighth placing to rookie James Inglis who started from P20 in his first race in the AHG Sprintcar Series.

Robert Watson junior and Jason Pryde rounded out the top 10.

The first of the four qualifying groups at the start of the night proved to be the one to be in with Priolo topping the charts with a 14.024-second lap, ahead of Dillon’s 14.103 and Lancaster’s 14.200.

Brad Maiolo won the first heat of the night (from brother Jamie), with David Priolo, Kye Scroop and Beard-Miller were the other heat winners.

Round three of the AHG Sprintcar Series will be held at Quit Bunbury Speedway next Saturday night.


Group 1: David Priolo 14.024, Luke Dillon 14.103, Ryan Lancaster 14.200, Ken Sartori 14.623, Taylor Milling 14.742 Aldo De Paoli 15.094

Group 2: Bradley Maiolo 14.218, Ben Ellement 14.257, Jason Kendrick 14.271, Jason Pryde 14.773, Andrew Priolo 14.865, Scott Reilly 14.987, Scott Chatwin 15.245

Group 3: Jamie Maiolo 14.339, Daryl Clayden 14.452, Robert Watson junior 14.469, Callum Williamson 14.471, Kye Scroop 14.448, Troy Lawson 14.584. Group 4: Ryan Farrell 14.306, Shaun Bradford 14.307, Jake Beard-Miller 14.319, Carl Dowling 14.446, Lee Nash 14.646, Mitchell Wormall 15.334

Heat 1: 1st Bradley Maiolo, 2nd Jamie Maiolo, 3rd Shaun Bradford, 4th Luke Dillon, 5th Jason Kendrick, 6th Carl Dowling, 7th Ken Sartori, 8th Kye Scroop, 9th Andrew Priolo, 10th Robert Watson junior, 11th Aldo De Paoli, 12th Scott Chatwin, 13th Mitchell Wormall.

Heat 2: 1st David Priolo, 2nd Daryl Clayden, 3rd Ryan Farrell, 4th Ryan Lancaster, 5th Jake Beard-Miller, 6th Ben Ellement, 7th Callum Williamson, 8th Lee Nash, 9th James Inglis, 10th Taylor Milling, 11th Troy Lawson, 12th Jason Pryde, 13th Scott Reilly.

Heat 3: 1st Kye Scroop, 2nd Shaun Bradford, 3rd Jamie Maiolo, 4th Carl Dowling, 5th Ben Ellement, 6th Taylor Milling, 7th David Priolo, 8th Robert Watson junior, 9th Ryan Lancaster, 10th James Inglis, 11th Mitchell Wormall, 12th Jason Pryde, 13th Scott Reilly.

Heat 4: 1st Jake Beard-Miller, 2nd Ken Sartori, 3rd Callum Williamson, 4th Lee Nash, 5th Bradley Maiolo, 6th Daryl Clayden, 7th Jason Kendrick, 8th Luke Dillon, 9th Ryan Farrell, 10th Andrew Priolo, 11th Aldo De Paoli, 12th Troy Lawson. DNF: Scott Chatwin.

Feature: 1st Shaun Bradford, 2nd Brad Maiolo, 3rd Ben Ellement, 4th Ken Sartori, 5th Daryl Clayden, 6th Lee Nash, 7th Ryan Lancaster, 8th James Inglis, 9th Robert Watson, 10th Jason Pryde, 11th Andrew Priolo, 12th Troy Lawson, 13th Mitchell Wormall. DNF: Kye Scroop, Jamie Maiolo, David Priolo, Ryan Farrell, Aldo De Paoli, Taylor Milling, Callum Williamson, Jake Beard-Miller, Carl Dowling, Luke Dillon, Jason Kendrick. DNS: Scott Reilly, Scott Chatwin

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Tai Woffinden Gases Up a Sprintcar at Perth’s Motorplex

All images except where noted - Peter Roebuck
Words – Paul Griffin

Two-time World Solo Speedway Champion (Bike) Tai Woffinden turned his hand to driving a Sprintcar this week.

In 2013 Tai became World Champion and just recently bagged his second World Championship in spectacular fashion.

The celebrated and proven Solo Rider, rolled up to the Iconic Perth Motorplex this week and hooked up with Marshall McDermid.

Here McDermid had a leading 650 HP Limited Sprintcar at the ready for his pleasure.

Our Straight Shooin’ Lensman Peter Roebuck was there to capture the moment – Thanks Peter !

Tai Woffinden

Tai Woffinden swapped his Riding Leathers for a Driving Suit to have a shot at a four-wheeled Monster - those things with wings that we all call a Sprintcar - image from Tai's Facebook

Tai took to the Sprintcar like a duck to water. He is one of these gifted and Elite Motorsport proponents that can seem to jump in or on “ANYTHING” and make it work – look fast and be competitive in other words.

There is no question Tai is a “Natural”.

The only question we have is “Will Tai take up racing a Sprintcar in a more regular and competitive role”?

If Tai’s mid week test drive is anything to go by, we say YES !

Born Natural - Tai Woffinden on the gas out of turn 4 at the Perth Motorplex

Marshall McDermid, a seasoned Sprintcar Driver in his own right, took the wheel first and established the set up for the high-banked Kwinana Beach venue.

Once McDermid was happy, he handed the wheel to TAI. Needless to say TAI was quick and circulated like he raced the beast every week!

Onlookers were amazed on one hand, but kinda expected it on the other.

Marshall McDermid got the car set up before Tai Woffendin

Marshall McDermid got the car set up before Tai Woffinden stepped in

Tai Woffendin

At Home - Tai is a natural at anything it seems !

Tai Woffendin 2

Tai was over the moon at the chance to drive a "fire breathing" Sprintcar

Tai Woffendin 3

All Smiles - Tai loved the power that a Sprintcar offers

Tai Woffendin 4

Tai Drove Marshall McDermid's (Holler's) car at the Motorplex - "Holler" is a nickname that Con Migro coined years ago for Marshall. It comes from an old Tag Line used by Marshall Car Batteries "Holler for a Marshall"

Tai is the son of former speedway rider Rob Woffinden. Although born in England and competing as a British rider, Tai grew up in Perth, Western Australia after his parents Rob and Sue decided to move down under in 1994 and he still considers Perth to be his home.

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Gary Brazier Wins Thriller at Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway

Words by Valvoline Raceway PR
All Images compliments of Gary Reid

Garry Brazier won round four of the NSW Ultimate Sprintcar Championship on October 31, making this his second USC season win in as many weeks at Valvoline Raceway.

It was also his first back-to-back victory in Sydney since 1997. Second was Dave Murcott and third was Adrian Maher.

Garry Brazier (centre) won the A Main from Dave Murcott (right) and Adrian Maher

Garry Brazier (centre) won the A Main from Dave Murcott (right) and Adrian Maher

The race was memorable for many reasons but one talking point in particular was the way that the two first cars ended up after the chequered flag fell. More on that later !

The Saturday night Halloween spectacular saw 63 Ultimate Sprintcars team up with the Stadium Super Trucks in front of an enormous crowd despite the constant threat of thunderstorms and the occasional shower.

Once again Warrnambool’s Jamie Veal set Quick Time in Group One Qualifying and was the fastest man on track with 12.735-second lap whilst Newcastle’s Matt Smith was the fastest in Group Two with 13.007 seconds.

Unfortunately Veal hurt his motor in the process and with his spare engine in Melbourne the team was forced to load up early and head back to Victoria before their heat race began.

Jeff Lawler won the non-qualifier’s race with Brendan Scorgie coming in second.

Danny Reidy performed double duties on the night jumping from an Ultimate Sprintcar into a Stadium Super Truck. The Queensland based Territory born Reidy won the first Sprintcar heat of the night with Sam Walsh and Marty Perovich finishing second and third.

Livewire Tasmanian Shaun Dobson made his first appearance in the Ultimate Sprintcar Championship finishing fourth in heat one and finishing at the back of the A main in position

Max Johnston turned his luck around from the last meeting early in the night, winning heat two off the front row with Jimmy Matchett finishing second.

Matt Dumesny won heat three off the front row with Robbie Farr and Matt Smith closely behind.

Heat four saw teenage rookie Sean Richards crash in turn four when he ‘biked it up’ on the cushion and rolled the Omron #51 before Adrian Maher won the heat with Warren Ferguson finished second and Australian champion Dave Murcott in third.

Dave Murcott also made his debut in the Ultimate Sprintcar Championship setting time of 13.010 seconds in time trials, finishing third in heat four and finally second in the feature race after leading for the majority of the 30 lap affair.

18 year old Seb Johnston, younger brother of Max was another to make his first race in the Ultimate Sprintcar Championship making it into the C main and finishing in position thirteen with Mick Saller winning the race.

The top 8 pole shuffle determined Gary Brazier would start off the front row of the A main with James Thompson after the cagey veteran used some wily antics to ‘de-throne’ some of his rivals.

Johnston V. Adrian Maher – Maher wins by default because Max was deemed to have jumped the start
Maher V. Matt Dumesny – Maher wins
Maher V. Reidy – Maher wins
Maher V. Murcott – Murcott Wins
Murcott V. Brazier – Brazier wins by default because Murcott was deemed to have jumped the start
Brazier V. Smith – Brazier wins
Brazier V. Thompson – Brazier wins

Toby Bellbowen won the B main from Max Dumesny and Troy Little. Dumesny took the lead initially on the start but Bellbowen passed him with seven laps to go. A yellow light stoppage for Alex Orr (when Matt Craft rode Orr’s right rear wheel and cut down his tyre) allowed Toby to take the lead and finish on top.

Straight into the feature race went the top four transfer cars as they were given a short amount of time to change tyres and put more fuel in the car.

Brazier grabbed the lead into turn one of the 30 lap A-Main but a red light for Grant Anderson going into turn two after contact with Toby Bellbowen allowed Murcott to take the lead on the restart, leading the next 23 laps through lap traffic until a yellow caution was unfortunately put out for Max Johnston when he slowed to a halt in turn three.

Single file restart was Murcott, Brazier, Maher, Reidy and Matt Dumesny.

With two laps to go Brazier took the lead with a big move on the inside in turn one where contact was made between the two Australian champions and they raced hard until the chequers.

After the chequered flag fell Murcott pulled up alongside Brazier to remonstrate and the two ended up locked together in a stationery position in turn three to the jeers and cheers of the crowd.

“I thought I’d give him a rub up to wind up the old bugger,” Murcott grinned after the pair settled down, “I didn’t mean for it to wind up that we both crashed.”

Brazier was quick to respond.

“He’s got my number,” Brazier grinned, “that’s the only reason I didn’t tolerate him running into me. It’s good to get the win but I enjoy watching my son race as much as I enjoy this whole driving thing really. It’s great to have my Dad back working on the racecars and I want to thank him, and Capalaba Wreckers and Castrol for their ongoing sponsorship of me.”

Adrian Maher was a sensational third place after a consistent drive all night.

“It’s hard work out there,” Maher conceded, “it’s good to get a third place result but I didn’t have anything left. I had the thing absolutely flat out the whole way around. Obviously those guys crashing each other out after the chequered flag don’t fix their own cars.”

Matt Dumesny recorded a career best USC result with a fine fourth place finish over the versatile Danny Reidy in fifth, James Thompson sixth, Maz Dumesny seventh, Jeremy Cross eighth, Matt Smith ninth and Robbie Farr rounding out the top ten.

Craig Brady finished eleventh, Troy Little twelfth, Sam Walsh thirteenth, Chad Ely fourteenth, Warren Ferguson fifteenth, Shane Dobson sixteenth, Lachlan Abbott seventeenth, Darryl Campbell eighteenth, Jimmy Matchett nineteenth and Jackson Delamont twentieth as the last registered finisher.

DNF’s were Max Johnston, Grant Anderson, Toby Bellbowen and Marty Perovich.

The Stadium Super Trucks were a huge hit with the massive crowd providing some spectacular wheels off the ground action and some real bump and run competition.

American teenager Sheldon Creed took the final race win despite a spirited battle with SST creator and motor racing legend Robby Gordon that enthralled the fans. The USA vs Australia competition was epic and certainly provided some wonderful theatre on the man-made hell track that was created over the last ten days.

Dave Murcott finished a close second in the A Main

Dave Murcott finished a close second in the A Main

Alex Orr getting serious in time trials

Alex Orr getting serious in time trials

Peter Bourke is celebrating 21 years in speedway - and waht better way to do it !

Peter Bourke is celebrating 21 years in speedway - and what a way to do it !

Matt Dumesny

Matt Dumesny in action

Toby Bellbowen gets all crossed up in his heat

Toby Bellbowen gets all crossed up in his heat

Adrian Maher leads Dave Murcott in the pole shuffle

Adrian Maher leads Dave Murcott in the pole shuffle

Dave Murcott (left) led for most of the race until Garry Brazier bumped his way past just 2 laps from the finish

Dave Murcott (left) led for most of the race until Garry Brazier bumped his way past just 2 laps from the finish

Round five of the NSW Ultimate Sprintcar Championship will be in a fortnight on November 14 at Valvoline Raceway for the Sid Hopping Shootout.

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Shaun Bradford Wins 2015 Bonza Bradford Memorial

Last Saturday night (31st Oct) WA’s Pithara Speedway hosted the Bonza Bradford Memorial 360 CI Sprintcar Race. Action was aplenty and in a fitting tribute, Shaun Bradford (Son of Bonza) won this classic event in fine style. Following Shaun across the line was Rob Watson Jnr and David Hall.

Our travelling “Lensman” Peter Roebuck made the journey 2.5 hrs north of Perth and caught these awesome images for us.

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Motorplex Fast Friday Pictorial

Our travelling “Straight Shooter” Peter Roebuck ventured to the Motorplex last night (Friday 23rd Oct) and caught some pretty special action at the Kwinana Beach venue.

Interesting to see a Ford powered Sprintcar in the mix and you have to agree those Keen cars are awesome to look at !!

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Jamie Maiolo Nails Motorplex Opener

Words: Perth Motoplex PR
All Images: Peter “Straight Shooter” Roebuck

JAMIE Maiolo has fired the first shot in the 2015-16 Wormall Civil Sprintcar track championship, winning the first feature race of the season at the Perth Motorplex last Saturday night (Oct 17).

He won the 25-lap Grand Opening Showdown from Jake Beard-Miller and Ben Ellement with the winning margin being 1.839 seconds.

Podium L to R: 2nd Jake Beard-Miller, 1st Jamie Maiolo, 3rd Ben Element

It was a great result for Maiolo who thought he won the opening feature race last season, only to see officials re-run the last two laps after a crash between two of the front runners.


At the start of the show Maiolo was second quickest in qualifying thanks to a 14.142-second lap, only bettered by Beard-Miller’s 14.112.

He took a first and a fifth in the earlier heat races.

Maiolo started on the outside of polesitter Beard-Miller and was quite content to stay behind the early pacesitter in the early part of the journey.

The first casualties of the race were Lee Nash and Ryan Farrell who were involved in an incident in pits bend just two laps in.

Farrell suffered significant front-end damage in the #90 machine with Nash getting a restart at the rear in the #46.

Beard-Miller was working his way through heavy traffic eight laps in and was under attack from Maiolo and Daryl Clayden when Troy Lawson spun the #83 around in turn two.

On a restart a few laps later Clayden headed infield when sitting in third.

By lap 13 Maiolo showed his intentions to Beard-Miller and he made the telling move on the next circulation, setting up a strong win.

Jason Kendrick, who started mid pack, was looking strong in the last five laps and passed a few cars in succession, only to spin and then end his campaign on the infield after losing a front tyre.

Shaun Bradford looked solid in the #57 after starting 12th and finishing sixth as was Brad Maiolo in the #77 who converted a P13 start into a seventh.

Ken Sartori rebounded strongly in the #50 after the team was forced to change an engine and he started from P17 and clawed his way to eighth.

Qualifying: Jake Beard Miller 14.112, Jamie Maioilo 14.142, Brad Maiolo 14.233, David Priolo 14.237, Kye Scroop 14.258, Ryan Lancaster 14.274, Daryl Clayden 14.283, Ben Ellement 14.311, Carl Dowling 14.363, Jason Kendrick 14.365, Shaun Bradford 14.445, Callum Williamson 14.563, Ken Sartori 14.569, Ryan Farrell 14.692, Lee Nash 14.695, Brodie Minchin 14.749, Jason Pryde 14.753, Andrew Priolo 14.800, Troy Lawson 14.826, Robert Watson 14.838, Jacob Lucas 14.844, Taylor Milling 14.874, Jamie Buszan 14.997, Scott Chatwin 15.064, Aldo DePaoli 15.284 and Mitchell Wormall 15.474.

Heat 1: 1st Jake Beard-Miller, 2nd Bradley Maiolo, 3rd Daryl Clayden, 4th Kye Scroop, 5th Lee Nash, 6th Shaun Bradford, 7th Ken Sartori, 8th Jason Pryde, 9th Aldo De Paoli, 10th Jacob Lucas, 11th Troy Lawson. DNF: Carl Dowling. DNS: Jamie Buszan.

Heat 2: 1st Jamie Maiolo, 2nd David Priolo, 3rd Ben Ellement, 4th Ryan Lancaster, 5th Ryan Farrell, 6th Jason Kendrick, 7th Callum Williamson, 8th Andrew Priolo, 9th Mitchell Wormall. DNF: Scott Chatwin, Taylor Milling and Robert Watson.

Heat 3: 1st Robert Watson, 2nd Callum Williamson, 3rd Ben Ellement, 4th David Priolo, 5th Jake Beard-Miller, 6th Kye Scroop, 7th Carl Dowling, 8th Jason Pryde, 9th Aldo De Paoli, 10th Brodie Minchin. DNF: Ken Sartori. DNS: Jacob Lucas and Scott Chatwin.

Heat 4:1st Lee Nash, 2nd Ryan Farrell, 3rd Jason Kendrick, 4th Shaun Bradford, 5th Jamie Maiolo, 6th Daryl Clayden, 7th Ryan Lancaster, 8th Taylor Milling, 9th Mitchell Wormall. DNF: Troy Lawson, Andrew Priolo and Brad Maiolo.

Feature: 1st Jamie Maiolo, 2nd Jake Beard-Miller, 3rd Ben Ellement, 4th David Priolo, 5th Kye Scroop, 6th Shaun Bradord, 7th Bradley Maiolo, 8th Ken Sartori, 9th Callum Williamson, 10th Carl Dowling, 11th Andrew Priolo, 12th Taylor Milling, 13th Robert Watson, 14th Lee Nash, 15th Jason Pryde, 16th Jacob Lucas, 17th Brodie Minchin, 18th Aldo De Paoli, 19th Troy Lawson, 20th Mitchell Wormall. DNF: Jason Kendrick, Ryan Lancaster, Daryl Clayden and Ryan Farrell. DNS: Scott Chatwin and Jamie Buszan.

Peter Roebuck was on hand to catch these awesome shots:

Jamie Maiolo

First Up Winner: Jamie Maiolo



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Gary Brazier Takes Victory at Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway

Words : Valvoline Raceway PR
All Images: Gary Reid

Garry Brazier has made it to the USC Chase by winning round three of the NSW Ultimate Sprintcar Championship at Valvoline Raceway on October 17. Following Brazier across the line were Sammy Walsh and Matt Smith.

A Main podium: (l-r) Sammy Walsh (2nd), Garry Brazier (1st), Matt Smith (3rd)

A Main podium: (l-r) Sammy Walsh (2nd), Garry Brazier (1st), Matt Smith (3rd)

A 28 degree day in Sydney slowly turned into what everyone worried would be a cancelled race meeting with early rain making out for a slippery track between wheel packing and time trials, but fortunately the showers stopped soon after and the racing started.

For the second week in a row at Valvoline Raceway, Toby Bellbowen timed in first position in group one of the split group qualifying sessions with Matt Smith setting quick time of 12.807 seconds in group two.

Albion Park Rail’s Kyle Caunt was the first red light stoppage for the night in time trials with a slow roll over in turn two after setting 10th quick time, but the Caunt race team worked hard to get back out for their heat.

Kelly Linigen won the first heat of the night in her #25 MSCN Ultimate Sprintcar with Bellbowen coming home in second in the Hog’s Breath Caf� #7 Maxim.

The pit crews were under pressure shortly after when Robbie Farr crashed heavily on the start line of heat two after contact with Garry Brazier. The East Coast Pipeline Racing team welded up a broken chassis and changed a rear end with the help of crews of Danny Reidy, Toby Bellbowen, Luke Oldfield and Max Johnston while Dave Sharman was given the all important job of welding the frame together.

Before the heats even started Max Johnston and Marty Perovich, tough contenders last week, both blew head gaskets and packed up for the night. Danny Reidy didn’t fare much better having changed engines before the heats as well.

Grants Tunks won heat three convincingly while Sean Dyson dominated heat four from Matt Dumesny and Grand Anderson.

Jackson Delamont won the final heat taking him straight to the A main.

A short stint of rain and a mean looking weather radar before the heats forced officials to move the racing through quickly, deleting the D-Main and the top eight Pole Shootout.

A decision was also made to start the cars that made the A-Main in their qualifying order for the 30 lap feature – a situation that would prove very fortunate for Newcastle’s Matt Smith who missed the initial transfer through his heat but managed to progress through the B-Main and wind up on the front row of the “A” with Toby Bellbowen.

Dubbo’s Jeremy Cross won the C main, elevating himself into the B main.

Four out of the Five Dumesny’s competed in the Ultimate Sprintcar Championship, with Michaela handing over pit reporting microphone duties to Matt Smith’s girlfriend Jess Cassidy - Michaela instead made her debut in an Ultimate Sprintcar coming fourth in the C main behind younger brother Marcus.

Garry Brazier and Matt Smith started the B main off the front row before a red light stoppage from Lachlan Abbott when flipped trying to avoid the spinning Craig Brady in turn one and two. Smith took the lead but had reached lapped traffic after four laps, allowing Brazier to catch back up and take the lead, winning the event in the #21 Castrol silver bullet.

After a huge effort getting Robbie Farr’s Ultimate NQ#7 back out for the B main, the fuel line came loose before the start and he disappointingly didn’t make the cut for the B.

The A-Main would turn out to be a larger version of the B-Main with a 30-lap battle between Brazier and Smith.

After a red light stoppage in turn one on the first lap when Matt Craft gently rolled the #86 Craft Differentials entry Brazier took the lead from Smith and Bellbowen when they made contact on the initial start but a yellow light stoppage for Matt Dumesny spinning out on lap two put the two front runners back to a double file restart forcing Brazier to try to grab the lead again.

Brazier reached lap traffic quickly and got caught behind the father and son team of Steve and Kyle Caunt letting Smith pass him before the multiple Australian champion Brazier quickly re-passed for the lead with a nice move on the outside.

Smith would later admit, “I screwed up. I got too loose on the bottom and lost a ton of ground, which let Garry by. I’m lucky really that more cars didn’t get past.”

After a brilliant start to the night, Bellbowen went back to fourth with Garry Brazier, Sam Walsh and Matt Smith in the top three.

Luke Oldfield was the big mover coming from the back row of the grid to a top ten finish with a drive that must have pleased crew chief Bingo Jenkins after the long haul down from the Brisbane for their USC NSW debut.

Final placings and their start-finish results were:

(Finish – Name – Start)

1st Garry Brazier 3
2nd Sam Walsh 11
3rd Matt Smith 2
4th Toby Bellbowen 1
5th Max Dumesny 6
6th Grant Anderson 8
7th Danny Reidy 14
8th Warren Ferguson 5
9th Darryl Campbell 9
10th Luke Oldfield 24
11th James Thompson 4
12th Ben Atkinson 22
13th Jackson Delamont 10
14th Alex Orr 17
15th Kelly Linigen 15
16th Adrian Maher 12
17th Mick Saller 21
18th Matt Dumesny 20
19th Sean Dyson 16
20th Grant Tunks 19
21st Chad Ely 13
22nd Kyle Caunt 18
23rd Steve Caunt 23
DNF Matt Craft 7

Grant Anderson (37) leads Jackson Delamont (48) on a wet track early in the night

Grant Anderson (37) leads Jackson Delamont (48) on a wet track early in the night

Michaela Dumesny (daughter of leading driver Max Dumesny) joined her brothers Mitchell, Matt and Marcus in racing a 410 sprintcar, finishing 4th in the C Main.

Michaela Dumesny (daughter of leading driver Max Dumesny) joined her brothers Mitchell, Matt and Marcus in racing a 410 sprintcar, finishing 4th in the C Main.

Simple Livery - Garry Brazier

Simple Livery - Garry Brazier

Kelly Linigen (25), Steve Rowell (6) and Matt Craft (86) in turn 1 action

Kelly Linigen (25), Steve Rowell (6) and Matt Craft (86) in turn 1 action

Robbie Farr (far left) got into trouble in his heat race before he even got to turn 1.

Robbie Farr (far left) got into trouble in his heat race before he even got to turn 1.

Lap 1, turn 1 of the A Main sees Matt Smith (11) and Toby Bellbowen (7) going for the lead

Lap 1, turn 1 of the A Main sees Matt Smith (11) and Toby Bellbowen (7) going for the lead

Matt Craft's A Main lasted one corner.

Matt Craft's A Main lasted one corner

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