Kerry Madsen Unstoppable in 2018 Scott Darley Challenge

All Images Compliments Gary Reid:
Words: Paul Griffin

Kerry Madsen was in scintillating form at Valvoline Raceway last weekend, crushing the opposition in both nights of the Scott Darley Challenge.

Madsen was a clear winner on the preliminary Friday night event and backed it up with a convincing win in the final night on Saturday.

Second across the line was American Jason Johnson and third was Robbie Farr.

Kerry Madsen

Kerry Madsen won the Scott Darley Challenge Final as well as the preliminary A Main the night before

Scott Darley Challenge podium: (l-r) Robbie Farr (3rd), Max Freeman (Scott Darley's nephew), Kerry Madsen (1st), Jason Johnson (2nd)

Scott Darley Challenge podium: (l-r) Robbie Farr (3rd), Max Freeman (Scott Darley’s nephew), Kerry Madsen (1st), Jason Johnson (2nd)

From an overall perspective, Madsen dominated the 2 night event and underscored his current Australian Champion Status.

His form is just where he would want it heading into the Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic this weekend.

A large field of sixty entries battled out the challenge with 5 USA Drivers in the mix: Jason Johnson, Carson Macedo, Dominic Scelzi, Logan Schuchart and Geoff Ensign. The A-Main consisted of 24 cars.

Madsen started on pole and did not trade this position for the “D19 Challenge” – “The D19 Challenge” being to start from the tenth row and if victorious pocket an extra $19,000.

Along side Madsen for the final was Pennsylvanian Logan Schuchart.

James McFadden was motoring well in the final until he slipped over the cushion while in a fierce battle with Schuchart, looping the #17 and causing American Carson Macedo to flip hard.

Matt Dumesny was also caught up in that incident as well.

Brook Tatnell started in a relatively lowly (for him anyway) 16th position, but was able to fight hard to take 8th, while Ian Madsen started 14th after an average qualifying and finished 6th.

Last year’s race winner Shaun Dobson started P9 and was only able to move forward one position.

Danny Reidy won the B-Main but found the going hard in the A-Amin and crossed the line in 19th.

Jamie Veal who was a pre-race favourite had a wild turn 1 crash after contact with Dominic Scelzi and was a DNF after starting in P11.

Jamie Veal

Crash crew rush to Jamie Veal’s crash scene. He was uninjured.

Mark Attard in a Sydney sunset

Top Shot : Mark Attard on the gas with a Sydney sunset as a stunning backdrop

Saturday flag parade led by Scott Darley's brother in law

Saturday flag parade led by Scott Darley’s brother-in-law Paul Freeman (84)

Logan Schuchart

American visitor Logan Schuchart in Saturday hot laps

Jack Lee in Saturday hot laps

Jack Lee in Saturday hot laps – Ripper action from photographer Gary Reid

Jordyn Brazier (21) and Jackson Delamont (48)

Jordyn Brazier (21) and Jackson Delamont (48) in Saturday heat race action

Friday preliminary A Main podium: (l-r) Robbie Farr (3rd), Kerry Madsen (1st), Sam Walsh (2nd)

Friday preliminary A Main podium: (l-r) Robbie Farr (3rd), Kerry Madsen (1st), Sam Walsh (2nd)

Robbie Farr

Jason Johnson (26) and Robbie Farr (7) battle for podium positions in Friday’s A Main

Max Dumesny (5), Grant Anderson (37) and Alex Orr (43)

Max Dumesny (5), Grant Anderson (37) and Alex Orr (43) in Friday’s B Main

Brooke Tatnell

Brooke Tatnell in the #55 Scott Transport entry in a Friday heat

Jason Johnson

Jason Johnson driving the WA26 in a Friday heat

Jamie Veal

Jamie Veal in a Friday heat

Carl Dowling in Friday time trials

West Australian Carl Dowling in Friday time trials

Geoff Ensign

American visitor Geoff Ensign in Friday time trials

Dave Murcott

Dave Murcott in Friday time trials – He made the Saturday A-Main but crossed the line last in P19

Kerry Mad Mad Madsen

Kerry Madsen led all the way to win the 2018 Scott Darley Challenge

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Jamie Maiolo Wins WA Speedweek Series

Images – Peter Roebuck
Words – SEG Media

JAMIE Maiolo claimed the fourth and final round of the USA v W A Sprintcar Speedweek at Quit Bunbury Speedway on Saturday night (Jan 6), winning the 30-lap feature race from Americans Parker Price-Miller and Ryan Smith.

And in doing so, on his home track, the Myalup-based Maiolo, also won the WA Speedweek Series after he was tied on points with Price-Miller, but was given the crown by winning the final race.

Third overall in the WA Speedweek Series was Ryan Smith.

Jamie Maiolo

Jamie Maiolo took out the final (4th) Round of WA Speedweek and the overall Series

It was a good night behind the wheel of the LJM Racing #99 for Maiolo who elected to start on the inside front row for the feature race after winning the knockout series from Jason Kendrick who started from P2.

He got the jump at the start but the field was bunched back up after just two laps when Matthew Cross spun around in pits bend.
The more the race progressed, the more of an advantage Maiolo opened up on his rivals, with much of the action centred on Price-Miller closing in on Kendrick for second.

Kendrick’s car looked less settled in turns three and four than Price-Miller’s and with 10 to go the American got by Kendrick and then started to put some distance between the two.

With seven laps left Maiolo put younger brother Brad a lap down and conceded after the race that he didn’t think Brad was going to let him by.

Smith moved Kendrick back to fourth with six laps to go and in the run to the checkers Price-Miller was all over the back of Maiolo.

On the last lap they split the lapped car of Jamie Oldfield and it was Maiolo who had a better run down the back straight to claim the close finish.

Kendrick held on for fourth and was followed over the line by Oldfield, Brad Maiolo, Stephen Adley and Matthew Cross.

Andrew Priolo was out of the contest after cutting a right rear tyre in the latter stages.

At the start of the night Smith broke the Victory 1 Performance Quick Time stranglehold that has seen Kendrick dominate for the previous four shows.

AJ Nash was out of the contest after qualifying with what was a suspected melted piston in the motor.

Daryl Clayden had a massive flip in pits bend that not only damaged the beautifully-prepared 45 but also the catch fence that required some work, cutting short the fourth and final heat.

Price-Miller required treatment for a sore right arm in his second heat race after debris flicked up onto the car and smashed the right hand panel of the USA2.

Jamie Maiolo (RH) was first in the A-Main and Parker Price-Miller was second

Jamie Maiolo (RH) was first in the A-Main and Parker Price-Miller was second


Parker Price-Miller (LH) was second overall in the series and Ryan Smith (RH) was third overall

American Parker Price-Miller (LH) was second overall in the series and fellow countryman Ryan Smith (RH) was third overall

Darryl Clayden had a wild flip

Daryl Clayden had a wild flip in heat 4

Darryl Clayden's wild ride continues- he tore the catch fence in the process halting the program while repairs were made

Daryl Clayden’s wild ride continues- he tore the pits bend catch fence in the process halting the program while repairs were made


Ryan Smith from America

Ryan Smith from America

Jason Kemdrick

Jason Kendrick

Jamie Maiolo in qualifying

Jamie Maiolo in qualifying

Parker Price-Miller from USA

Parker Price-Miller from USA

Andrew Priolo in the #10

Andrew Priolo in the #10

Heat wins went to Kendrick, Jamie Maiolo, Jamie Oldfield and Priolo.
Both Americans were due to fly out of Perth early Sunday morning, heading to Tulsa, Oklahoma, for the annual Lucas Oils Chilli Bowl Nationals for speedcars.

Final Speedweek points: Jamie Maiolo 582, Parker Price-Miller 582, Ryan Smith 568, Bradley Maiolo 560, Jason Kendrick 542, Jamie Oldfield 538, Andrew Priolo 532, Andrew Priolo 532, AJ Nash 452, Daryl Clayden 444, Jamie Landrigan 394, Troy Beckingham 382, Matthew Cross 308, Stephen Adley 286, Ben Ellement 272, Ryan Lancaster 262, Adrian Haywood 248, Scott Chatwin 246, Daniel Keen 134, Paul Peet 134, Michael Keen 130, Ray Leonard 118, Ben Van Ryt 116.

Qualifying: Ryan Smith 13.387, Jamie Maiolo 13.455, Jason Kendrick 13.508, Parker Price-Miller 13.530, Brad Maiolo 13.645, Andrew Priolo 13.721, Daryl Clayden 13.966, Jamie Oldfield 14.084, Matthew Cross 14.434, Stephen Adley 14.786, AJ Nash 15.864.

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Robbie Farr Steals Victory with 2 Laps to Go in Valvoline Raceway Firecracker 50-Lapper

All images: Gary Reid
Words: Paul Griffin


Robbie Farr played a patience game at Valvoline Raceway last night (1st Jan) and was well rewarded in the process.

He took the lead in the Firecracker 50 lapper with just two laps to go and crossed the line ahead of Jordyn Brazier and Daniel Sayre.

Jordyn Brazier actually looked like taking victory –  he had led the race all the way up to lap 48.

Farr however had other ideas and pounced when the time was right and secured his 45th career feature race win.

Robbie Farr first

Sprintcar podium: (l-r) Jordyn Brazier (2nd), Robbie Farr (1st), Daniel Sayre

Jordyn Brazier top point scored, and started on the front row alongside Sam Walsh.

Walsh dropped valuable distance when he “biked” his car early in the feature and dashed his hopes of a victory at that point.

The 50 lap race was divided into two stints: a first stint of 30 laps, followed by a 20 lap sprint to the flag.

Late in the first 30 laps stint, rising star talent Jessie Attard passed both Robbie Farr and Troy Little for second and came right into the fray – together with Jordyn Brazier, the two young guns put on a tremendous show of driving determination that went well into the 2nd 20 lap stint.

Robbie Farr was elated with his victory and paid a glowing tribute to how hard Brazier and Attard had raced.

Agreesive sprintcars

Robbie Farr (7) and Jessie Attard (53) weren’t afraid to get aggressive in the last few laps of the feature race

Three wide

Three wide in the A Main as Thomas Jeffrey (12) is the meat in a Dumesny sandwich of Max in 5 and Marcus in 47

Crash crew

The crash crew prepares to upturn Guy Stanshall after a B Main incident

Daniel Sayre

Daniel Sayre (16) tries hard to catch Sammy Walsh (92)

Danny Reidy

Danny Reidy (5) wheelstands through turn 2 underneath Nathan Dicker (82)

Alan Day

Alan Day was part of the flag parade on a night that remembered the 25th anniversary of the death of his brother Rodney in a speedcar racing accident

High cushion

Robbie Farr comes close to the high cushion that caught out more than a few drivers

Matt Geering

Matt Geering pushin’ the cushion in time trials

Darren Salmon

Darren Salmon gets it all wrong in turns 3 and 4 during time trials

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Jason Kendrick Wins WA USA vs Australia Speedweek Round 3 – Perth Motorplex

Images: Peter Roebuck

Words – Paul Griffin

Jason Kendrick broke through some stiff competition last night (1s Jan) to take victory in round 3 of USA vs Australia Speedweek – Perth Motorplex.

Following Kendrick across the line were USA star Ryan Smith and local driver Jamie Maiolo.

Here’s how Peter Roebuck caught the action:

Jason Kendrick

Wing Dance: Jason Kendrick after his round 3 Speedweek victory at Perth Motorplex

A-Main Podium L to R: Ryan Smith (3rd), Jason Kendrick (1st), Jamie Maiolo (3rd)

A-Main Podium L to R: Ryan Smith USA (2nd), Jason Kendrick (1st), Jamie Maiolo (3rd)

Kendricck Team

The Happy Kendrick Team …..and Ryan Smith from America (3rd from left)

Jason Kendrick scorched the other drivers

Happy Camper – Jason Kendrick

Jason Kendrick takes time out with a young fan

Jason Kendrick takes time out with a young fan

Jason Kendrick won Round 3 of WA Speedweek

Jason Kendrick won Round 3 of WA Speedweek

























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Matt Dumesny Victorious at Valvoline Raceway

Images compliments of Gary Reid:



As always Gary Reid ventured to Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway to take the in action of the Thunder & Lightning Sprintcar Brigade on Saturday (30th Dec).

He witnessed plenty of racing action and saw the continuing rise and rise of Matt Dumesny.

Dumesny took out the A-Main in impressive style from Robbie Farr and Ian Madsen.

Here’s some of the action compliments of Gary  – The Brayden Willmington attitude shot is a “pealer” – simply stunning !!!!!!!!!!!!!! (see 3rd last image)

Robbie Farr (2nd)

Sprintcar podium: (l-r) Ian Madsen (3rd), Matt Dumesny (1st), Robbie Farr (2nd)

Ian Madsen and Warren Ferguson

Ian Madsen (49) and Warren Ferguson (32) were in the flag parade

Buddy Kofoid (11) and Andrew Wright (78) drive into turn 1

Buddy Kofoid (11) and Andrew Wright (78) drive into turn 1 during the A Main

Danny Reidy

Jason Gebert (18) and Danny Reidy (5) get very close during the A Main

Matt Dumesny

Matt Dumesny won the A-Main

Jordyn Brazier (21) and Chris McInerney (40)

Jordyn Brazier (21) and Chris McInerney (40) tripped up in their heat race

Jason Gebert (18) wheelstands outside Troy Little (20)

Jason Gebert (18) wheelstands outside Troy Little (20) in heat race action

another former speedcar driver Brayden Willmington in time trials

A simply stunning image from Gary Reid – another former speedcar driver Brayden Willmington in time trials

Max Dumesny stays out of trouble

Matthew Thomas (45) goes over in turn 2 as Blake Skipper (24) and Max Dumesny (5) stay low

speedcar star Matt Jackson

Speedcar star Matt Jackson proved competitive in a 410 sprintcar

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Ryan Smith Wins USA vs Australia Speedweek Night 2 – Bunbury Quit Speedway

All Images : Peter Roebuck
Words : SEG Media

THE American duo of Ryan Smith and Parker Price-Miller dominated the second night of the USA v WA Sprintcar Speedweek at Quit Bunbury Speedway on Saturday night, claiming a 1-2 finish in the 30-lap feature race, with Perth’s Andrew Priolo putting in a solid effort to take third.

For Smith it was redemption after he failed to finish the first feature race at the Perth Motorplex Speedway on Boxing Day.

For Price-Miller it was another great effort after taking the win in Perth a few days earlier.

Ryan Smith

Podium L to R: Parker Price-Miller (2nd), Ryan Smith (1st), Andrew Priolo (3rd)

USA's Ryan Smith

A jubilant Ryan Smith

Smith started from P4 in the final after being fourth quickest in qualifying that was then converted into a heat race win.

Price-Miller was fifth in qualifying and also enjoyed a heat race win to start from P5 in the final.

Priolo, enjoying the benefits of having brother David working the spanners in his corner, was sixth in qualifying and had a best result of a third in the heats to start from P10.

Daniel Keen, in his first WA race for the season, and Adrian Haywood, started on the front row.

Jason Kendrick, who had earlier claimed the Victory 1 Performance, Inc. Quick Time award and first in a heat race, started from P3.

Within two laps Smith was in the lead from Haywood and Kendrick before Troy Beckingham hit a hole in pits bend and went over in a massive way, putting him out for the night. The car spewed out raw methanol and was lucky not to become a fireball. The following is the spectacular Peter Roebuck crash sequence……










As the field got away again Jamie Maiolo rode the wheel of another car and was lucky to turn the car in time to avoid the fence in turn one and at the same time Kendrick raced into second spot.

With 10 laps in the book Smith was leading from Kendrick and Price-Miller, with a big gap back to fourth.

Just under half-race distance Scott Chatwin’s car failed to turn coming out of pits bend and slammed into the fence hard, coming to a rest in a ball of smoke.

Scott Chatwin hangs on for the ride

Scott Chatwin hangs on for the ride



DSC_1638As the race resumed this time, Price-Miller traded places with Kendrick who was equal to the challenge, claiming the position back but it all counted for nothing for the latter who pulled infield with suspected electrical issues on lap 19.

Priolo by this stage was in third but with a handful of laps remaining was lucky to control the car as it became crossed up going out of pits bend.

Jamie Maiolo took fourth from younger brother Brad, and they were followed over the line by Jamie Oldfield, Daryl Clayden, Keen, Jamie Landrigan and Haywood.

Heat wins went to Kendrick, Smith, Price-Miller and Oldfield.

Steve Adley was out of action in the first heat after rolling in pits bend, suffering too much damage to continue.

Steve Adley

The immaculate WX9 of Steve Adley before his roll over

Qualifying: Jason Kendrick 13.265, Jamie Maiolo 13.315, Brad Maiolo 13.321, Ryan Smith 13.329, Parker Price Miller 13.440, Andrew Priolo 13.579, Daryl Clayden 13.613, AJ Nash 13.891, Troy Beckingham 14.084, Jamie Landrigan, Jamie Oldfield 14.113, Adrian Haywood 14.118, Stephen Adley 14.561 and Daniel Keen 14.593.

Heat 1: 1st Jason Kendrick, 2nd Brad Maiolo, 3rd Daryl Clayden, 4th Parker Price-Miller, 5th Jamie Oldfield, 6th Scott Chatwin, 7th Troy Beckingham, DNF: Stephen Adley.

Heat 2: 1st Ryan Smith, 2nd Jamie Maiolo, 3rd Andrew Priolo, 4th Adrian Haywood, 5th Daniel Keen, 6th Jamie Landrigan, 7th AJ Nash.

Heat 3: 1st Parker Price-Miller, 2nd Ryan Smith, 3rd Jason Kendrick, 4th AJ Nash, 5th Troy Beckingham.

Heat 4: 1st Jamie Oldfield, 2nd Daniel Keen, 3rd Daryl Clayden, 4th Brad Maiolo, 5th Jamie Maiolo, 6th Andrew Priolo, 7th Jamie Landrigan, 8th Scott Chatwin.

Feature Race : 1st Ryan Smith, 2nd Parker Price-Miller, 3rd Andrew Priolo, 4th Jamie Maiolo, 5th Brad Maiolo, 6th Jamie Oldfield, 7th Daryl Clayden, 8th Daniel Keen, 9th Jamie Landrigan, 10th Adrian Haywood. DNF AJ Nash (28 laps), Jason Kendrick (19 laps), Scott Chatwin (13 laps), Troy Beckingham (2 laps).































Ryan Smith

USA’s Ryan Smith won at Bunbury

The final of USA v WA Sprintcar Speedweek will be held at Perth Motorplex Speedway Monday 1st Jan featuring Americans Ryan Smith & Parker Price-Miller.

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Matt Egel Flies to Victory at Avalon Raceway World Series Sprintcars

Images – Ebony Griffin
Words – Paul Griffin

IMG_6949Matt Egel stormed home to take a very popular WSS victory last night (Dec 30) at Avalon Raceway.

As on many occasions before, Egel was enlisted to drive the distinctive Orange Downing Brothers S97.

Egel drove a calculated, gutsy race and held off a very determined Kerry Madsen (Current Australian Champion) and James McFadden (W17).

Unfortunately Egel’s time trial wasn’t stunning by any stroke of the imagination, coming in at 7th in his flight.

This forced him to work extra hard in his heats to make up points.

Ultimately Egel was 7th top point scorer going into the Top 8 pole shootout.

He then pulled a rabbit out of the hat in the Shootout coming from the very first round (of 3) to finish in Pole Position – an incredible feat considering the company he was in.

At the victory presentation Madsen paid tribute to Egel indicating that he couldn’t pass him on the rubber down track, and simply had to wait for him to make a mistake to be able to get past – that mistake didn’t come as Egel went about executing a clinic on precise driving.

Our photographer Ebony Griffin went along with her friends and captured some “behind-the-fence” images.

View Inside the "Hobson" box before the hostilities commenced

View Inside the “Hobson” box on the main straight before the hostilities commenced

Heat 2 at WSS Avalon

Early heat action

Jason Johnson

USA Star Jason Johnson drove the immaculate Diamond Bay W26 car

Matt Egel

Matt Egel 97S (centre) just prior to his second heat


Qualifying kicks off

Before the A-Main

Moments before the beasts are released

More 4-Wide

The WSS Big Screen is visible on the back straight as the 4-Wide gets underway


Fireworks are unleashed as the 4-Wide Salute to the crowd is conducted

Matt Egel has never been more ecstatic after taking out the Avalon WSS A-Main : Image ex WSS internet report - Ben Toowoomba Speedway

Matt Egel has never been more ecstatic after taking out the Avalon WSS A-Main : Image ex WSS internet report by Ben from Toowoomba Speedway

Ebony Griffin

Ebony Griffin (standing RH) supplied the images for this post. Here Ebony and her friends pose with Dirt Modified racer Ebony Hobson at the end of the night

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Warren Ferguson Takes A-Main Victory at Valvoline Raceway

All Images compliments of Gary
Words – Paul Griffin

logoWarren Ferguson typified ultimate persistence on Dec 28 as he took out his first A-Main victory at Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway in 17 years.

It’s Ferguson’s third A-Main victory at the venue, the other two coming more than 17 years ago !!

Ferguson won in style amongst the usual intense VR competition.

In the dying moments of the race Walsh was leading and looked like taking the win.

Ferguson had other ideas and with one lap to go, entering turn 1/2, he took Walsh and set sail for the flagstand, hugging the low line.

Walsh stayed up high but despite his frantic efforts to regain the lead, the pole line proved the quickest way home for Ferguson in his #32 Fruitwheels entry.


Sprintcar podium: (l-r) Sam Walsh (2nd), Warren Ferguson (1st), Troy Little (3rd)

Warren Ferguson celebrates

Warren Ferguson celebrates his popular A-Main victory

Warren Ferguson

Warren Ferguson won the A Main

It was an incredibly popular victory given it was over 17 years since his last feature win at VR – Well done Warren !!

An ecstatic Ferguson paid tribute to his dedicated crew including his 76 year old father and engine builder Adrian Maher.

Earlier in the evening Sam Walsh set Quick Time.

Top 10 finishers were:

1. Warren Ferguson
2. Sammy Walsh
3. Troy Little
4. Robbie Farr
5. Alex Orr
6. Ian Madsen
7. Daniel Sayre
8. Danny Reidy
9. Matt Dumesny
10. Marcus Dumesny

Grant Tunks

Grant Tunks gets some bite coming off turn 4 in time trials

Stacey Galliford

Stacey Galliford drives hard into turn 1

Max Dumesny (5)

Max Dumesny (5) with Jordyn Brazier in the background

Daniel Sayre

Daniel Sayre looks the part

Kiwi Martin Brundle

Kiwi Martin Brundle’s heat did not last long as he crashed going into turn 1

Grant Anderson

Grant Anderson’s A Main ended early as Matt Geering
(6) avoids the debris

The next Sprintcar event for Valvoline Raceway is Saturday December 30 for the
NSW Sprintcar Championship. A report will follow.

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Photographs – Gary Reid
Words – Valvoline Raceway PR

logoRobbie Farr scored his third consecutive Valvoline Australian Sprintcar Grand Prix with a blistering 35-lap non-stop A-Main win and in the process broke the track record by seven seconds at Valvoline Raceway tonight.

finalists in the Miss Ultimate Speedway contest

A Main podium: (l-r) Ian Madsen (2nd), Robbie Farr (1st), Troy Little (3rd) and finalists in the Miss Ultimate Speedway contest

Farr and Troy Little started on the front row and it was Little who led early before Farr got by in turn four on the low side on lap four as the pair approached lapped traffic.

Nobody would pass the Hi-Tec Oils ECP #7 from that point on though Little did get close several times on the low groove at various junctures.
It was Ian Madsen who really got motivating in the end as he tugged the top wing back and began screaming around the top side to pick up second place with four laps remaining.

It was Farr though who scored the hat-trick of AGP wins and was delighted to get ‘redemption’.
“We should have won here our last time out so tonight was really redemption for us,” Farr explained, “we knew that the track would go away late in the race and we set up to compensate for us. December 26 has been good to us, we can’t wait to come back on Thursday night for the next USC round.”

Ian Madsen was encouraged by his first night back in Sydney.

“Congratulations to the track crew for keeping the show on despite the rain,” Madsen lauded, “the track was nice in the A-Main we just took a little long getting through the field to give us a chance to have a crack at Robbie. Full credit to the ECP team though and we’ll be coming for them on Thursday night.”

Troy Little occupied the third and final spot on the podium ahead of the consistent Ben Atkinson, Daniel Sayre, James Thompson, Matt Dumesny, Sammy Walsh, Jackson Delamont and Danny Reidy rounding out the ten.

Behind that ten were Jordyn Brazier, Jason Gebert, Grant Anderson, Max Dumesny, Dean Brindle, Warren Ferguson, Grant Tunks, Brendan Scorgie, Matt Geering and Marcus Dumesny.

Not one red light for Sprintcars occurred all night.

The B-Main unfortunately had to be cut short after rain fell and forced the early declaration of the event.

Grant Anderson and Grant Tunks put on a show from the front row for the early laps with some big slide jobs between them with Tunks easing out to a good lead.

Buddy Kofoid began ripping from the back with Jessie Attard, passing seven cars in the first two laps.

Marcus Dumesny was fast moving up to second then taking the lead with nine laps to go in the Valvoline #47 Maxim.

Grant Anderson moved up to second with 7 laps to go and then one lap later the caution lights came on when Jess Cassidy spun the #22 coming out of turn four.

Robbie Farr

Robbie Farr had a successful night in the Q7

Peter Gordon

Peter Gordon in qualifying

Alex Orr

Alex Orr gets down to business

USA visitor Buddy Kofoid

Peter Gordon (14) and young USA visitor Buddy Kofoid
(11) in the flag parade

Jessica Cassidy (22)

Jessica Cassidy (22) and Grant Tunks (54) go hard in a heat race

Daniel Sayre (16) and Troy Little (20)

Daniel Sayre (16) and Troy Little (20) in close quarters

Ian Madsen (49)

Ian Madsen (49) returned to Australia as 2017 Knoxville
410 Sprintcar Track Champion

Buddy Kofoid, at just 16 years of age, was a first-time USA visitor to Valvoline Raceway

Buddy Kofoid, at just 16 years of age, was a first-time USA visitor

Danny Reidy (5) holds off Ben Atkinson (2)

Danny Reidy (5) holds off Ben Atkinson (2)

Sam Walsh

The A Main provided a wet and fast track that required plenty of tear-offs for Sam Walsh

The Pole Shootout was a hum-dinger for the Valvoline Australian Sprintcar Grand Prix and it went like this:
Jackson Delamont v Daniel Sayre.
Winner: Daniel Sayre.
Daniel Sayre v James Thompson
Winner: James Thompson
James Thompson v Danny Reidy
Winner: Danny Reidy
Danny Reidy v Ian Madsen
Winner: Danny Reidy
Danny Reidy v Ben Atkinson
Winner Danny Reidy
Danny Reidy v Troy Little
Winner Troy Little (Reidy was tough and almost pinched it on the final corner)
Troy Little v Robbie Farr
Winner Robbie Farr.

Quick time in Qualifying for the Valvoline Australian Sprintcar Grand Prix was Troy Little in the #20N.
Heat action highlights were:

Heat One – American Buddy Kofoid timed in 3rd fastest in his qualifying group and looked like being a livewire before his front end packed with mud in the lead up laps to the green flag and he DNF’d. Robbie Farr came from #4 and took the win in the ECP #7 from Jackson Delamont.

Heat Two – Blake Skipper lead early and looked fast but had a mechanical DNF which robbed him of a promising result. Ben Atkinson was the winner in the Aeroflow #2 leading home fellow Territorian Danny Reidy and Sammy Walsh.

Heat Three – Troy Little edged out Daniel Sayre on the last lap to narrowly squeeze by and secure the win. Sayre finished second after a slight wheelie in turn two saw him drift up and allow Little a look on the inside as they approached lapped traffic. West Aussie Carl Dowling was third on debut for 2017/2018.
Nathan Dicker suffered a blown rear end in qualifying and the crew thrashed to get him out in time but he missed Heat Three.

Heat Four – rain falling made it tricky but Knoxville Raceway Track Champion Ian Madsen made his debut for car owner mate Jamie Matherson in the #49 from James Thompson finishing second and Brendan Scorgie third despite an overheating motor.

Valvoline Raceway’s next event is this Thursday night, December 28 with the next round of the USC NSW Championship points battle.

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USA vs Australia Speedweek Night 1 – Perth Motorplex – USA Teenage Sensation Parker Price-Miller Victorious

All Images by Peter Roebuck
Words by Ken Brown (Thanks Ken)

The opening round of the 27th annual Western Australian Sprintcar Speedweek Series has been won by talented 19-year-old American driver Parker Price-Miller.

Parker Price-Miller

Feature race winner 19 year old Parker Price-Miller from Kokomo Indiana drove the USA #2 car

Kokomo, Indiana-based Price-Miller started from position 5 in the 30-lap Main Event and took over the running from local star Ben Ellement a third of the way through the race.

He finished half a second ahead of Jamie Maiolo, with Brad Maiolo, AJ Nash and Ryan Lancaster further back.

Fellow USA visitor Ryan Smith ran as high as sixth but failed to finish.

A-Main podium L to R: 2nd Jamie Maiolo, 1st Parker Price-Miller, 3rd Brad Maiolo

A-Main podium L to R: 2nd Jamie Maiolo, 1st Parker Price-Miller, 3rd Brad Maiolo

Parker Price-Miller with the spoils of his A-Main victory

Parker Price-Miller with the spoils of his A-Main victory

AJ Nash awaits a push ute

Jamie and Brad Maiolo in front of AJ NAsh (9) –  all await for a push off

Kwinana 4 Wide

4-Wide salute

Terry Dorrington

Santa and Track Chaplin Terry Dorrington

Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith will compete in the USA vs Australia Speedweek series in WA

Ryan Smith

USA Star Ryan Smith from Pennsylvania drove the USA #1 car

Parker Price-Miller

Parker Price-Miller was victorious in the #2 USA car

Ben Ellement

Ben Ellement chats to a Gavin Migro

Close Quarters: Ben Ellement gets two feet on the accelerator to say ahead of brothers Jamie (99) and Brad Maiolo (77)

Close Quarters: Ben Ellement gets two feet on the accelerator to say ahead of brothers Jamie (99) and Brad Maiolo (77)

Ben Ellement

Ben Ellement gets into a spot of bother as Jamie Maiolo (99) slips past





Ryan Smith USA #2 enjoyed the high banks of Perth Motorplex

Ryan Smith USA #2 enjoyed the high banks of Perth Motorplex

Parker Price-Miller in action on the Kwinana Clay

Parker Price-Miller in action on the Kwinana Clay


AJ Nash

Local young gun AJ Nash


Quick in Qualifying - Ben Ellement

Quick in Qualifying – Ben Ellement

Jamie Oldfield

Local driver Jamie Oldfield

Brad Maiolo came 3rd in the A-Main

Brad Maiolo came 3rd in the A-Main

The “U.S. Versus US” series continues at Quit Bunbury Speedway on Saturday (December 30).

Note – the proposed round at the Avon Valley Speedway has been cancelled.

The Perth Motorplex will host the third Speedweek round on Monday January 1, with the final set down for Bunbury on Saturday January 6.

Parker Price-Miller becomes the 17th USA pilot to claim a round win in the WA Speedweek competition.

He joins such names as Donny Schatz, Randy Hannagan, Kenny Jacobs, Robbie Stanley, Gary Wright and Jason Johnson.
Updated “Facts and Figures” on the WA Sprintcar Speedweek are listed below.

U.S. Versus US – The WA Sprintcar Speedweek Series
1982 Jac Haudenschild USA)
1983 Jack Hewitt (USA)
1984 Noel Bradford (WA)
1985 Ron Krikke (WA)
1986 Garry Rush (NSW)
1987 Garry Rush (NSW)
1988 Garry Rush (NSW)
1989 Johnny Herrera (USA)
1990 John Krikke (WA)
1991 Ron Krikke (WA)
1992 Ron Krikke (WA)
1993 Ron Krikke (WA)
1994 Ron Krikke (WA)
1995 Gavin Migro (WA) & Mark Wells (WA) tie
1996 Ron Krikke (WA)
1997 Kenny Jacobs (USA)
1998 Randy Hannagan (USA)
1999 Donny Schatz (USA)
2000 Randy Hannagan (USA)
2001 Donny Schatz (USA)
2002 Paul McMahan (USA)
2003 Jason Johnson (USA)
2004 Wayne Johnson (USA)
2005 Ryan Farrell (WA)
2006 Jesse Hockett (USA)
2016 Cameron Gessner (WA)

ANTHILL Brent 1999
BAILEY Bill 1991-92
BROWN Brian 2016
CARSON Shane 1987, 1994
DAY Ronnie 1997-98
FURR Brad 2000-01
GORDON Eric 1991
GORDON Jeff 1987
GREEN Tim 1983
HANNAGAN Randy 1995-96, 1998, 2000
HERRERA Johnny 1989-90
HEWITT Jack 1982-83
HOCKETT Jesse 2005
HODGES Rocky 1984, 1986-87
HOGUE Fran 1988-89-90-91-92-93
JACOBS Dean 1999, 2006
JACOBS Kenny 1995-96-97-98
JOHNSON Jason 2003
JOHNSON Wayne 2004-05
KAUFFMAN Keith 1999, 2002
KREITZ Donnie Jr 1994
KUHN Joey 1993
LASOSKI Danny 1987, 2000
McMAHAN Paul 2002
MARTIN Jimmy 1991-92-93
MAY Paul 2004
MEYERS Jason 2001
PRICE-MILLER Parker 2017
SCELZI Dominic 2016
SCHATZ Donny 1999, 2001
SILLS Jimmy 1986-87
SMITH Randy 1987, 1989
SMITH Ryan 2017
STANLEY Robbie 1990
SWEENEY Mike 1982, 1994
THOMAS Jeff 1997
TUTTLE Jeff 1987
UNGAR Rick 1983
WILLIAMSON Kramer 1984, 1987
WILSON Greg 2003
WOOLLEY Greg 1989
WRIGHT Gary 1995-96

14 – Ron Krikke
6 – Mark Wells
4 – Donny Schatz, Randy Hannagan
3 – Garry Rush, Kenny Jacobs, Pino Priolo
2 – Cameron Gessner, Jason Kendrick.
1 – Bill Sutherland, Tim Green, Noel Bradford, Alf Barbagallo, Lee Foster, John Krikke, Robbie Stanley, Tony Matta, Jimmy Martin, Bill Bailey, Fran Hogue, Allan McCarthy, Eddy Gobby, Gary Wright, Shane Krikke, Ronnie Day, Shane Murphy, Brad Furr, Jason Meyers, Keith Kauffman, Greg Wilson, Jason Johnson, Luch Monte, Wayne Johnson, Ryan Farrell, Jamie Maiolo, Ken Sartori, Jesse Hockett, Parker Price-Miller

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