Jason Kendrick is WA Sprintcar Champion 2014/15

Images by Peter “Straight Shooter” Roebuck, Words by Darren “The Digger” O’Dea

JASON Kendrick is the WA Sprintcar Champion for the 2014-15 season after winning the prestigious event at the Perth Motorplex on Saturday night.

Kendrick started from pole position and led all 30 laps to win his second championship, this time from the fast-finishing Californian Kyle Hirst and Brooke Tatnell.

The margin at the end of the sensational race was just 0.495 of a second.

Kendrick earned the right to start from pole after winning the A Dash in what was a great recovery after the team was forward to change a motor mid-way through the night.

He claimed a third and a fifth in his heat races.

Jason Kendrick crossed the line just 1/2 a second ahead of Californian Kyle Hirst

Proud Family - The Kendrick Clan after the WA State Title victory

Hirst, started on the front row with Kendrick and put in his best drive yet for the Monte Motorsport crew, showing they will be a tough team when they start their World Series Sprintcars campaign in Adelaide on Boxing Day.

Brooke Tatnell took third after starting from P5 and it was the third successive podium finish for Krikke Motorsport, following up from another third at the Motorplex two weeks ago and a win in Bunbury last week.

David Priolo, Ryan Farrell, Shane Norris, Cameron Gessner, Callum Williamson, Shaun Bradford and Kye Scroop rounded out the top 10

Four-time WA champion Mark Wells, who qualified in P7 for the final, withdrew after the Bronze Dash with steering box issues.

Jake-Beard Miller was the first casualty in the feature race, getting out of shape and slamming in the main straight fence at the end of the first lap.

Jake Beard-Miller gets plenty of grip at the Motorplex

Troy Lawson got crossed up two laps into the final and was collected by Troy Beckingham who had nowhere to go and rolled over, damaging the car with one of the front wheels flying through the air.

Priolo, who started from P3, was locked in a great duel with Hirst for many laps as the pair of red cars traded slide jobs and positions in a high-speed game of chess that Hirst eventually won as Priolo dropped back as far as fifth at one stage.

Kendrick held his nerve and made smart decisions in heavy lapped traffic to maintain a handy buffer for much of the final.

Gessner was having one of those nights after have throttle problems in a heat race and started from P10.

He spun on lap 12 and was sent to the rear of the field on the restart but managed to make up some serious ground in the latter stages.

Shaun Bradford and two-time champion Jamie Maiolo were hustling in the middle of the pack and made up some ground, including passing Callum Williamson who go eventually got the better of that deal.

Ryan Farrell, chasing his eighth WA championship, started from P4 and was on the pace for most of the contest that included some great racing with Priolo but ultimately he was nearly nine seconds off the win.

Shane Norris put in a credible result to start and finish sixth in the prestigious race.


Group 1 qualifying: Ryan Farrell 13.908, Ryan Lancaster 13.963, Scott Reilly 14.327 and Rob Watson 14.354. Group 2 qualifying: Shane Norris 14.224, Ken Sartori 14.273, Cameron Gessner 14.304, Bradley Maiolo 14.441 and Daniel Keen (one lap) 15.442. Group 3: Kyle Hirst 14.196, David Priolo 14.257, Darren Mewett 14.312, Jake Beard-Miller 14.375 and Carl Dowling 15.257. Group 4: Mark Wells 14.230, Shaun Bradford 14.440, Daniel Harding 14.479, Jason Pryde 14.792, Brodie Minchin 14.862. Group 5: Jason Kendrick 14.142, Brooke Tatnell 14.164, Troy Beckingham 14.604 and Lee Nash 14.900. Group 6: Callum Williamson 14.448, Jamie Maiolo 14.517, Troy Lawson 14.860 and Kye Scroop 14.905.

Heat 1: 1st Mark Wells, 2nd Ken Sartori, 3rd Jason Kendrick, 4th Daniel Harding, 5th Ryan Lancaster, 6th Bradley Maiolo, 7th Brodie Minchin. DNF: Troy Beckingham and Robert Watson junior.

Heat 2: 1st Kyle Hirst, 2nd Shaun Bradford, 3rd Callum Williamson, 4th Brooke Tatnell, 5th Lee Nash, 6th Darren Mewett, 7th Troy Lawson, 8th Carl Dowling, 9th Jason Pryde.

Heat 3: 1st Shane Norris, 2nd Ryan Farrell, 3rd Jamie Maiolo, 4th David Priolo, 5th Kye Scroop, 6th Scott Reilly, 7th Jake Beard-Miller, 8th Daniel Keen, 9th Cameron Gessner.

Heat 4: 1st Lee Nash, 2nd Brooke Tatnell, 3rd Callum Williamson, 4th Troy Lawson, 5th Jason Kendrick, 6th Troy Beckingham. DNF: Ryan Lancaster and Robert Watson junior.

Heat 5: 1st Jake Beard-Miller, 2nd Carl Dowling, 3rd David Priolo, 4th Scott Reilly, 5th Kyle Hirst, 6th Ryan Farrell, 7th Shaun Bradford, 8th Darren Mewett, 9th Jason Pryde.

Heat 6: 1st Daniel Keen, 2nd Bradley Maiolo, 3rd Cameron Gessner, 4th Jamie Maiolo, 5th Ken Sartori, 6th Kye Scroop, 7th Daniel Harding, 8th Shane Norris, 9th Mark Wells, 10th Brodie Minchin.

B Main: 1st Kye Scroop,2nd Daniel Keen, 3rd Troy Beckingham, 4th Jason Pryde, 5th Carl Dowling, 6th Brodie Minchin. DNF: Robert Watsons junior.

A Main: 1st Jason Kendrick, 2nd Kyle Hirst, 3rd Brooke Tatnell, 4th David Priolo, 5th Ryan Farrell, 6th Shane Norris, 7th Cameron Gessner, 8th Callum Williamson, 9th Shaun Bradford, 10th Kye Scroop, 11th Ryan Lancaster, 12th Scott Reilly, 13th Daniel Harding, 14th Bradley Maiolo, 15th Carl Dowling, 16th Jason Pryde, 17th Daniel Keen, 18th Troy Lawson and 19th Darren Mewett. DNF: Jamie Maiolo, Ken Sartori, Lee Nash, Troy Beckingham, Jake Beard-Miller. DNS: Mark Wells, Brodie Minchin and Robert Watson junior.

The Kendrick Team celebrate the Team's WA State Title

Jason Kendrick was a deserved winner - his 2nd WA Championship

WA State Chamionship Podium: L to R Kyle Hirst (2nd), Jason Kendrick (Winner) and Brooke Tatnell (3rd)

Champagne Shower - 3rd placed Brooke Tatnell "Cools" Jason Kendrick down

Perth Motorplex Speedway Manager interviews Jason Kendrick

Jason Kendrick celebrates his victory with a donut

Big Scott Reilly leads eventual B-Main winner Kye Scroop

Former WA State Champion Mark Wells did not start the A-Main as a result of steering related problems

The Watsons Express Pit and those awesome manicured Perth Motorplex lawns

Daniel Keen #90 and Jason Pryde do battle

Jason Kendrick and Team had the car set up perfectly

Kyle Hirst (#17) had a great battle with David Priolo

Troy Beckingham took a tumble

Shane Norris gets right in close with Daniel Harding (#12)

Mark Wells before the steering issues sidelined him

Jamie Maiolo (#99) in full flight ahead of Kye Scroop

The Smooth style of Jason Kendrick

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Brooke Tatnell Dominates Bunbury AHG Rnd 5

Tension mounts as the A-Main is seconds away

All Images by Peter “Straight Shooter” Roebuck, words by Darren “The Digger” O’Dea

Brooke Tatnell dominated at the business end of the night to win round five of the AHG Sprintcar Series at Quit Bunbury Speedway on Saturday night.

The American-based professional powered the Krikke Motorsports #2 to a 3.488 second win over Cameron Gessner and Jason Kendrick (who started from P6) in the 30-lap race that took some time to get going but then became a high-speed shootout to the finish line.

It was a good night for Tatnell who was the quickest qualifier in his group and then won his first heat race before finishing third in the next outing.

Tatnell won the Gold Dash that set up his pole position alongside Gessner for the main event.

Brooke Tatnell - Successful at Bunbury for the Krikke Motorsport Team

The first attempt at a start was quickly aborted after Californian Kyle Hirst got out of control, causing a chain reaction that saw Ken Sartori withdraw from the contest after starting from P7.

Hirst, who started from P5, had a flat front tyre and was sent to the rear of the field for the full restart where he joined by Ryan Jones who parked the #49 machine.

The red lights came on when Daryl Clayden flipped on the exit of turn four after contact with Jake Beard-Miller, parking another two cars on the infield.

Ryan Farrell, who struggled with engine gremlins after setting quick time (13.575 sec) and started from P19, was the big winner early on when drivers on the inside starting row dropped out and he was making some strong ground.

Callum Williamson, who started from P9, put a move on Mark Wells for sixth around midrace distance but was not able to hold down that spot after crashing out on eight laps to go.

There were some great moves up and down the order but the hero of the night was Tatnell who backed up his third at the Perth Motorplex last week with a great win.

Farrell finished crossed the line fourth but was disqualified from the event after he didn’t return his car to scales after the feature race.

Fourth ultimately went to Jamie Maiolo (who started from P12) and was followed over the line by Brad Maiolo (started P10), Wells (started P8), Daniel Harding (started P15), Shaun Bradford (from P3), David Priolo (from P4) and Scott Reilly (from P20) who rounded out the top 10.


Group 1: Brooke Tatnell 13.642, Brad Maiolo 13.733, Kye Scroop 13.851, Jamie Maiolo 13.864 Kris Coyle 13.929, Lee Nash 13.962.

Group 2: Jason Kendrick 13.521, Cameron Gessner 13.661, Daniel Keen 14.015, Callum Williamson 14.029, Ken Sartori 14.101, Ryan Jones 14.104, Daryl Clayden 14.304.

Group 3: Ryan Farrell 13.575, Kyle Hirst 13.629, Ryan Lancaster 13.755, Jake Beard-Miller 13.846, Daniel Harding 13.942, Darren Mewett 13.945.

Group 4: Shaun Bradford 13.692, David Priolo 13.834, Mark Wells 13.844, Troy Beckingham 13.965, Scott Reilly 14.038.

Heat 1: 1st Jason Kendrick, 2nd Shaun Bradford, 3rd Brad Maiolo, 4th Kye Scroop, 5th Jamie Maiolo, 6th Troy Beckingham. DNF: Daryl Clayden and Daniel Keen. DNS: Brodie Minchin.

Heat 2: 1st Ryan Farrell, 2nd Cameron Gessner, 3rd Jake Beard-Miller, 4th Lee Nash, 5th Ryan Lancaster, 6th Callum Williamson, 7th Kris Coyle. DNF: Ryan Jones.

Heat 3: 1st Brooke Tatnell, 2nd Kyle Hirst, 3rd Ken Sartori, 4th Mark Wells, 5th Daniel Harding, 6th David Priolo, 7th Scott Reilly, 8th Darren Mewett.

Heat 4: 1st Callum Williamson, 2nd Kris Coyle, 3rd Shaun Bradford, 4th Kye Scroop, 5th Troy Beckingham, 6th Ryan Lancaster. DNF: Daryl Clayden and Ryan Farrell.

Heat 5: 1st Ryan Jones, 2nd Daniel Harding, 3rd David Priolo, 4th Cameron Gessner, 5th Kyle Hirst, 6th Lee Nash, 7th Scott Reilly, 8th Jake Beard-Miller.

Heat 6: 1st Ken Sartori, 2nd Mark Wells, 3rd Brooke Tatnell, 4th Jamie Maiolo, 5th Jason Kendrick, 6th Brad Maiolo, 7th Darren Mewett. DNF: Brodie Minchin and Daniel Keen.

Feature: 1st Brooke Tatnell, 2nd Cameron Gessner, 3rd Jason Kendrick, 4th Jamie Maiolo, 5th Brad Maiolo, 6th Mark Wells, 7th Daniel Harding, 8th Shaun Bradford, 9th David Priolo, 10th Scott Reilly, 11th Darren Mewett, 12th Lee Nash, 13th Ryan Lancaster, 14th Brodie Minchin, 15th Troy Beckingham. DNF: Callum Williamson, Kris Coyle, Kyle Hirst, Kye Scroop, Jake Beard-Miller, Daryl Clayden, Ken Sartori, Ryan Jones. DNS: Daniel Keen.DQ: Ryan Farrell – for not returning his car to scale after the race

4-Wide salute

Podium L to R: Cameron Gessner (2nd), Brooke Tatnell (winner), Jason Kendrick (3rd and set QT)

Jubilant - Brooke Tatnell

Californian Kyle Hirst gets a little sideways as Cameron Gessner arrives

Hyle Hirst (#17) gets into some serious trouble

Kris Coyle timed in with a 13.929 sec qualifying effort

Ryan Lancaster "set the place alight"

Callum Williamson was a DNF in the feature

Daniel Keen took a wild ride early in the program

Mark Wells in the magnificent #21 Murphy

Kyle Hirst loves driving the Monte Motorsport #17

Cameron Gessner hikes the left front in his 13.661 Qualifying lap

Brooke Tatnell managed 13.642 sec (3rd best) in Qualifying

Kyle Hirst (RHS) in happy conversation with Brooke Tatnell

Daniel Keen's car was awarded best looking - little wonder given the amount of effort that went into prep'ing it !

Mark Wells refelects on the program ahead with his #21 Murphy

Better Nights - Kris Coyle was a DNF

Action a plenty at Bunbury Rnd 5 AHG Series that also doubled as Rnd 2 of the Southern Thunder Series! Ryan Lancaster gets right in the middle of it.

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Cameron Gessner wins 2014 King of Wings at Perth Motorplex

All Images by Peter “Straight Shooter” Roebuck
Words by Darren “The Digger” O’Dea

CAMERON Gessner tall and lean is the “BIG” winner of the 33rd Annual Scardifields Smash Repairs King of Wings that was run and won at the Perth Motorplex on Saturday night.

Gessner won the 40-lap feature race from David Priolo, Brooke Tatnell, Shaun Bradford and Californian Kyle Hirst with the winning margin being 2.258 seconds.

He grabbed the lead in the dying stages as leader and polesitter David Priolo suffered front axle damage and was lucky to keep going, holding on for second place.

Victorious at 2014 King of Wings - Cameron Gessner

It was a good turnaround in form for the Cowara Motorsport crew that has been plagued with bad luck at the start of the season.

Gessner claimed a second in his heat race and then another second in the A Dash to start the main event from P3.

Priolo was quick all night and that started with the best lap in qualifying that was enough for him to win the Vortex Wings front wing for this round, despite tagging the wall only three laps into the session and finishing qualifying on the infield with a broken diff.

David Priolo helps change the rear end on his #8 Watsons Express Transport racer

The team replaced the car’s rear-end in time for Priolo’s heat race where he finished fourth before he won the A Dash, earning the right to start from pole.

Tatnell only arrived in Perth around 2pm on raceday after a long journey from America that was filled with dramas, taking the former national and WSS champion nearly 50 hours to get to his final destination.

But the dramas didn’t end with flights that were turned back and lengthy stopovers, as the Krikke Motorsport machine suffered engine problems in the first heat.

Tatnell pulled the car to the infield and when they returned to the pits the team replaced the engine.

They had to dig deep and qualify for the main event from the Midpack Madness where he finished third behind Hirst and Brad Maiolo with only the top six qualifying for the 40-lapper.

It was one hell of an effort to convert a P21 start into a podium finish.

There were plenty of incidents in the stop-start final that was punctuated by an infield pitstop at midrace distance.

Jeff Leisk and Kris Coyle were both out of the contest on the first lap, rolling over in separate incidents that saw Lee Nash lucky enough to have a front tyre changed after also being involved in the main straight incident with Leisk and Carl Dowling.

Gessner led the pack away for the second 20 laps from Priolo, Ken Sartori, Jason Kendrick and Shaun Bradford, but Sartori, who started from P2 in his first race in more than two years, didn’t take his position and parked the Watsons Express Transport #50 on the infield.

Ryan Farrell, who had been in sensational form in the first three rounds of the AHG Sprintcar Series, was a no-show in the 2nd half of the 40 lapper after spinning to the infield three laps prior to the mid race pitstop break.

There were some great moves throughout the pack with plenty of slide jobs and fierce side-by-side racing keeping everyone on their toes.

Hirst did a great job in heavy traffic to get into fifth after starting from P19.

Mark Wells started from P9 and finished sixth while the top 10 was rounded out by Daniel Harding (started from P13), Jason Kendrick (started P4), Shane Norris (from P12) and Bradley Maiolo (who rocketed through traffic from P20).

Winner Cameron Gessner gets a "Champagne Shower" from 2nd placed David Priolo

Scott Reilly (#18) leads Ryan Lancaster in heats

Shane Norris (#93) leads Kris Coyle

Jason Kendrick (#92) hugs the low line while Daniel Keen (#90) tries a run up high

Pit crews sprint to service the vehicles at the half way point (compulsory pitstop) of the 40 lapper

The Maiolo rigs (#77 and #99) and Brooke Tatnell (#2) during the complusory in-field pitstop

American Kyle Hirst (#17) just ahead of a determined Brook Tatnell

Cameron Gessner on the throttle

Ken Sartori (#50) locked in a great duel with Team Mate David Priolo in the #8 sister car

Jeff Leisk (#7) was a DNF while Scott "Komcat" Reilly finsished in P14

Ryan Jones from SA sustained front end damage that would sideline him

Brad Maiolo (77) blasts out of turn 2 with Callum Williamson right beside, Jamie Maiolo (#99) runs the fence in the background

Classic Shot: Peter Roebuck caught this one of David Priolo with two feet on the throttle

The Mash Motorsport Team took out best presented outfit

Brooke Tatnell preps his helmet

Brooke Tatnell thrives on his fans. Veteran Journalist Ken Brown who covers all WA Speedway racing in "The West" patiently hangs back for an autograph (Only joking ! - LOL)

The 2014 King of Wings Podium: L to R: David Priolo (2nd), Cameron Gessner (Winner), Brooke Tatnell (3rd)

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David Murcott Takes Victory at Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway

All Images by Gary Reid – greid@pacific.net.au

Words by Sydney Speedway

David Murcott doesn’t get to Valvoline Raceway very often but when he does, he sure makes it count.

The Australian Sprintcar Champion recorded his first ever win in New South Wales (and naturally Valvoline Raceway) in last Saturday nights A-Main by leading home a stellar field in the 30 lap main event.

Murcott is the second Victorian to score victory in Sydney this season joining Jamie Veal with three successes.

Sam Walsh is the only Sydneysider to win at this point.

“We don’t come here a lot but I’ve always loved racing here and obviously now I love it even more,” grinned the affable Murcott, “the track had a few different options that you could take and fortunately I was able to move the car around a bit to take whatever line we needed.”

Murcott lead home the first of the Parramatta Posse in Troy Little for second, Darwin’s Sydney racing resident Ben Atkinson in third, South Aussie “evergreen” Trevor Green fourth and Sydney hard charger James Thompson rounding out the top five.

A Main podium: (l-r) Ben Atkinson (3rd), Dave Murcott (1st), Troy Little (2nd)

“There’s a reason why there’s a number one on that fuel tank,” said Troy Little pointing to Murcott’s car, “that’s why it’s a pretty cool deal for us to run second to him with such a great crowd here tonight.”

Ben Atkinson was disappointed overall even though he made the podium.

“I’m frustrated,” he conceded, “my guys are doing a great job to give me what I need to win and I just can’t get the job done at my end. I’m pleased for our team that we finished on the podium but I know that I should be doing better.”

The hard luck stories of the night came thick and fast, including then race leader Darryl Campbell and rapidly closing Jamie Veal.

Rookie Tom Jeffrey spun coming out of turn four leaving Campbell and Veal nowhere to go with Campbell rolling over and Veal taken out with front-end damage.

At the time Veal had been on a massive charge from the fifth row of the grid and looked almost certain to be headed into the lead.

“You take these things on the chin I guess,” said a dejected Campbell, “we’ll get back in and put on a show as best we can but the car’s pretty beaten up.”

World Series Sprintcars champion Steven Lines was at times lively in the Halls Motorsport #3 KPC and wound up sixth ahead of Robbie Farr in seventh, Sam Walsh eighth, Marty Perovich ninth and Toby Bellbowen tenth.

Bellbowen and his elder brother Roddy were in the wars throughout the night with both rolling over in spectacular fashion in an earlier heat (Toby) and the B-Main (Roddy).

Adrian Maher was eleventh ahead of Max Dumesny, Jackson Delamont, Warren Ferguson Matt Young, Paul Laskaseski and Darryl Campbell the last classified finisher.

DNF’s were Jordyn Brazier, Kelly Linigen, Jamie Veal, Thomas Jeffrey, Jimmy Matchett, Max Johnston (who unfortunately rolled over in turn two) and Bryan Mann.

Jamie Veal convincingly won the B-Main from Toby Bellbowen (who set quick time in the Network Industries Qualifying) Max Johnston and Adrian Maher.

Maher managed to escape a major melee in the B-Main when he made contact with Jack Lee that saw Lee spin up track into the path of the hapless Ryan Davis with numerous cars being involved and DNF as a result.

Danny Reidy was desperately unlucky too being tagged by Lachlan Abbott in turn two of the opening lap, which saw Reidy spin into the path of a rapidly closing in Matt Thomas and Michael Matchett.
Thomas rolled heavily in the #45 car was fortunately unhurt.

Heat wins went to Ben Atkinson, Kelly Linigen (who qualified on the second tow for the A-Main) Steven Lines and Troy Little.

The Pole Shuffle was again a popular affair with some tremendous wing-to-wing action and Darryl Campbell emerging victorious to take pole position in the 30-lap main event.

Mark Attard claimed the C-Main from fellow transferee Guy Stanshall in second place.

Toby Bellbowen set quick time

Robbie Farr (7) leads Darryl Campbell (28) and Paul Lazkazeski (9) in heat racing

Ben Atkinson (2) went on to defeat Steve Lines (3) in their pole shuffle match-up

- Interstate chaos as Ryan Davis (95) and Jack Lee (25) go over while Callum Zizek (10) has nowhere to go. In the midst is Kyle Caunt (8) who is about to take a wild ride

Warren Ferguson (32) tries to hold off Troy Little (98)

Current Aussie Champion Dave Murcott won the A Main with a great drive

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Ryan Farrell Storms to Victory at Bunbury

All Images by Peter “Straight Shooter” Roebuck

Ryan Farrell dominated proceedings last weekend at Bunbury Speedway by taking out an action packed 25 lap feature in front of a modest crowd.

In taking victory Farrell has now claimed two firsts and a second for the Diamond Bay Motorsport Team in the three rounds run so far in the AHG Sprintcar series. David Priolo raced into some welcome form taking 2nd from Jason Kendrick in 3rd and Jamie Maiolo rounding out the top 4.

Podium: L to R - David Priolo (2nd), Ryan Farrell (1st), Jason Kendrick (3rd)

Proud Man - Ryan Farrell has not been off the podium in the three rounds of the AHG Series run so far

Last weeks winner at the Motorplex Shaun Bradford looked reasonably strong throughout the night and started from position 4. An ill-handling car saw him drift back and finish a disappointing 7th.

Cameron Gessner set quick time but struggled through the heats with the Cowara Motorsport Team making the call to change an engine. Poor points meant Cameron started from position 13. He drove a hard fought race to cross the line in 6th position.

Cameron Gessner was Quick Timer

Daniel Harding looked spectacular and dropped a massive wheelie only to come a cropper in turn 2 early in the race.

Hard Luck award went to Mark Wells who didn’t get a start in his first heat and was not sighted again for the remainder of the meeting.

Mark Wells - Dramas forced him out before his first heat

Daniel Harding came a cropper after a massive wheelie in Turn 2

David Priolo ran a good night and bagged 2nd in the feature

Ryan Farrell is in for a stellar season

Classic Stuff from Peter Roebuck as Brad Maiolo gets things nicely hooked up

Shaun Bradford - a picture of concentration

Big Scott Reilly and Daniel Keeen going wheel to wheel

Ryan Farrell (#26) and Jason Kendrick size things up in a heat

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Shaun Bradford wins round 2 of AHG Sprintcar Series

All Images by Peter “Straight Shooter” Roebuck

Last Saturday night (1st Nov) saw Shaun Bradford take the honours in the 2nd AHG Sprintcar round at the Perth Motorplex.

Bradford won in an incident packed race which saw many racers come unstuck in Pits Bend – the worst being the unlucky Mark Wells. Following Bradford across the line in the 25 lap final were Ryan Farrrell amd Trent Pigdon.

Shaun Bradford won the A-Main at Perth Motorplex

Shaun Bradford in the #57 entry also set Quick Time in qualifying with a respectable 14.819 sec.
The race had everything with Cameron Gessner and Jamie Maiolo being sent to the rear for illegal passing. Maiolo refused to drop back to the rear and was disqualified.


Officials had there hands full with loads of incidents in the A-Main and even had to contend with a major power outage just after the Mark Wells “big lose”.

The John Day Ute

Big Dazza Clayden

Rob Watson Junior Has had better nights

Lee Nash leads Jeff Leisk

Daniel Keen leads Cameron Gessner

Jamie Maiolo was disqualified for ignoring a ROF instruction

Trent Pigdon in full race mode

Jeff Leisk in the #7

Kye Scroop in Qualifying

Podium: L to R: Ryan Farrell (2nd), Shaun Bradford (1st), Trent Pigdon

Cameron Gessner minus a front wing

Lee Nash leads Daryl Clayden in the 2nd team car

The crowd made their own lights !

Mark Wells goes over

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Jamie Veal wins 3rd A-Main in a row at Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway

All Images by Gary Reidgreid@pacific.net.au

Warrnambool’s Jamie Veal has won an incredible three Sprintcar A-Mains in a row at Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway. Following Veal across the flagstand after the 30 Laps in a great drive was Darryl Campbell and veteran Robbie Farr. Marty “Muscles” Perovich was impressive in 4th.

Veal further cemented his authority on the Saturday night meeting by taking out the Network Industry Quick Time Award in qualifying with a swift 12.436 sec, and also the A-Dash.

Jamie Veal and crew after the big win

The B-Dash winner was Max Dumesny who had a spirited race with Veal over many laps in the main event only to surrender his battle when he looped the #5 in the 30 Lap feature.


Dubbo’s Jeremy Cross won the B-Main from Warren Ferguson while the C-Main was taken out easily by Guy Stanshaw.

Jamie Veal on his way to winning his third straight A Main at Valvoline Raceway

Close racing as Jason Pryde (51) tries to hold out Kim Becker (55), Michael Jordan (34) and Shane Sheedy (64)

Kelly Linigen (25) leads Danny Reidy (5), Toby Bellbowen(70) and Sam Walsh (92)

Darryl Campbell was thrilled to run second in the A Main

Max Dumesny in time trials

James Thompson

Sean Dyson

Jack Lee (left) and Jeremy Cross share their thoughts on the upcoming racing

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Ryan Farrell Rocks the Perth Motorplex in Grand Opening Blitz

All Images by Peter “Straight Shooter” Roebuck, Words by ‘The Digger” Darren O’Dea

RYAN Farrell’s return to Sprintcar racing has been a triumphant one, claiming the opening round of the 2014-15 AHG Sprintcar Series from Jamie Maiolo, Cameron Gessner, Mark Wells and Carl Dowling at the Perth Motorplex Speedway last night.

On Top of the World - Ryan Farrell was triumphant in his return to racing

Farrell started on pole for the 25-lap feature race and was the early leader from Jason Kendrick and Shaun Bradford before Troy Lawson went over in pits bend for the first red light situation of the season.

Five laps further in Callum Williamson rolled in a similar spot.

Bradford, who was hovering around fourth place, dropped back a few spots midrace distance as Daniel Keen slowed up, forcing a restart around the same time. Bradford eventually dropped back to finish 11th.

The pace for the top six drivers for much of the race was unbelievable, particularly as they muscled around lapped traffic in the latter stages. Kendrick dipped his nose under Farrell to signal his intentions with five laps remaining but Farrell was up for the challenge.

On the last lap Kendrick powered around the outside of Farrell on the back straight on the last lap but as they approached pits bend they made contact, ripping the front left wheel off the #92 entry (see image below).

The field regrouped for a Green-White-Chequer showdown and Farrell held on to take the popular win.

Dowling, who started ninth, attempted a move on Wells for fourth in the dying stages but had to settle for fifth.

Podium: L to R: Jamie Maiolo (2nd), Ryan Farrell (1st), Cameron Gessner (3rd)

Ryan Farrell hard on the gas

Ryan Farrell and Jason Kendrick make racing contact with a couple of laps to go in the 25 lap A-Main - sadly Kendrick in the #92 machine was sidelined with damage to the left front wheel

There is no doubting the smooth style of Ryan Farrell

The night was packed with action - This time it was Troy Lawson

Mark Wells (21) in the new look Murphy tucks in under David Priolo

Shaun Bradford flexes his muscles in a dual with Jamie Maiolo (99)

Jake Beard-Miller gets the #32 up on two wheels

The field assembles for the action packed A-Main

Daniel Keen in the #90

Cameron Gessner ended up coming 3rd behind Ryan Farrell

The new Livery of the #21 Mark Wells Murphy

David Priolo in the #8 Watsons Express Transport rig in action

Thrills and Spills provided some entertainment for the good sized crowd as Daniel Harding's #12 is removed from "The Plex" - see next image for how it happened

A novel way around Kwinana, but not the quickest way around - Daniel Harding finds the fence as the Steward behind the fence heads South !

Lee Nash (#45) escapes the demolition involving Daniel Harding

The speed and experience of Ryan Farrell saw him bag victory in the Perth Motorplex Grand Opening Night

The evening was capped of with an awesome fireworks display

There were green lights, yellow lights and red lights in the sky as well as on the track

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Motorplex Grand Opening for Summer Season all go for Tonight

The weather forecast for tonight’s re-scheduled Grand Super Speedway Opening couldn’t be better. Unlike last Saturday , conditions are expected to be fine and sunny during the day with a top temperature of 25 degrees. Those fine conditions are to continue right through the night.

There will be plenty of big names, new cars and new teams vying for victory in the first round of the AHG Sprintcar series.

Sprintcar sensation Ryan Farrell returns to racing tonight and is pumped at the prospect of taking the first A-Main of the season.

Peter Roebuck took a trip through the Kwinana pits last Saturday before the rain put an end to things – here’s a behind the scenes peek at what Peter captured………..

Ryan Farrell (RHS) returns to racing tonight at the Motorplex

David Priolo is confident of a great 2014/15 Season

Rob Watson Jnr has invested in a heap of new gear

All smiles - Jamie (RHS) and Bradley Maiolo

The Wormall Motorsport outfit is right up there

The rain is acomin'

Mark Wells has a new look car and here puts the final touches to his wing vinyl

"Son of a Gun" Shaun Bradford has a new look this year - a Ned Kelly beard !

David Priolo

LJM Racing has also secured a heap of new equipment this season

Jason Kendrick in the "Hot" staging area with the threatening clouds that would ultimately force the re-scheduling of the Saturday night racing program

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Perth Motorplex Sprintcar Grand Opener Washed Out

Well mother nature did end up taking command on Saturday night at the Perth Motorplex in Kwinana. Our intrepid photographer Peter Roebuck advised mid morning on Saturday (18th Oct) that the heavens were looking threatening and there was a high chance of rain.

Peter’s warning was indeed on the money. We saw a small amount of track action, but when the precipitation got really serious, the Motorplex Management had no option but to cancel the event.

The Radar shows how full-on the weather was

The Grand Opening has been rescheduled to Tuesday 21st October, with the same great nomination list and spectacular fireworks planned. For those that attended, hang onto your tickets as they are good for the Tuesday night, or any other Speedway event until Dec 6th.


So all those Ryan Farrell fans eagerly awaiting his return to racing won’t have to wait that long !

Peter “Straight Shooter” Roebuck caught these images on Saturday night before the meeting “got the can”.

Ryan Farrell fans will have to wait until Tuesday night (21st) to see his much anticipated return to Sprintcar racing

Jason Kendrick looked smooth early on

"The Man in Black" - Cameron Gessner

Callum Williamson is looking forward to a strong season

Rob Watson Junior in full flight

Daniel Haring in the #12

Jason Bowland attemped to set up a smoke screen in hot laps

Daniel Keen has the #90 positioned nicely through turns 3-4

Lee Nash - Always quick in hot laps

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