Jamie Veal Wins Gold Cup Season Finale at Perth Motorplex While Jason Kendrick Bags Triple Crown Mini-Series

All images by Peter “Straight Shooter” Roebuck
Words by Darren O’Dea

Gold Cup winner Jamie Veal

He looks like the wild man from Borneo, unshaven and one could say a bit of a scruff HOWEVER, Victorian Jamie Veal was the real deal behind the wheel of the Shane & Jodie Krikke’s WSS winning Sprintcar #2 on Saturday night.

The quietly spoken Warrnambool speed ace swept all before him to win a brilliant Gold Cup race last Saturday night (18th April) at the Perth Motorplex. Following Veal across the line was Jamie Maiolo and Jason Kendrick.

Former National champion Ron Krikke was on hand as the special guest to present the awards to the drivers with his former team mate and Motorplex Speedway Manger Gavin Migro.

While Veal won the night, but podium finishes in all three rounds of the AHG Triple Crown was enough for Jason Kendrick to win the mini-series that wrapped up the 2014-15 Sprintcar season in Western Australia.

Gold Cup Podium: L to R - Jamie Maiolo 2nd, Jamie Veal 1st, Jason Kendrick 3rd. Kendrick was also the Triple Crown 3 race mini-series winner. Legend Ron Krikke (far right) presented the trophies

Heading in the final round Kendrick was second on points to Ryan Farrell after finishing second to Farrell in both the previous rounds.

This round carried double points that meant there was plenty on the line.

Farrell had the upper hand, starting from P5 for the final with Kendrick from P8.

Unfortunately for Farrell he was out of the contest on lap 14 after contact with Dowling in pits bend saw him spin out and then get collected by another three cars that had nowhere to go.

Ryan Farrell got caught up in this freight train wreck

This put the spotlight onto Kendrick but he had to still finish strongly and hold off a points challenge from Dowling who has been very impressive in the last couple of shows.

Dowling crossed the line in 6th and that was enough to wrap up second in the mini-series.

The aim of the Triple Crown was to spice up the action a bit at the end of the season particularly with the Blue Ribbon regular AHG Sprintcar Series done and dusted.

This included a different qualifying format and the return of the Top 8 Knockout series that proved to be a big hit with the fans.

Kendrick won the Triple Crown prize purse with 580 points to Dowling’s 558 and Jamie Maioilo and Callum Williamson on 546 each.

Maiolo claimed third on a countback.

Jamie Veal with his Season Finale Gold Cup trophy

The Wormall Motorsports outfit is a ripper

Gold Cup Winner Jamie Veal in full flight

Daryl Clayden punches the Wormall #45 through pits bend

Mitchell Wormall made an apperance in the #35 entry

Kye Scroop leads Carl Dowling

Jamie Veal

Daryl Clayden on the gas leads Terry Cutts

David Priolo in action

Carl Dowling had a strong end to the season

Happy Camper: Carl Dowling

Ken Sartori #50 does battle with team mate Rob Watson Jnr #66

Jamie Maiolo #99 came 2nd in the Gold Cup

Ken Sartori

Ryan Farrell in the rear has had better luck - here Ken Sartori leads Farrell

Voiceman Matt Naulty (LHS) enjoys a lighter moment with legend Ron Krikke

Terry Cutts #9 leads Taylor Milling #25

AHG Triple Crown mini-series winner Jason Kendrick hikes the left front

Jason Kendrick leads Ryan Farrell

Shaun Bradford #57 had a bit of a moment that caught up Mitchell Wormall

Lee Nash cuts down a left rear tyre

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Ryan Farrell Hammers Opposition in 2nd Round of Triple Crown Mini-Series

All images by Peter “Straight Shooter” Roebuck
Words by Darren O’Dea

The Magic of the Perth Motorplex shines through early in the program

RYAN Farrell started from P6 and avoided some of the carnage in front of him to win round two of the AHG Triple Crown at the Perth Motorplex on Saturday night.

This was on the back of his win in the first round of the mini-series at the same venue seven days earlier.

This time Farrell won the 30-lap feature race – the DiCandilo Steel City Silver Cup – from Jason Kendrick and Lee Nash.

Ryan Farrell proves yet again he is a classs act winning from Jason Kendrick (LHS) and a great drive from Lee Nash (RHS)

Kendrick started alongside Farrell from P5 and for the second successive meeting, has followed Farrell over the line, this time the margin was 1.856 of a second.

Nash put in a strong drive, starting from P9, and claimed his first podium for the season for the Wormall Civil team, a great result after putting in a lot of hard yards, right across the country this season.

Carl Dowling again proved to be consistent, taking fourth after starting from P8 while Shaun Bradford, who started from P3 but was then relegated to the rear of the field for a heavy collision with Brad Maiolo, took fifth.

One of the impressive drives of the night belonged to Aldo De Paioli, who was racing in both the 360 and 410c divisions.

He was second to Jake Beard-Miller in the 360 final and looked good behind the wheel of the #94 machine in the 410ci class, showing great car speed and control to take sixth.

Jake Beard-Miller won the 360 race

Rounding out the field of finishers in the 410  in the Silver Cup were Callum Williamson, Daryl Clayden, Terry Cutts and Jason Priolo.

Youngster Jacob Lucas, who was to start from P19, pulled infield before the field formed up, with motor issues.

Jamie Maiolo won the popular pole knockout series from Kye Scroop and elected to start from the outside of the front row.

He took the early lead but the field regrouped a couple of laps in after David Priolo made contact with Callum Williamson and sent to the rear on the restart.

On the second lap after the restart Scroop made a big lunge down the inside of Jamie Maiolo in turn four but it didn’t pay off, spearing both cars into the safety fence hard.

Maiolo was clearly not happy with the move and made several attempts to let Scroop know what he thought of the racing challenge that heavily damaged the front runners and the track’s safety fence.

Kye Scroop tangled with Jamie Maiolo #99 into pits bend and the result was catastophic for both racers - the Peter Roebuck sequence that follows is stunning

Kye Scroop was a passenger just as Jamie Maiolo was

Kye Scroop still tumbling at speed

This gave Ryan Farrell the lead from Kendrick and Brad Maiolo.

Shaun Bradford performed a similar slide job on Brad Maiolo in pits bend on lap nine resulting in Maiolo’s car flipping into the fence hard and more fence damage.

At the same time Cameron Gessner’s car also took a tumble in pits bend, ending his night after he was up to fifth after starting from P9.

Robert Watson Junior started from P13 and had made up some serious ground in the #66 machine before he headed infield with an engine fire on lap 26.

Daniel Harding started from P12 and was also looking good mid race, despite having another nose wing collapse but he pulled infield on lap 18.


Qualifying: Jamie Maiolo 14.084, David Priolo 14.108, Jason Kendrick 14.230, Shaun Bradford 14.284, Brad Maiolo 14.298, Kye Scroop 14.349, Ryan Farrell 14.381, Ken Sartori 14.396, Carl Dowling 14.489, Cameron Gessner 14.496, Lee Nash 14.498, Jake Beard 14.547, Callum Williamson 14.691, Daniel Harding 14.723, Daryl Clayden 14.753, Terry Cutts 14.761, Robert Watsons 14.757, Aldo De Paoli 14.793, Jason Priolo 15.000.

Heat 1: 1st Jamie Maiolo 2nd Bradley Maiolo, 3rd Jason Kendrickk, 4th Ryan Farrell, 5th Carl Dowling, 6th Lee Nash, 7th Callum Williamson, 8th Daryl Clayden, 9th Terry Cutts, 10th Jason Priolo.

Heat 2: 1st Shaun Bradford, 2nd Kye Scroop, 3rd David Priolo, 4th Ken Sartori, 5th Cameron Gessner, 6th Daniel Harding, 7th Robert Watson junior, 8th Aldo Paoli, 9th Jacob Lucas. DNF: Jake Beard-Miller.

Heat 3: 1st Callum Williamson, 2nd Carl Dowling, 3rd Jamie Maiolo, 4th Shaun Bradford, 5th Bradley Maiolo, 6th Robert Watson junior, 7th Jacob Lucas, 8th Terry Cutts. DNF: Ken Sartori.

Heat 4: 1st Lee Nash, 2nd Daniel Harding, 3rd Cameron Gessner, 4th Ryan Farrell, 5th Kye Scroop, 6th Jason Kendrick, 7th Jason Priolo, 8th David Priolo, 9th Aldo De Paoli. DNF: Daryl Clayden.

Feature: 1st Ryan Farrell, 2nd Jason Kendrick, 3rd Lee Nash, 4th Carl Dowling, 5th Shaun Bradford, 6th Aldo De Paioli, 7th Callum Williamson, 8th Daryl Clayden, 9th Terry Cutts, 10th Jason Priolo. DNF: Robert Watson, David Priolo, Daniel Harding, Bradley Maiolo, Cameron Gessner, Jamie Maiolo, Kye Scroop.

Hands - On . WA Driver Ken Sartori timed in with a 14.396 but was a DNS in the final

Brothers in Arms: Brad Maiolo #77 leads his elder brother Jamie #99

Carl Dowling leads David Priolo


A very unhappy Jamie Maiolo walks to "The Hook"

Feverish work on David Priolo's #8

Carl Dowling #87 low on Rob Watson Junior

Rob Watson Junior at full noise

Brad Maiolo went over after a coming together following Shaun Bradford's ambitious slide job

The carnage continues

Cameron Gessner took a wide ride into pits bend as well

Cameron Gessner surveys his wrecked racecar

Ryan Farrrel outshone them all

Shaun Bradford gets on the gas

Yep ..... the Maiolo Team had a tough night with both cars going over

Not what Cameron Gessner wanted to see

And this says it all - Numero Uno for the night! - Ryan Farrell

Ryan loves all the attention !

Lee Nash came an awesome 3rd in the 410 Final

Trevor Reynolds shot into prominance and was a podium in the 360 race

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Ben Atkinson and Sam Walsh New Sponsorship Announcement

Last weekend, an exciting announcement was made about the future careers of Sprintcar Stars Sam Walsh and Ben Atkinson.

Both Drivers are regular racers at Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway and secured new sponsorship deals for 2015/2016 involving Rocket Industries.

Sam Walsh will drive the Rocket Industries sponsored #92 and Ben Atkinson the Aeroflow #2.

Big Announcement: Sam Walsh left and Ben Atkinson right will enjoy the backing of Rocket Industries and Aeroflow Products - Image by Gary Reid

The pair will not be a team as such, continuing their individual race programs, but will certainly work together on some exciting new projects in promoting the vast range of Aeroflow products available through the many distributors and of course Rocket Industries themselves.

Congratulations Ben and Sam! It’s a very exciting 2015/2016 ahead for you and great news given we have only just concluded the 2014/15 season.

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James McFadden Wins Final Sydney Sprintcar Race – James Thompson Takes Out Valvoline Raceway Track Championship

All Images by Gary Reid - greid@pacific.net.au
Words by Valvoline Raceway Media

It was a history making night at Valvoline Raceway (Sat Mar 28) as James Thompson went on to score victory in the track championship over Ben Atkinson and Max Dumesny placed third in the points. Max benefited from Sam Walsh’s non finish in the A-Main relegating Sam back to fourth.

In the A-Main, it was James McFadden who went on to score the victory over a fast finishing Toby Bellbowen and Robbie Farr placed third.

James McFadden celebrates his victory

It was McFadden’s second victory at the circuit as he used his front row starting spot to full advantage. Robbie Farr took the lead for a number of laps before McFadden got past him again and set off to build a handy lead in lapped traffic.

All eyes were on the combatants in the track championship however as both were starting deep in the field and the ask on Atkinson became too great, allowing James Thompson to win his first ever Sprintcar Track Championship.

Australian Sprintcar Champion Dave Murcott also did enough to claim the bonus in the Month of Money series.

It has been a big season for interstate drivers, dominating the Sydney season.

There was only one stoppage in the exciting 30 lap A-Main, when Jeremy Cross got upside down. He was OK.

Following the top three of McFadden, Bellbowen and Farr home was Murcott, Ian Loudoun, Danny Reidy, Atkinson, Grant Tunks, Adrian Maher and James Thompson rounding out the top ten.

Queenslander Andrew Scheuerle did a great job to finish eleventh followed by outgoing Track Champion Max Dumesny, Andrew Wright, the stand out of the night Matt Craft, another standout in Jay Waugh, Steve Rowell and Jeff Lawler had his best night of the season to record a seventeenth place finish.

Non-finishers were Brent Aprile, Mark Attard, Max Johnston, Jeremy Cross, Craig Brady, Sam Walsh and Matt Dumesny.

Earlier in the night, it was Danny Reidy who set quick time with a 12.593 second lap ahead of Gary Rooke, Alex Orr, Matt Craft and McFadden.

Heat race wins went to Jeremy Cross, Grant Tunks, Toby Bellbowen and Brent Aprile.

The C-Main was a marathon affair with Dean Thomas taking the win and the B-Main was won by Danny Reidy.

Chaos in the C Main as Danny Vassall (97) goes over in the foreground and Blake Skipper (24) cartwheels towards the fence in the background, surrounded by Mick Sauer (69), Tommy Britton (19) and Brandon Rawlings (44)

All up, 131 drivers competed in one or more rounds of the track championship.

A-Main victories this season: Brad Sweet (3), Jamie Veal (3), Ian Madsen (2), James McFadden (2), Sam Walsh (2), Ben Atkinson (2) and David Murcott, Max Dumesny, Kerry Madsen, Trevor Green, Danny Reidy and Jackson Delamont with one win each.

Sprintcar Track Championship top ten:

1. James Thompson – 4772
2. Ben Atkinson – 4751
3. Max Dumesny – 4636
4. Sam Walsh – 4632
5. Toby Bellbowen – 4577
6. Jackson Delamont – 4565
7. Danny Reidy – 4526
8. Grant Tunks – 4346
9. Trevor Green – 4252
10. Matthew Dumesny – 4241

James Thompson (22) and Ben Atkinson (2) battled for the track championship during the night and it was Thompson who was able to keep his points lead

Andrew Wright drives out of the heavy stuff

Blake Skipper charges through turn 3 in time trials

James McFadden takes the low line under Matt Craft in heat race action

Jeremy Cross caused the only stoppage in the A Main

James Thompson and his team celebrate winning the Sprintcar Track Championship

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Ryan Farrell Wins Perth Motorplex John Day Tribute Race

All images compliments of Peter “Straight Shooter” Roebuck
Words by Darren O’Dea

RYAN Farrell had plenty of reasons to smile after he won The General John Day Tribute Night feature race at the Perth Motorplex on Saturday night from Jason Kendrick and Victorian Jamie Veal.

Farrell started from pole for the 30-lap showdown that was also round one of the AHG Triple Crown and showed his class on a busy race track to win by 1.295 seconds.
The Diamond Bay Motorsport pilot got the jump on Kendrick who started alongside him in the main event and was never challenged as he caught up to the backmarkers by lap five.

It was a consistently good night for Farrell who was third quickest in qualifying then took a win and a sixth in the heats to be the second highest point scorer as the top eight headed into the Top 8 Knockout series, introduced for the first time in many years.

Farrell defeated David Priolo and then knocked out Kendrick to get pole for the main event.

Ryan Farrell - Feature winner for the General John Day Tribute Race

Veal, driving for the Krikke Motorsport W2 that Brooke Tatnell drove so successfully this year, was very strong in the feature race, converting a 10th place start into a trophy finish.

Cameron Gessner, who only two weeks ago wrapped up the 2014-15 AHG Sprintcar Series championship, had a lacklustre night by his standards and didn’t even make the Top 8 Knockout round.

He started from P14 but by the end of the 30-laps managed to carve his way forward and take fourth.

Carl Dowling looked very strong in the DiCandilo Steel City #87.
He went into the Knockout round sixth on points before going on to defeat Brad and then Jamie Maiolo to move forward and start from P4 for the feature race.

After looking threatening early on he managed to hold on for a fifth.
Callum Williamson finished sixth after starting from P11 and was followed over the line by Jamie Maiolo (from P5), Robert Watson junior (from P15), Priolo (from P3 and was penalised two spot for a restart infringement late in the race) and Bradley Maiolo (from P6) who rounded out the top 10.

Jamie Maiolo lost ground early on in the feature race, completing a 360 on the back straight and losing valuable ground before continuing.

Lee Nash also spun around on lap nine but was not as fortunate, being collected by team mate Daryl Clayden, putting them both out of action.

There were a few tense moments on lap 14 when Troy Lawson spun around in front of Kendrick and Veal who were coming up to pass him.

Jason Boland spun on the back straight on lap 22 and Shaun Bradford rolled over for a red light stop, ending a strong charge from the #57 machine that was moving forward after starting midpack.

Daniel Harding, fresh from a big win in Karratha the previous weekend, cut a left rear tyre and headed infield on lap 25.

There was drama at the start of the Knockout round when Nash and Harding came together in the first of the two-lap showdowns, putting them both on the infield.
Round two of the AHG Triple Crown will be held at the Perth Motorplex next Saturday night – April 4.

Ryan Farrell in the Diamond Bay Motorsport #26

Jamie Veal powers the #2 Krikke Motorsport entry through the Motorplex Turns

Brad Maiolo leads Jamie Veal

Robert Watson Junior finished 8th in the feature race

Daryl Clayden out in front of Callum Williamson

Jamie Maiolo #99 leads Lee Nash #46 and Callum Williamson #73

Shaun Bradford works on his engine

The Tribute Race was in honour of the General John Day

Lee Nash and Daryl Clayden had an unfortunate coming together and the two Team Cars headed in-field

4-Wide Salute

All over for Daniel Harding in the #12

Lee Nash tags the back straight wall

Rob Watson Junior really gets it "hooked up"

Ryan Farrel is happy with his first place in the Tribute Race

Podium: Jamie Veal left, Ryan Farrell centre and Jason Kendrick right with The General John Day in front

Qualifying: David Priolo 13.891, Jason Kendrick 13.953, Ryan Farrell 14.041, Bradley Maiolo 14.045, Callum Williamson 14.047, Kye Scroop 14.063, Jamie Maiolo 14.081, Jamie Veal 14.086, Carl Dowling 14.131, Jake Beard-Miller 14.136, Lee Nash 14.187, Daniel Harding 14.214, Cameron Gessner 14.234, Aldo De Paioli 14.348, Shaun Bradford 14.404, Jason Priolo 14.520, Terry Cutts 14.553, Robert Watson junior 14.571, Daryl Clayden 14.735, Troy Lawson 14.761, Corey Hunter 14.809, Jason Boland 15.163.

Heat 1: 1st Ryan Farrell, 2nd David Priolo. 3rd Jamie Maiolo, 4th Carl Dowling, 5th Lee Nash, 6th Daryl Clayden, 7th Callum Williamson, 8th Cameron Gessner, 9th Terry Cutts, 10th Jason Boland. DNS: Jason Priolo.

Heat 2: 1st Bradley Maiolo, 2nd Jason Kendrick, 3rd Kye Scroop, 4th Jamie Veal, 5th Daniel Harding, 6th Shaun Bradford, 7th Jake Beard-Miller, 8th Robert Watson junior, 9th Troy Lawson, 10th Corey Hunter. DNF: Aldo De Paioli.

Heat 3: 1st Daniel Harding, 2nd Cameron Gessner, 3rd Carl Dowling, 4th Callum Williamson, 5th Jamie Veal, 6th David Priolo, 7th Robert Watson junior, 8th Bradley Maiolo, 9th Daryl Claydren, 10th Jason Priolo, 11th Aldo De Paioli.

Heat 4: 1st Shaun Bradford, 2nd Lee Nash, 3rd Jamie Maiolo, 4th Jake Beard-Miller, 5th Jason Kendrick, 6th Ryan Farrell, 7th Kye Scroop, 8th Jason Boland, 9th Terry Cutts, 10th Corey Hunter, 11th Troy Lawson.

Feature: 1st Ryan Farrell, 2nd Jason Kendrick, 3rd Jamie Veal, 4th Cameron Gessner, 5th Carl Dowling, 6th Callum Williamson, 7th Jamie Maiolo, 8th Robert Watson junior, 9th David Priolo, 10th Bradley Maiolo, 11th Jake Beard-Miller, 12th Jason Boland, 13th Kye Scroop, 14th Terry Cutts, 15th Troy Lawson, 16th Aldo De Paioli, 17th Corey Hunter. DNF: Daniel Harding, Shaun Bradford, Jason Priolo, Lee Nash and Daryl Clayden.

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Jackson Delamont Cracks First Win at Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway

Where Angels Fear to Tread !

Photos by Gary Reid – greid@pacific.net.au (Thanks mate – Ripper images !!!)
Words by Valvoline Raceway PR

Jackson Delamont has been showing all season that he’s not a driver you should underestimate and last Saturday night (Mar 21) he stepped it up a notch to score his career first main event win at Valvoline Raceway in front of an enormous crowd.

The 20 year old from Young in NSW stole the 30 lap victory from South Aussie Trevor Green in the dying stages of the race utilizing the lowline to maximum effect in his Mad Harry’s Steel #48 Maxim.

“It’s great to finally get a win for this team and reward them by putting this car up where it should be,” grinned the affable third generation racer, “it’s cool to win in front of such a huge crowd too.”

The biggest crowd in recent years at Valvoline Raceway jammed into see the Sprintcars and Monster Trucks combination.

“It’s so great to race in front of a crowd like this,” said eventual second placed Trevor Green, “full credit to Jackson for winning the race. He’s been threatening to do this for a while now and he’s finally got the win.”

Third place across the line was Sammy Walsh who carved his way from well back in the field to pick off
the final podium position.

A Main podium: (l-r) Sammy Walsh (3rd), Jackson Delamont (1st), Grand Marshall Jim Winterbottom, Trevor Green (2nd)

Australian Champion David Murcott had his chances to score the win in the #1 Maxim and even led a few times before eventually having to settle for fourth place ahead of last week’s feature winner James McFadden in fifth.

Current Track Championship points leader James Thompson came home in sixth ahead of Robbie Farr seventh, Max Dumesny eighth, Ben Atkinson ninth and Max Johnston rounding out the ten.

Following the top ten were Grant Anderson, Grant Tunks, Jeremy Cross, Kim Becker, Matthew Craft, Matt Dumesny, Thomas Jeffrey, Adrian Maher, Craig Brady, Andrew Wright and Lachlan Abbott placed as 21st and the final finisher.

DNF’s went to Toby Bellbowen (flat left front tyre) Warren Ferguson and Danny Reidy (flat left rear tyre whilst battling for the lead with contact between he and Toby Bellbowen in turn three early in the race).

The B-Main was won by Jeremy Cross from fellow A-Main transferees Grant Tunks in second, Lachlan Abbott third and Kim Becker in fourth.

The C-Main was won by Steve Caunt with an impressive drive over Blake Skipper in second, Daniel Sayre in third and Jason Gebert fourth.

Quick time in the Network Industry qualifying went to Toby Bellbowen for the fifth time (and third consecutively) and he later led the main event for several laps before he suffered a flat left front tyre which eventually crippled the #70 car and he retired to the pits.

Max Johnston in time trials puts on a show for the crowd

Toby Bellbowen set quick time in front of a large crowd

Jackson Delamont won the A Main in fine style

Brian Czuczi (92) and Clayton Hart (67) battle in their heat race

Steve Caunt (9) and Danny Vassall (97) in the C Main

Warren Ferguson (32), Thomas Jeffrey (12) and Grant Tunks (54) in A Main action

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Cameron Gessner talks about his win in the WA-based AHG Sprintcar Series


Cameron talks about the incidents in the early heats that nearly ended his chance of winning the 2014/15 AHG Series, how fast the Kwinana track was, the luck that was bestowed upon him as he cut down a right rear on the last lap and limped across the line and finally……. the enormous relief for the entire Cowara Motorsport Team in eventually winning the Blue Ribbon Series.

Enjoy…………………Thanks to Darren O’Dea



Click this link to hear Big Cameron Gessner talk about his recent AHG Sprintcar Series Victory for the Cowara Motorsport Team at Perth Motorplex.


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James McFadden Scores Great Win At Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway

Images by Gary Reid – greid@pacific.net.au
Words by Valvoline Raceway PR

James McFadden put paid to the adage that he doesn’t win at Valvoline Raceway by scoring a brilliant victory Saturday Night (14 March) ahead of Australian Champion Dave Murcott and Sydney regular Ben Atkinson third.

The race between McFadden and Murcott will go down in the history of Valvoline Raceway as one of the most intense ever witnessed.

“It’s great to race against guys like Dave (Murcott) and Ben (Atkinson), knowing they will give you a lot of room, but still race you hard,” the former two-time Australian Champion said at the presentation, as he received his trophy from Bob Tunks, who was being honoured in the March Legend’s series.

“Running at this place with no wall, it is just fun, especially when the track is the way it was tonight.”

He had to work hard for the win though. Murcott inherited the lead after Toby Bellbowen suffered a flat right rear and had to give up his lead after receiving the mechanical defect flag. Murcott led right up until the 28th lap before McFadden, who worked his way up to second on lap 16, made his move on the Aussie Champ and steal a win, a first for him, at Valvoline Raceway.

Third placed Atkinson gained another four points on track championship leader James Thompson by virtue of his third place and Thompson finishing fifth, behind fourth placed Danny Reidy.

A Main podium: (l-r) Ben Atkinson (3rd), James McFadden (1st), Bob Tunks, David Murcott (2nd)

Just finishing outside the top five was Jackson Delmont who started from position 20. Seventh was Robbie Farr followed by Max Dumesny who once again had to perform an engine change prior to time trials, Max Johnston and Adrian Maher rounded out the top ten.

Eleventh home was Northern Territorian Jason Gebert followed by Michael Saller, Kelly Linigen, Daniel Sayre, Sean Dyson, Jeremy Cross with Toby Bellbowen classified as the last finisher.

Non-finishers were Andrew Wright, Craig Brady, Bruce White, Sam Walsh, Grant Anderson, Alex Orr and Jimmy Matchett.

Earlier in the night, it was Toby Bellbowen who set quick time in time trials followed by Atkinson and Reidy.

Heat race wins went to Michael Saller, Dave Murcott, Andrew Wright and Jason Gebert.

Atkinson won the Pole Shuffle with Mark Attard winning the C-Main and Max Johnston taking the B-Main win.

James Thompson leads the track championship with 2 rounds remaining

James McFadden won his first A Main at Valvoline Raceway

Former sprintcar star Bob Tunks is interviewed after a 2-seater ride driven by son Grant

Steve Rowell finds some grip in his heat race to get out of trouble

Jimmy Matchett (88), Trevor Green (11), and Sam Walsh (92) in heat race action

Bob Tunks, Grand Marshall for the night, gives the crossed flags for the 4-wide salute

Danny Reidy (5) leads David Murcott (1A) in the A Main

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David Priolo Wins Last AHG Round At Perth Motorplex – Cameron Gessner Holds On For AHG Championship

Words by Darren O’Dea
Images by Peter “Straight Shooter” Roebuck

DAVID Priolo started from P2 and once he got the jump, he never looked back as he charged away for a commanding win in the Washpod Westernapolis at the Perth Motorplex on Saturday night.

Priolo won the 30-lap feature race by more than 10 seconds over Ryan Farrell and Jamie Maiolo in what was the last round of the 2014-15 AHG Sprintcar Series.

Cameron Gessner, who limped over the line with a blown right rear tyre in 12th, claimed enough points to win the series points battle from Jason Kendrick and Priolo.

Podium L to R: Ryan Farrell 2nd, David Priolo 1st, Jamie Maiolo 3rd

Despite limping over the line with a flat tyre in P12 , Cameron Gessner accrued enough pounts to take the AHG series crown

It was a good night for Priolo who was second quickest in his qualifying group and then took a third and a second in his heat races to qualify for the Silver Dash where he was quick enough to race in the Gold Dash for the right to start on pole.

Priolo belted out a very fast 12.715 second lap in the race against the clock but it was bettered by an even quicker Ryan Farrell who blistered round the track in 12.705 seconds.

The race track was the fastest it has ever been with a handful of drivers powering around in 12-second laps on a track that was well watered thanks to plenty of rain on Friday night and on Saturday before the race meeting.

Farrell lost ground on the start, slipping back to third and Priolo grabbed the holeshot and was extremely fast for the full 30-laps.

Contact between Daniel Harding and Brad Maiolo at the start of the second lap also saw Kye Scroop involved as the cars came together and unfortunately only Scroop was able to get a push away for another start.

By lap five Priolo had a massive lead and he was putting some of his rivals a lap down only seconds later.

Jamie Maiolo was running second when challenged by Farrell who was on his tail by mid-race distance.

Jamie Maiolo leads Ryan Farrell

The two traded slid jobs and ran side-by-side for a couple of laps before Farrell won the battle and stretched the legs on the #26 machine.

Carl Dowling was very impressive in the #87 entry, starting from P9 and enjoying a couple of midpack battles before edging out Shaun Bradford for fourth in the latter stages.

Bradford managed to finish fifth from Daryl Clayden, Jake Beard-Miller, Troy Lawson, Jason Boland, Lee Nash and Gessner who completed the last two laps up the near fence and out of harm’s way with a shredded right rear tyre.

The win for Priolo was a good result after being so close on quite a few occasions this season, only to blow rear tyres at crucial moments in races.

This time he held on, grabbing the maiden AHG Series win for car owner Rob Watson from Watsons Express Transport.

A very happy David Priolo


Qualifying: Group 1: Jamie Maiolo 14.180, Cameron Gessner 14.293, Jake Beard-Miller 14.539. Group 2: Daniel Harding 14.031, Shaun Bradford 14.034, Kye Scroop 14.056, Sean Zemunik 15.018. Group 3: Bradley Maiolo 13.685, Jason Kendrick 13.826, Lee Nash 14.287, Jason Boland 14.638. Group 4: Ryan Farrell 13.347, David Priolo 13.472, Daryl Clayden 13.743, Troy Lawson 13.963, Carl Dowling 14.035. Jacob Lucas NTT.

Heat 1: 1st Bradley Maiolo, 2nd Ryan Farrell, 3rd Shaun Bradford, 4th Daryl Clayden, 5th Carl Dowling, 6th Sean Zemunik, 7th Lee Nash, 8th Cameron Gessner.

Heat 2: 1st Jamie Maiolo 2nd Daniel Harding, 3rd David Priolo, 4th Kye Scroop, 5th Jason Kendrick, 6th Troy Lawson, 7th Jake Beard-Miller, 8th Jason Boland, 9th Jacob Lucas.

Heat 3: 1st Carl Dowling, 2nd Daryl Clayden, 3rd Shaun Bradford, 4th Jamie Maiolo, 5th Ryan Farrell, 6th Jake Beard-Miller, 7th Jason Kendricik, 8th Jason Boland.

Heat 4: 1st Kye Scroop, 2nd David Priolo, 3rd Daniel Harding, 4th Bradley Maiolo, 5th Lee Nash, 6th Troy Lawson. DNF: Jacob Lucas and Cameron Gessner.

Feature race: 1st David Priolo, 2nd Ryan Farrell, 3rd Jamie Maiolo, 4th Carl Dowling, 5th Shaun Bradford, 6th Jason Kendrick, 7th Daryl Clayden, 8th Jake Beard-Miller, 9th Troy Lawson, 10th Jason Boland, 11th Lee Nash, 12th Cameron Gessner. DNF: Daniel Harding, Brad Maiolo, Kye Scroop. DNS: Sean Zemunik and Jacob Lucas.

Great Victory: David Priolo

Ryan Farrell was pleased with his 2nd place

Lee Nash came 11th in the feature

Carl Dowling on the gas

Brad Maiolo was a DNF in the feature

Ryan Farrell in action

Jason Kendrick came 2nd in the AHG series

David Priolo was in fine form

David Priolo in the Watsons Express #8 crosses the finish line to take victory in the last AHG round

Cameron Gessner won the AHG Series for 2014/15

Carl Dowling leads Lee Nash

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Ben Atkinson in a class of his own at Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway

Images by Gary Reid – greid@pacific.net.au
Words by Valvoline Raceway Media

Ben Atkinson sounded a clear warning last Saturday night (Mar 7) that his Track Championship aspirations are far from over as he stomped to a commanding win in the 30 lap A-Main feature race at Valvoline Raceway.

The Darwin stick of dynamite survived an unsettling shunt in the Pole Shootout with rival Toby Bellbowen where the former was lucky not to roll over and Bellbowen unfortunately did forcing both teams to thrash to be ready for the main event.

When the lights went green in the main event Bellbowen led early but Atkinson resumed full control in the #2 Pick n Payless J&J and was never headed after that as he took the uninterrupted race victory.

Along the way, with lap leader sponsorship money the Northern Territory will have earned around $7500.

“I didn’t think about that (the money) during the race because my focus was just on getting some feature wins before the end of the season. My guys have done a great job, JB always does a great job (his crew chief John Barrett), he’s getting a little older now but he hasn’t lost any of his drive to win races. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some good crew chiefs and working with JB is pretty special.”

Atkinson sped home ahead of Grant Anderson in second place with Jackson Delamont rounding out the podium in third.

A Main podium (l-r): Jackson Delamont (3rd), Dick Briton (Grand Marshall), Ben Atkinson (1st), Grant Anderson (2nd)

“We don’t get to run here very often but it’s always so much fun when we do,” said Anderson, “I can’t be sure how many more races we’ll make here this month but we’ll do as many as we can.”

Young NSW racer Jackson Delamont showed plenty of speed on the lowline to score his second podium finish of the season.

“The track was nice tonight and that allowed me to zip around the bottom on my own little line. It’s a great result for our team and I can’t thank my Dad enough for all the effort he puts in every week on this car. It should really be him up here getting this trophy.”

Sam Walsh was simply devastating in the #92 Maxim as he sizzled from 18th starting position to an eventual fourth place finish.

“Ideally I would have had a better night early and then we wouldn’t have had to start so far back in the A-Main but it was still good to finish where we did. The car was fast, I just need to stop making mistakes.”

Australian Champion David Murcott came home in fifth place ahead of Toby Bellbowen (who seemed to suffer some front end damage in an earlier race incident and who’s team pulled off a major Houdini to even get him out on track after his Pole Shootout rollover) Jeremy Cross for seventh in one of his better finishes this year, Robbie Farr came out the B-Main to place eighth whilst current Track Championship leader James Thompson finished ninth ahead of South Aussie veteran Trevor Green in tenth.

Grant Tunks, Brent Aprile, Steve Caunt, Adrian Maher, Warren Ferguson, Jimmy Matchett, Matt Jackson, Kyle Caunt, Andrew Wright, Kelly Linigen, Clayton Hart and Mark Attard placed 11th – 22nd respectively whilst DNF’s went to Alex Orr and Craig Brady.

Five times Australian Sprintcar Champion and living legend Dick Briton was the Grand Marshall for the night’s action and presented the winner’s trophies.

Briton received a warm and enthusiastic ovation from the fans when he lapped the circuit in a borrowed wingless with son Brian and granddaughter Nikki either side of him during the national anthem honours.

Grant Anderson had a good night coming second in the A Main

Jackson Delamont ran third in the A Main

Jordyn Brazier's heat did not last long

Matt Jackson (82) ahead of Adrian Maher (10) in the B Main

4-wide Salute: Alex Orr (43), Grant Anderson (37), Warren Ferguson (32), Ben Atkinson (2)

Ben Atkinson on his way to winning the A Main

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