Gary Reid – “Shoot to Thrill”

Last post we took a look at contributing Photographer Gary Reid. This post we dig a bit deeper and talk to Gary about his passion, favourite shots and the artistic journey he is on. “Shoot to Thrill” looks at the man behind the lens.

TT: Thanks for your time Gary. Let’s get right into it. What is your preferred camera and lens?

GR: Nikon brand since I bought my first SLR film camera in about 1970, a Nikkormat. Since starting to take digital images in 2004, I have used Nikon D100, Fuji S3 Pro, Nikon D300, Nikon D700, Nikon D3S and now Nikon D4. At the moment I favour Nikon’s 80-400mm f4-5.6 lens, but Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 is one of Nikon’s best ever. I also own wide angle lenses to make the most of opportunities to shoot wide. Dirt track speedway is very hard on my gear. My black Nikon often looks a golden shade of VR clay with dust throughout the night. Regular cleaning and maintenance is necessary. I do NOT change lenses on race night, but rather take a second camera with a different lens so there’s less risk of dust getting on the sensor

TT: What is the main technique you use to shoot racing at VR (Valvoline Raceway)?

GR: I have gone through a variety of techniques in the 14 years I have been shooting at VR. Nowadays I tend to use flash most of the time – in the pits, for portraits and on cloudy race days and I shoot in RAW format

TT: Roughly how many images do you shoot in an entire meeting across all classes?

GR: In the early days with my first digital camera, I rarely shot more than 150 images per meeting (quality over quantity was the rule). With the advent of fast frame rates (10 frames per second) and cheap storage (files in general are bigger with today’s better sensors), I now shoot an average of about 900-1000 shots per night covering all classes. When there’s more daylight, of course, I shoot more images

TT: How long does it typically take to review and edit your shots?

GR: RAW files need to be processed. The fastest way is by batch. Then I have to select and process again in many cases to get the best result. Getting images on my computer screen to view takes about half an hour. Selecting and processing for publications and websites can take a couple of days or longer depending on my family activities

TT: How long have you been photographing Speedway?

GR: I photographed road racing bikes in the early 1970s and got to meet Bill Meyer (Sydney Showground Speedway photographer) at Sydney’s Amaroo Park. He offered me a job and I took shots for him at the speedway for a couple of seasons. After that I got married and did plenty of other things away from speedway. There were no Sprintcars back then. After watching Parramatta City Raceway (now Valvoline Raceway) highlights on Television I started to go to PCR in 1993. II used to stand by the finish line and get as close as I could to the cars. The noise and spectacle was something that captivated me. But 2 laps into the A Main I couldn’t see a thing as my eyes were crying due to the methanol fumes and dust. But I loved it. Fast forward to 2001 and I asked Steve Green if I could shoot one night and see if I still liked it. He said yes and I have been doing it ever since. Nowadays I shoot all divisions that race at Valvoline Raceway – anyone who dons a helmet and race suit is a hero and no matter how fast or slow they go, they deserve a record of their performance

Gary Reid catches this classic shot from the dirt mound at the back of Amaroo Park of Road Racer Ron Toombs in 1971

TT: What drives you to photograph Speedway?

GR: As I said, I love the spectacle and to be on the infield and even closer is mindblowing. I love photography and speedway, so to combine the two is a dream come true. I look back and think how lucky I was to have shot at the Sydney Showground all those years ago. I also shoot events for speedway groups like Peter White’s book launch of “100 More Aussie Legends of the Speedways” and end-of-season presentation nights – it’s all very rewarding

TT: What is it like being on the infield all night?

GR: The infield may be the mecca, but it can be hard work as you spend 5 hours or more standing more or less still in the elements of wind, dust, cold and heat. When it rains during the night, the racing stops, but it’s not easy walking across a wet clay track with a large bagful of camera gear. And the rain cost me a very expensive camera repair one night !

TT: Do you sell your images?

GR: I sell my images privately if someone wants to purchase prints or other souvenirs like coffee mugs. But I do not have a website and I don’t have a Facebook account. I am still kept busy supplying images for websites across the world, local publications like Oval Express and Speedway World, and industry divisions to promote their racing

TT: Where did the interest in photography begin?

GR: I took my first photo with a Box Brownie at the West Wyalong Show in about 1963. It was the finish of a trotting race. My interest lay dormant until I met some of my fathers’ friends who were racing motorcycles and after I went to my first meeting at Oran Park all I wanted to do was take racing photos. That was about 1968 and things were different back then. I just jumped the fence and stood on the dirt mound over the top of the hill at Amaroo Park one day and got some good racing shots. A year or two later Bill Meyer was in the same spot and we got talking. The rest, as they say, is history

TT: What is your biggest memory in photographing Sprintcars?

GR: My biggest memory is probably the worst memory – the crash of Scott Darley on 18 October 2008, otherwise the first World of Outlaws event in 2004. On the other side of the coin the biggest disappointment was the washout of the first $50,000 to win event in 2001 that had live cable coverage

Remembering NSW's Scott Darley

TT: What is your best Sprintcar shot ever taken?

GR: My personal favourite shot might surprise a lot of people. It’s one of Steve Kinser at Parramatta City Raceway with a stunning Sydney Summer sunset as the backdrop.

I will also share with you some other shots I like (see below)

Gary's favourite Sprintcar Portrait : USA Driver Jason Meyers

Favourite Atmosphere shot : Australia Day at Valvoline Raceway 2013

Best Sprintcar Crash : Adrian Maher

Classic Oldie: Short Circuit Sidecars at Dubbo way back in 1971 - complete with a GTS Monaro in the background

Best Ever Bike Shot: Australia Vs England test match at Sydney Showground Speedway 1973. (left to right) Arnie Haley, Bob Valentine, Eric Broadbelt, John Langfield

Gary captured horsepower of a different kind in action

Sprintcars are not the only means of racing that go four-wide !

TT: Who is your favourite Sprintcar Driver and why?

GR: I don’t really have a favourite driver, but Donny Schatz in full flight was a sight to behold at PCR

TT: And just to wind up, what are your overall plans for next year?

GR: Valvoline Raceway has about 30 nights of racing and as usual that will be my main focus. I am always on the lookout for a better way to capture great images and if that means a new camera or lens, then I will upgrade. But I will say, as my arsenal has grown over the years, I have found it capable of meeting nearly every situation

Gary is a long-time supporter of Torque Tube and we deeply thank him for his ongoing contribution to this website and Speedway in general.

Gary can be contacted on

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Thank you to contributing Photographers Gary Reid and Peter Roebuck

Words by Paul Griffin

Well with the mainstream Aussie Sprintcar season well into its winter hibernation, we thought it more than appropriate to pay a tribute to two very special people in the Sprintcar Industry.

Torque Tube would like to send a big thank you to two Gents who sit on the infield all night and via various mediums including this website, bring you sensational images of Sprintcar racing.

Gary Reid

Those two passionate individuals are none other than Sydney’s Gary Reid and Perth’s Peter Roebuck.
Both these experienced Lensmen bring you week-in, week-out great images of the motorsport we lust after and cherish. Why do they do it? They do it for the love of the sport and enjoy their photographic pursuits.

Peter Roebuck

Gary primarily covers the action at Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway (formerly Parramatta City Raceway) and Peter similarly Perth Motorplex. Peter also ventures to other WA meetings such as Bunbury and Ellenbrook. Gary has in the past had a specialised interest in other codes of racing as we will find out in the next few weeks when we do a Special Feature post on his celebrated past.

Torque Tube thought it was prudent to thank both Gary and Peter for the fantastic work they do. We drafted a series of questions to ask both guys – the responses we got back were so awesome, detailed and interesting that we want to go to the next level and unlock their past experiences.

So much so that we will run a couple of Feature Posts that look in more detail at what these guys get up to, how they do it and where their photographic journey started.
It will make fascinating reading.

It is indeed an impossible task to pick the best shots from last season that Gary and Peter produced – so many stunning images to choose from and just not possible to separate. Having said that, we owe it to our viewers to have a shot though.

Yes a highly subjective topic, but in our eyes, below are 4 memorable shots from each photographer – just our thoughts and I am sure you will agree, they are rippers….but then again, aren’t they ALL !!!!

Join with me in thanking Gary and Peter for their great voluntary efforts, efforts that make this “Advert-Free” website possible.

Cheers guys !

Peter Roebuck: Brad Maiolo in full flight


Gary Reid: Gary makes time stand still as Jackson Delamont hikes the right front down the main straight at Valvoline Raceway


Gary Reid: Sam Walsh gives it everthing at Valvoline Raceway in time trials


Peter Roebuck: Max Johnston from NSW attended the 2015 Krikke Boys Shootout and gave it his all


Peter Roebuck: Peter caught an 8 shot motordrive string of WA's Ken Sartori taking a wild ride at Perth Motorplex. This is the 2nd last image , the top wind is still whipping around


Gary Reid: Standing firm as 1800 HP heads straight for him - Danny Reidy and Dave Murcott at Valvoline Raceway


Peter Roebuck: You dont always need speed to capture the moment - Cameron Gessner surveys the damage in a Motorplex Night he would rather forget


Gary Reid: American Brad Sweet guns his #99 at Valvoline Raceway

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AHG Awards Night – WA’s Premier Sprintcar Series – Cameron Gessner and Jason Kendrick Take Major Awards

Images by Peter “Straight Shooter” Roebuck
Words by Paul Griffin with guidance from Ken Brown

AHG (Automotive Holdings Group) has long been a Proud Supporter of Sprintcar Racing in Western Australia.

This year was no exception, with the AHG Sprintcar Series followed by the Mini “Blue Ribbon” AHG Triple Crown Series providing the best and most competitive racing the state of WA has ever seen.

The racing in the mainstream AHG championship was incredibly competitive with the series lead within grasp of many Drivers throughout the gruelling 6 month program.

Ex Queensland Racer Cameron Gessner who now calls WA home prevailed against a great spread of talent to take the coverted AHG Sprintcar Championship for season 2014/15, while Jason Kendrick in arguably one of his most consistent seasons took 2nd and David Priolo who showed that typical ”true grit” took 3rd.

The unique AHG Triple Crown Series is a relatively new initiative to extend the WA Sprintcar Season after the mainstream Blue Ribbon AHG Series has concluded.

It is a great opportunity for Drivers to have another shot at stardom after perhaps and unlucky season or some indifferent results.

It came as no surprise that “in-form” Driver Jason Kendrick was going to be in the mix, indeed Jason managed to take the mini-series win from former Junior racer Carl Dowling (fabulous effort) and Jamie Maiolo (3rd).

Cameron Gessnor (1st AHG Series Champion 2014/15) is flanked by SEG Chairman Geoff Kendrick and Stef Martin

Cameron Gessnor (1st - AHG Series Champion 2014/15) is flanked by SEG Chairman Geoff Kendrick and Farima Sharif from AHG's Marketing Group

L to R: Jason Kendrick (2nd), Cameron Gessner (Winner), David Priolo (3rd) in 2014/15 AHG Sprintcar Series

L to R: Jason Kendrick (2nd), Farima Sharif, (AHG) Cameron Gessner (Winner), David Priolo (3rd) in 2014/15 AHG Sprintcar Series

AHG Triple Crown Winners L to R: Carl Dowling (2nd), Jason Kendrick (Winner), and Jamie Maiolo (3rd)

AHG Triple Crown Winners L to R: Carl Dowling (2nd), Jason Kendrick (Winner), and Jamie Maiolo (3rd)

Con Migro and Wife Linda were there to enjoy the Gala Night as well - Son Gavin Migro , former Sprintcar Racer and Perth Motorplex Speedway Manger slid in at the last moment for a "background steal"

Con Migro and Wife Linda were there to enjoy the Gala Night as well - Son Gavin Migro , former Sprintcar Racer and Perth Motorplex Speedway Manger slid in at the last moment for a "background steal"

Jason Kendrick won the AHG Triple Crown - a three race mini-series run after thye main AHG full season Series

Jason Kendrick won the AHG Triple Crown - a three race mini-series run after the main AHG full season Series

Happy Campers: Jason Kendrick won the prestigous AHG Triple Crown Mini-Series. He is flanked here by Mum Val and Dad Geoff

Happy Campers: Jason Kendrick did well in the trophy department . He is flanked here by Mum Val and SEG Chairman & Dad Geoff

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Perth Motorplex Driver of the Year Award – Ryan Farrell Bags Gold

Images by Peter Straight Shooter” Roebuck
Words by Paul Griffin
Acknowledged assistance from Ken Brown

Ryan Farrell has cemented his brilliant return to Sprintcar Racing in only what can be described as a Stella season.

Farrell dominated the Sprintcar ranks and was judged the best overall Driver at the Perth Motorplex for season 2014/15.

Amongst the other division contenders were Lee Redmond (Speedcars), Warren Oldfield (Late Models), David Priolo (Sprintcars), Dayne Kingshott (Speedcars), Jason Kendrick (Sprintcars), Troy Johnson (Formula 500′s) and Kaiden Manders (Speedcars).

Contenders for the Motorplex Driver of the Year: Standing L to R :Lee Redmond (Speedcars), Warren Oldfield (Late Models), David Priolo (Sprintcars), Dayne Kingshott (Speedcars), Jason Kendrick (Sprintcars), Troy Johnson (Formula 500's) and Kaiden Manders (Speedcars). Winner Ryan Farrell (Sprintcars) kneeling

It was a ripper season at the Motorplex with so many memorable nights of racing over all divisions at the world class venue.

From so many great competitors, across so many classes, it was hard to single out the Driver of the Year from the hundreds of “stand-out” performances.

Ryan Farrell’s ability to win feature races and seem to do it from positions of “no-return” was one of the factors that contributed to his “Perth Motorplex Driver of the Year award”

We at Torque Tube, along with the rest of the National Speedway Racing fraternity congratulate Ryan of his marvellous season, and salute all those finalists that made season 2014/15 the best the Perth Motorplex has ever experienced.

Ryan Rarrell - Perth Motorplex Driver of the Year celebrates the occasion

Ryan Farrell - Can't keep a good man down

Senior Track Presenter Con Migro and Ryan Farrell after the official award

Perth Motorplex Speedway Manager Gavin Migro congratulates "Driver of the Year" Ryan Farrell

Once a Chamion, always a Champion - Ryan Farrell enjoys the backdrop of Perth City after a well desrved award

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Sean Zemunik Wins Sprintcar Feature at Ellenbrook Speedway’s Two Day Anniversary Meeting

All race images by Peter “Straight Shooter” Roebuck
Words by Paul Griffin – assistance from Ken Brown and Jason Oldfield appreciated

While most of the Nation goes into Winter Sprintcar Hibernation, WA’s Ellenbrook Speedway has just lifted the race curtains on a stellar Winter Racing Program.

Ellenbrook is a ripper Speedway only 1/2 an hour North of the city of Perth and close to the Swan Valley Wine Region. It has shallow banking and relatively long straights. It’s one of those tracks that has a brilliant outlook of the Darling Escarpment and simply has a nice country feel to it.

Last weekend in celebration of the 51st Anniversary of The Racing Drivers Association of WA, Ellenbrook opened their gates to a Two Day racing extravaganza that featured a truckload of Speedway Classes.

Sprintcars were present, as too were Late Models, Super Sedans, Super Six Sedans, Street Stocks, Production Sedans and Junior Sedans – Quite a Program !!

A dozen Sprintcars rocked up – all were 360′s except Rod Howe and Ben Ellement who made things a touch spirited with 410 rigs. The racing was action packed and combined a great amount of light hearted fun with the two engine capacities in the one mix.

Unfortunately Rod Howe was an early casualty in hot laps. That aside the action was aplenty throughout the two days, with thrills and spills all over the show – left right and centre.

After the Epic weekend, the feature race winner was Sean Zemunik from 2nd place Ben Ellement and 3rd placed Daniel Salter.

Sean Zemunik was the winner of the action packed Ellenbrook two day Meeting

Ellenbrook is a great little track North of Perth and has that wonderful country feel about it

Daniel Salter had a great result with a Podium Third

Ben Ellement gets some attitude happening at the Ellenbrook Clayway

Team Affair: Ben Ellement (53) races beside Jason Oldfield (51)

The carnage starts as Jacob Lucas (37) tags the fence - Ben Ellement (53) gets caught up and Daniel Salter (26) is also in the mix

It continues !!!

Great cars, Great Action at Ellenbrook - Jason Oldfield (51) and Ben Ellement (53) gas it up for the crowd

As usual, Sprintcar Drivers all arrive at the turn and want to be first in : #83 Jason Pryde, # 51 Jason Oldfield and #93 Shane Norris battle for position

Oh Yeah - It got worse ! Jason Oldfield (51) narrowly misses disaster

Sean Zemunik (29) races hard on the outside of Jason Pryde (83)

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Brayden Miller, Luch Monte & Tom Payet : Winners are Grinners at Perth Motorplex Fast Series Final Night

All Images compliments of Peter “Straight Shooter” Roebuck
Words by Paul Griffin

Well the Perth Motorplex closed the gates on a very successful season last Saturday night May 9th.

The AHG open Sprintcar Series and Triple Crown extension mini-series concluded several weeks ago and it was now time to run out the final of the TW Mechanical/Harris Engines Fast Racing Series.

It was a great All Open Wheel program with Limited Sprintcars racing along with 360′s and Wingless Sprints.

Brayden Miller walked away with another victory in the Limited’s. The season that Miller has had can only be described as sensational – a true model of consistency with a truckload of First Place finishes.

Keep watching Torque Tube as we are going to catch up with Brayden Miller for a chat to discuss the Team’s results this season, the Highs (that’s easy), the Lows (that’s hard) and what is instore for season 2015/16.

Luch Monte dusted off the cobwebs on his racing suit and took a great victory in the 360′s, while newly crowned State Champion Tom “Buddah” Payet bagged another main victory in the Wingless Sprints.

Our intrepid Lensman Peter Roebuck was there to catch the action. Here’s how he saw the night.

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Tom Payet Wins WA Wingless Sprint Title

Tom Payet is the 2015 WA Wingless Sprint State Champion - Image WAWS Facebook page

All following images compliments Peter “Straight Shooter” Roebuck

Last weekend Ellenbrook Speedway hosted the WA Wingless Sprint State Title. By all reports it was a great meeting with plenty of spirited racing action.

Tom Payet crossed the line ahead of Matt Iwanow and Scott Elst. Our intrepid Lensman Peter Roebuck was on hand to secure these great images.

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Jamie Veal Wins Gold Cup Season Finale at Perth Motorplex While Jason Kendrick Bags Triple Crown Mini-Series

All images by Peter “Straight Shooter” Roebuck
Words by Darren O’Dea

Gold Cup winner Jamie Veal

He looks like the wild man from Borneo, unshaven and one could say a bit of a scruff HOWEVER, Victorian Jamie Veal was the real deal behind the wheel of the Shane & Jodie Krikke’s WSS winning Sprintcar #2 on Saturday night.

The quietly spoken Warrnambool speed ace swept all before him to win a brilliant Gold Cup race last Saturday night (18th April) at the Perth Motorplex. Following Veal across the line was Jamie Maiolo and Jason Kendrick.

Former National champion Ron Krikke was on hand as the special guest to present the awards to the drivers with his former team mate and Motorplex Speedway Manger Gavin Migro.

While Veal won the night, but podium finishes in all three rounds of the AHG Triple Crown was enough for Jason Kendrick to win the mini-series that wrapped up the 2014-15 Sprintcar season in Western Australia.

Gold Cup Podium: L to R - Jamie Maiolo 2nd, Jamie Veal 1st, Jason Kendrick 3rd. Kendrick was also the Triple Crown 3 race mini-series winner. Legend Ron Krikke (far right) presented the trophies

Heading in the final round Kendrick was second on points to Ryan Farrell after finishing second to Farrell in both the previous rounds.

This round carried double points that meant there was plenty on the line.

Farrell had the upper hand, starting from P5 for the final with Kendrick from P8.

Unfortunately for Farrell he was out of the contest on lap 14 after contact with Dowling in pits bend saw him spin out and then get collected by another three cars that had nowhere to go.

Ryan Farrell got caught up in this freight train wreck

This put the spotlight onto Kendrick but he had to still finish strongly and hold off a points challenge from Dowling who has been very impressive in the last couple of shows.

Dowling crossed the line in 6th and that was enough to wrap up second in the mini-series.

The aim of the Triple Crown was to spice up the action a bit at the end of the season particularly with the Blue Ribbon regular AHG Sprintcar Series done and dusted.

This included a different qualifying format and the return of the Top 8 Knockout series that proved to be a big hit with the fans.

Kendrick won the Triple Crown prize purse with 580 points to Dowling’s 558 and Jamie Maioilo and Callum Williamson on 546 each.

Maiolo claimed third on a countback.

Jamie Veal with his Season Finale Gold Cup trophy

The Wormall Motorsports outfit is a ripper

Gold Cup Winner Jamie Veal in full flight

Daryl Clayden punches the Wormall #45 through pits bend

Mitchell Wormall made an apperance in the #35 entry

Kye Scroop leads Carl Dowling

Jamie Veal

Daryl Clayden on the gas leads Terry Cutts

David Priolo in action

Carl Dowling had a strong end to the season

Happy Camper: Carl Dowling

Ken Sartori #50 does battle with team mate Rob Watson Jnr #66

Jamie Maiolo #99 came 2nd in the Gold Cup

Ken Sartori

Ryan Farrell in the rear has had better luck - here Ken Sartori leads Farrell

Voiceman Matt Naulty (LHS) enjoys a lighter moment with legend Ron Krikke

Terry Cutts #9 leads Taylor Milling #25

AHG Triple Crown mini-series winner Jason Kendrick hikes the left front

Jason Kendrick leads Ryan Farrell

Shaun Bradford #57 had a bit of a moment that caught up Mitchell Wormall

Lee Nash cuts down a left rear tyre

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Ryan Farrell Hammers Opposition in 2nd Round of Triple Crown Mini-Series

All images by Peter “Straight Shooter” Roebuck
Words by Darren O’Dea

The Magic of the Perth Motorplex shines through early in the program

RYAN Farrell started from P6 and avoided some of the carnage in front of him to win round two of the AHG Triple Crown at the Perth Motorplex on Saturday night.

This was on the back of his win in the first round of the mini-series at the same venue seven days earlier.

This time Farrell won the 30-lap feature race – the DiCandilo Steel City Silver Cup – from Jason Kendrick and Lee Nash.

Ryan Farrell proves yet again he is a classs act winning from Jason Kendrick (LHS) and a great drive from Lee Nash (RHS)

Kendrick started alongside Farrell from P5 and for the second successive meeting, has followed Farrell over the line, this time the margin was 1.856 of a second.

Nash put in a strong drive, starting from P9, and claimed his first podium for the season for the Wormall Civil team, a great result after putting in a lot of hard yards, right across the country this season.

Carl Dowling again proved to be consistent, taking fourth after starting from P8 while Shaun Bradford, who started from P3 but was then relegated to the rear of the field for a heavy collision with Brad Maiolo, took fifth.

One of the impressive drives of the night belonged to Aldo De Paioli, who was racing in both the 360 and 410c divisions.

He was second to Jake Beard-Miller in the 360 final and looked good behind the wheel of the #94 machine in the 410ci class, showing great car speed and control to take sixth.

Jake Beard-Miller won the 360 race

Rounding out the field of finishers in the 410  in the Silver Cup were Callum Williamson, Daryl Clayden, Terry Cutts and Jason Priolo.

Youngster Jacob Lucas, who was to start from P19, pulled infield before the field formed up, with motor issues.

Jamie Maiolo won the popular pole knockout series from Kye Scroop and elected to start from the outside of the front row.

He took the early lead but the field regrouped a couple of laps in after David Priolo made contact with Callum Williamson and sent to the rear on the restart.

On the second lap after the restart Scroop made a big lunge down the inside of Jamie Maiolo in turn four but it didn’t pay off, spearing both cars into the safety fence hard.

Maiolo was clearly not happy with the move and made several attempts to let Scroop know what he thought of the racing challenge that heavily damaged the front runners and the track’s safety fence.

Kye Scroop tangled with Jamie Maiolo #99 into pits bend and the result was catastophic for both racers - the Peter Roebuck sequence that follows is stunning

Kye Scroop was a passenger just as Jamie Maiolo was

Kye Scroop still tumbling at speed

This gave Ryan Farrell the lead from Kendrick and Brad Maiolo.

Shaun Bradford performed a similar slide job on Brad Maiolo in pits bend on lap nine resulting in Maiolo’s car flipping into the fence hard and more fence damage.

At the same time Cameron Gessner’s car also took a tumble in pits bend, ending his night after he was up to fifth after starting from P9.

Robert Watson Junior started from P13 and had made up some serious ground in the #66 machine before he headed infield with an engine fire on lap 26.

Daniel Harding started from P12 and was also looking good mid race, despite having another nose wing collapse but he pulled infield on lap 18.


Qualifying: Jamie Maiolo 14.084, David Priolo 14.108, Jason Kendrick 14.230, Shaun Bradford 14.284, Brad Maiolo 14.298, Kye Scroop 14.349, Ryan Farrell 14.381, Ken Sartori 14.396, Carl Dowling 14.489, Cameron Gessner 14.496, Lee Nash 14.498, Jake Beard 14.547, Callum Williamson 14.691, Daniel Harding 14.723, Daryl Clayden 14.753, Terry Cutts 14.761, Robert Watsons 14.757, Aldo De Paoli 14.793, Jason Priolo 15.000.

Heat 1: 1st Jamie Maiolo 2nd Bradley Maiolo, 3rd Jason Kendrickk, 4th Ryan Farrell, 5th Carl Dowling, 6th Lee Nash, 7th Callum Williamson, 8th Daryl Clayden, 9th Terry Cutts, 10th Jason Priolo.

Heat 2: 1st Shaun Bradford, 2nd Kye Scroop, 3rd David Priolo, 4th Ken Sartori, 5th Cameron Gessner, 6th Daniel Harding, 7th Robert Watson junior, 8th Aldo Paoli, 9th Jacob Lucas. DNF: Jake Beard-Miller.

Heat 3: 1st Callum Williamson, 2nd Carl Dowling, 3rd Jamie Maiolo, 4th Shaun Bradford, 5th Bradley Maiolo, 6th Robert Watson junior, 7th Jacob Lucas, 8th Terry Cutts. DNF: Ken Sartori.

Heat 4: 1st Lee Nash, 2nd Daniel Harding, 3rd Cameron Gessner, 4th Ryan Farrell, 5th Kye Scroop, 6th Jason Kendrick, 7th Jason Priolo, 8th David Priolo, 9th Aldo De Paoli. DNF: Daryl Clayden.

Feature: 1st Ryan Farrell, 2nd Jason Kendrick, 3rd Lee Nash, 4th Carl Dowling, 5th Shaun Bradford, 6th Aldo De Paioli, 7th Callum Williamson, 8th Daryl Clayden, 9th Terry Cutts, 10th Jason Priolo. DNF: Robert Watson, David Priolo, Daniel Harding, Bradley Maiolo, Cameron Gessner, Jamie Maiolo, Kye Scroop.

Hands - On . WA Driver Ken Sartori timed in with a 14.396 but was a DNS in the final

Brothers in Arms: Brad Maiolo #77 leads his elder brother Jamie #99

Carl Dowling leads David Priolo


A very unhappy Jamie Maiolo walks to "The Hook"

Feverish work on David Priolo's #8

Carl Dowling #87 low on Rob Watson Junior

Rob Watson Junior at full noise

Brad Maiolo went over after a coming together following Shaun Bradford's ambitious slide job

The carnage continues

Cameron Gessner took a wide ride into pits bend as well

Cameron Gessner surveys his wrecked racecar

Ryan Farrrel outshone them all

Shaun Bradford gets on the gas

Yep ..... the Maiolo Team had a tough night with both cars going over

Not what Cameron Gessner wanted to see

And this says it all - Numero Uno for the night! - Ryan Farrell

Ryan loves all the attention !

Lee Nash came an awesome 3rd in the 410 Final

Trevor Reynolds shot into prominance and was a podium in the 360 race

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Ben Atkinson and Sam Walsh New Sponsorship Announcement

Last weekend, an exciting announcement was made about the future careers of Sprintcar Stars Sam Walsh and Ben Atkinson.

Both Drivers are regular racers at Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway and secured new sponsorship deals for 2015/2016 involving Rocket Industries.

Sam Walsh will drive the Rocket Industries sponsored #92 and Ben Atkinson the Aeroflow #2.

Big Announcement: Sam Walsh left and Ben Atkinson right will enjoy the backing of Rocket Industries and Aeroflow Products - Image by Gary Reid

The pair will not be a team as such, continuing their individual race programs, but will certainly work together on some exciting new projects in promoting the vast range of Aeroflow products available through the many distributors and of course Rocket Industries themselves.

Congratulations Ben and Sam! It’s a very exciting 2015/2016 ahead for you and great news given we have only just concluded the 2014/15 season.

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