The Rise and Rise of Avon Valley Speedway

Race Images – Peter Roebuck
Words – Paul Griffin

On September 17th our intrepid photographer in Western Australia Peter Roebuck went bush and attended a Sprintcar meet at the old Northam Speedway.

Peter caught some ripper images of some pretty spectacular Sprintcar racing at the 1/4 mile Super High Bank venue now know as Avon Valley Speedway.

No dirt track Australia has banks as radical as the ones at Avon Valley Speedway – they are stunningly massive ! You have to see them to believe them and the racing that results is equally as stunning.

The Speedway sat dormant for several years, but now with an impressive makeover has morphed into a unique Motorsport facility with a fresh new look…. and what is really awesome about it is that it has been set up on a model of affordability (cheap entry for spectators and Teams) and also gives many classes that have been shunned by other tracks the chance to go racin’.

To get to the track is easy —- From Perth head east to Northam, turning off the Great Eastern Highway into Fox Road 5 km before Northam itself.

Avon Valley Speedway is also hosting throughout the season a new class that has been hotly discussed and one that is  predicted to explode in WA and perhaps the rest of the country…. “Wingless V8 Sprintcars” ….BRING IT ON !

There is even a great “KIDZ” Night planed on 3rd Dec – where kids are free !!

Back now to the September 17th Sprintcar meeting …….Winner of the meet was Daniel Salter.

Following him was Paul Flint and Alan Nash.

Thanks to Peter Roebuck here is a sample of the action.

Avon Valley Speedway

The action was aplenty in the Sept 17 meeting across all classes. This Speedcar racer shows how much of a passenger he was ……no steering wheel (See within red circle)

Paul Flint

Paul Flint in action

Dan Salter

Feature Winner Daniel Salter

Paul Flint (64) and Daniel Salter (26)

Paul Flint (64) and Daniel Salter (26) get ready to rumble

Allan Nash

Allan Nash overcooked it

Paul Flint and Allan Nash

Paul Flint (64) slips past the spinning Allan Nash

Allan Nash spin

Alan Nash was trying everything to hang onto the #51

Go Hard Allan Nash

Allan Nash finally came to a rest with quite a bit of damage and was unable to restart

Daniel Salter

Daniel Salter won the Sprintcar feature in spectacular style


The following link is a great video précis of the meeting and has some ripper camera work and even drone views of the pits and the track………..



Avon Valley Speedway is turning pink for Breast Cancer Awareness on the 22nd October 2016. The venue is staging a “Pink Race Night” to help raise vital funds for the McGrath Foundation.

pink-race-nightThis meeting will also feature Round 1 of the new Westcoast Sprintcar Series, held over 3 rounds for 410 and 360 Sprintcars.

Speedcars will be back in action battling for their $1000 to win the highly regarded West Coast Speedcar Shootout.

Race classes on the night include – 410/360 Sprintcars, WC Speedcars, Street Stocks, Formula 500s and Junior Sedans.

And looking further ahead here is the season calendar:


The entire set-up and rebirthing to Avon Valley Speedway looks like one cool formula for success and one cool win for Speedway fans !!

Further information can be found on  or by calling Venue Promoter Rod Howe M:0488 962 010 or Promotions manager Jason Bloxidge M: 0459 117 136 (Avon Valley Speedway)


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Sydney Valvoline Speedway Rolls Out Practice Session #2

All Images by Gary Reid
Gary has truckloads of awesome photos from Valvoline Raceway and can be contacted on:


Ace Photographer Gary Reid took time out again this week to rock up to Sydney Valvoline Speedway and witness what was a pretty impressive practice session.

The Sprintcar racing season officially kicks off at Valvoline Raceway in two short weeks on Saturday 1st October.

Gary got close up and dirty with these shots !

Brenden Rallings

Brenden Rallings gases it up in the N65

Matt Geering

Still at school, Matt Geering is looking forward to his first season in 410 sprintcars

Matt Dumesny

Matt Dumesny (57) set some good lap times despite a heavy track early in the night

Peter O'Neill

Peter O’Neill in full flight

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan looking sweet at Sydney Valvoline Raceway

Blake Skipper

Blake Skipper in the N24

Mick Matchett

Mick Matchett was lapping in the top 5 times

Ian Burrows

Ian Burrows was quick and is looking for a Naming Rights sponsor

Robert Seton

Robert Seton has some pretty good connections in Speedway and is set for a big season

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Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway run first Sprintcar Practice session

All Images by Gary Reid
Gary has truckloads of awesome photos from Valvoline Raceway and can be contacted on:

While the off season in Australian Sprintcar racing saw Torque Tube take a partial break, the same can’t be said of the Teams and people behind the scenes.

The off season brings a short spell for many, but new car builds, engine freshening and car testing are all part of the deal that makes what seems a quiet time rather busy.

If you want to be successful in Sprintcar racing, you can’t afford to finish your season, pack the gear up and put your feet up.

For several months now Teams have been preparing their race cars and transporters and are now emerging for some serious shakedown work, with Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway running its first practice session of the new 2016/17 season last Saturday night (10th Sept).

Out intrepid Sydney-based photographer Gary Reid took the time to attend the practice session and has provided a sneak peek of some of the new talent and new livery that awaits us.

Thanks Gary !

Grant Tunks

The first practice of the new season at Valvoline Raceway saw an overcast sky but a dry night as Grant Tunks prepares for hot laps

Mick Saller

Mick Saller looking pretty cool

Thomas Jeffrey

Thomas Jeffrey at full noise

Matt Geering

Good looking cars as rookie Kaitlyn Anthony leads another rookie Matt Geering

Courtney O'Hehir has stepped up to 410 sprintcars

Courtney O’Hehir has stepped up to 410 sprintcars this season after competing in speedcars and wingless sprintcars

Adam Hourigan's

Adam Hourigan’s car looks very nice as he prepares for his first 410 sprintcar season

Matt Geering

Cool car, cool colour, Cool sponsor for Matt Geering’s ride

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Keneric Racing Shuts Down its American Racing Outfit – Kerry Madsen looking for a US ride

Words By Paul Griffin

Image of “Aus 1” car in America by Studio 92 Photography  ………

All other images – Paul Griffin

DSC_0070Leading Sprintcar outfit Keneric Racing has made a decision to close its American Sprintcar Racing operations.

The tough decision was made official this week shortly after the American Racing Wheels sponsored team had competed in the Knoxville Nationals in IOWA (USA) and leaves star driver Kerry Madsen without a ride in the US.

Team Crew Chief Tyler Swank didn’t seem surprised the decision was made but admitted that he would never have expected it to be so soon. Swank has already had offers for re-employment but is yet to make a decision.

At this point there is no official explanation as to the reason for the closing of the American Operations and Kerry Madsen has been uncontactable.

Kerry Madsen

Kerry Madsen

Madsen is arguably the most successful Australian Sprintcar Driver in the history of the sport and given his experience and achievements is unlikely to be without an American ride for very long.

Given the 2016 American season is in its twilight days, Madsen who is the current Australian Sprintcar Champion may have to sit it out until 2017 to re-establish his racing quests in “The Big Apple”.

It is understood that the Australian leg of Keneric Operations will continue to actively race in Australia and possibly New Zealand with Madsen behind the wheel.

Keneric racing is a very successful racing Operation that was conceived by the enigmatic Bob Gavranich back in 2010/11. Its feats in the American Racing scene have been stunning in such a short space of time.

Probably the biggest win Keneric Racing has enjoyed was in 2014 when Madsen ripped the Eldora clay apart to take out the Kings Royal.

This year, less than one short week ago, the team fought hard at Knoxville and placed the Aust #1 American Racing Wheels/Keneric Health/Keneric Racing KPC on second row of the grid for the final (P3).

The US car as raced in the Knoxville Nationals paying homage to the Teams Australian Championship victory (AUS 1) - Photo by Studio 92 photography via facebook

The US car as raced in the Knoxville Nationals paying homage to the Team’s Australian Championship victory      (AUS 1) – Photo by Studio 92 photography via facebook (

It was the best shot the team had at taking out the biggest Sprintcar race in the world – the Knoxville Nationals.

Unfortunately while engaged in a spirited three car battle for the lead with only a handful of laps to go, the engine went off song and Madsen’s dream of victory vaporised on lap 47 with the power plant eventually succumbing.

Team Owner Bob Gavranich will keep the Australain racing operations alive

Team Owner Bob Gavranich will keep the Australain racing operations alive

Kerry Madsen

Kerry Madsen and Bob Gavranich accept the winner’s trophies at this year’s Australian Title

Keneric Racing

Keneric Racing always presents with the best possible equipment

Kerry Madsen

Kerry Madsen is arguably Australia’s best Sprintcar export – always calculating and on the look out for any small advantage – he won’t be seatless for very long in America


Madsen in the #29 Australian Keneric Racing rig (front LHS) about to get a push off for one of his heats in the successful 2016 Aussie Title campaign

Aussie Madsen KPC

Top Car – The Aussie #29 (now Aus #1) will continue to race in Australia with Madsen behind the wheel

Ian Madsen and Kerry Madsen

Kerry Madsen deep in thought with Brother Ian on RHS

Torque Tube Media wishes all Crew members and driver Kerry Madsen all the best in securing equivalent quality positions in future Sprintcar Racing as soon as possible – let’s face it, guys like this are too damn good not to be immediately snapped up !

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Photographer Peter Roebuck Honoured for 50 years Service in Speedway

Peter Roebuck - Fine service in Speedway Photography for over 50 years

Peter Roebuck was recently honoured for his outstanding photographic contribution to the sport of Speedway.

Peter has been photographing Speedway events around the country for over 50 years.

Western Australia is where Peter resides and predominantly his photographic exploits involve not only the iconic Motorplex and Bunbury venue, but all WA’s country tracks like Collie, Shark Bay, Kalgoorlie and Ellenbrook just to name a few.

He is officially the longest serving Speedway Photographer in WA (and possibly the country) and has stirred our senses with great images over the decades. Great Photographers, great cars, great teams and great venues – that’s WA for you !!!

Peter Roebuck (Left) proudly accepts his 50 year plaque from Motorplex Speedway Manager Gavin Migro

Peter was also awarded a commemorative plaque with two classic shots of his - one yesteryear image (48/215 Holden) and one current day image (Late Model at the Plex)

Peter is one of very few lens pros who have the skill, determination and capability to capture quality action Speedway shots using the technique called “Available Light”. (Huge lens and No Flash !)

I am sure you will agree Peter’s service to the industry is unparalled and the shots he gets for us ooze clarity and detail —– detail that would perhaps otherwise be lost in flash photography.

Well done Peter, and thanks sincerely for all your hard work and devotion to Speedway.

A well earned award mate !

Here’s a couple of Peter’s shots we love here at Torque Tube…..

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Farewell to “The General” John Day

Local Perth Speedway identity John Day sadly passed away earlier this week aged 79.

John has been battling the complications of diabetes for several years and was recently diagnosed with an inoperable cancer.

John has been associated with WA Speedway for well over 50 years and was known around the traps as “The General” John Day thanks to Claremont Promotor and now Motorplex Head Commentator Con Migro.

John’s involvement with Speedway started back at the now defunct Claremont Speedway decades ago and continued through to the Perth Motorplex when that facility was conceived in 2000.

John ran a very successful auto body repair business in Welshpool “John Day & Co” and he seized the marketing opportunity to promote his business in front of the massive crowds that Speedway attracts by supplying his very distinctive fleet of Orange utes as pushcars …and of course one pace car that was specially framed out to carry John in the back, facing the front row .

The utes always look stunning and just to give it that bit of extra pizazz, John would load them with strategically placed fireworks for the A-Mains.

john day

John has been associated with Speedway for over 50 years. When he clocked over that 50 milestone, the bonnet on the utes all got the special treatment !

John Day

John contolling the line up to an A-Main from the rear of the pacecar

John Day

John Day always presented his Orange Ute fleet superbly for our viewing pleasure

In fact the extravaganza that John conjured up was not limited to Claremont and the Motorplex…..John would actually roll up to any major state-wide event in WA Speedway with those magnificent utes and put on his theatrics.

To carry on the legacy of John Day, the Day Family and Speedway Manager at Perth Motorplex Gavin Migro have pledged that the iconic orange push utes and pace car will continue to be an integral part of the racing programs…. Speedway racing in Western Australia simply wouldn’t be the same without the familiar John Day utes parading around the track.

A true gentleman, and a man that gave it his everything for the betterment of the sport.

Good on you John, you will be sadly missed.

John is survived by his wife Janet and daughters Nadine, Kylie, Justine and Lisa.

It’s been a tragic week in Australian Speedway with John being the second iconic figure in the WA Speedway scene to leave us, the other being Shane Krikke.

RIP John !

Brooke Tatnell and John Day

John celebrates one of Brooke Tatnell's many wins for Shane Krikke's KMS Team. Shane sadly passed away 4 days prior to John in what has been a devastating time for WA Speedway

John Day and Fireworks

John Day was a showman for the sport - Here John plays up for the crowd with an electric mini wheel quad and fireworks

John Day and Perth Motorplex Speedway Manager Gavin Migro

John Day and Perth Motorplex Speedway Manager Gavin Migro

John Day

John was always in the thick of the action and loved every minute of it !

John Day - RIP Mate !

John Day - RIP Mate !



All Images – Peter Roebuck
Words – Paul Griffin

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Shane Krikke – A legend in Australian Speedway – Sadly Missed

Shane Krikke

RIP Shane Krikke

Last weekend Australian Speedway lost a true gentleman and an iconic legend in Sprintcar Racing.

It is with profound sadness and deep regret that we write that Shane Krikke passed away peacefully after a long battle with cancer. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Shane, as indeed they are with your Wife Jode, daughter Taylor and the entire Krikke family.

Shane was a great man in every sense. A top businessman, devoted family man, avid Blues supporter – the list goes on and on.

Shane raced Sprintcars in his earlier years with very good results, but it’s fair to say his achievements for many years as a car owner and bringing together the resources to create a mind-blowing car and Team were what he truly excelled in.

Shane Krikke

What can you say - Shane and his Team were a formidible force in Australian Sprintcar Racing for many seasons. Take a bow Shane !! - Image Peter Roebuck

The KMS Team that Shane created stands as one of the best prepared and formidable Teams in the country – a car and Team to be taken seriously at all times, and a car and team that won so many big races in the country. Many would go so far as to say “the benchmark Sprintcar Team in Australia.”

World Series Sprintcars will never be the same !

Shane fostered outstanding results. He was a perfectionist, strong willed, determined caring and influential – Shane had it all.

Just look at the way the car was always presented – day in, day out. Preparation was everything. Simply stunning !

Shane Krikke was a great car owner

The KMS (Krikke Motorsport Team) was an intimidating entity under the rule of Shane Krikke - Image Paul Griffin

Shane Krikke meant so much to so many and was always only too happy to participate in a worthy Speedway discussion. He called a spade a spade, was an inspiration to all and always gave you the time of day to acknowledge your presence – “G’day Mate” he would say with a nod of the head as we crossed paths in the pits.

Shane Krikke shares a light moment with Broooke Tatnell and USA star Tim Kaeding. Both Brooke and Tim raced for Shane - Image Paul Griffin

The amazing out-pouring of tributes on Facebook is testimony to the man he was. American Star Tim Kaeding who has raced for Shane signed off his tribute with “Love Ya Boss” – enough said !

Shane Krikke – RIP mate, you will be missed like no other.

Shane Krikke

One of Shane Krikke's blue ribbon successes - Shane and Broooke Tatnell are on top of the world after taking out the 2016 Kriike Boys Shootout - Image Peter Roebuck

Brooke Tatnell

This image was take by Paul Griffin at the 20016 GAS Classic - Brooke admires the Shane Krikke owned rig that he had the privilege to race. No shortcuts in the Shane Krikke camp ! - Image Paul Griffin

Shane was always available for a chat. Here Shane engages in a Mt Gambier pit discussion with US Toursit Paul McMahan

Shane was always available for a chat. Here Shane engages in a Mt Gambier pit discussion with US Tourist Paul McMahan and Robbie Farr (Just out of view RHS) - Image Paul Griffin

Shane Krikke was top businessman and top car ownner. The gear Shane put together was wold class - Image Paul Griffin

Shane Krikke knew all the tricks in Sprintcar Racing

Shane Krikke knew all the tricks in Sprintcar Racing and as a car owner enjoyed massive success - Image Paul Griffin

Post Script:
The Funeral Service to Celebrate and Honour the life of Shane Krikke will take place in the CREMATORIUM Chapel, Belcher Street, Bunbury commencing at 12.30pm SATURDAY (2.7.2016).

Words – Paul Griffin

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RIP Shane Krikke

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Perth Motorplex Dishes Up the Ultimate Action – Stunning Sprintcar Crash Sequence

All Images by Peter “Straight Shooter” Roebuck
Words : Paul Griffin

Last weekend Perth Motorplex ended its 2015/16 Sprintcar Season with a corker of a program – The Sprintcar Gold Cup. The action was fast and furious and even the best got caught up in some spectacular crashes.

Here you will see the action through Peter Roebuck’s Lens as he makes time stand still while firstly Shaun Bradford (W57) takes a wild ride, then followed by Rob Watson Junior (W66).

They were both massive crashes and luckily both Drivers emerged OK, reinforcing just how good the safety aspects are to these ferocious dirt track cars.

Shaun Bradford

Shaun Bradford starts a series of wild flips after contact with another car. From here Shaun is simply a passenger and can't do much about the outcome

Not to be outdone, Rob Watson Junior also got some airtime and attracted a lot of attention. Rob drives the Watson’s Express house car and anyone would think he was staging an advertising blitz given his car livery and the matching Watson’s Express Transport Signage in the background of the Motorplex fence.

Rob Watson

Rob Watson commences a sequence of violent flips at Perth Motorplex last weekend

Rob Watson Junior

Rob Watson emerged unscathed from this monumental crash at Perth Motorplex - Good news and a fabulous testament to his car and the Team's Preparation!

And so now we Sprintcar tragics are now faced with the sombre experience of a winter Sprintcar Hiatus as Australia’s Showcase Speedway – Perth Motorplex – now has a well deserved rest.

What a top season it was –  we are already after one short week longing for the start of the Perth Motorplex 2016/17 season!!!

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Trent Pigdon Wins Motorplex Sprintcar Gold Cup

All Images: Peter Straight Shooter Roebuck
Words by Darren O’Dea

DESPITE only racing a few times this season Trent Pigdon won the final race of the AHG Easy As 123 Triple Crown series at the Perth Motorplex on Saturday night (30th April).

Pigdon only recently teamed up with Diamond Bay Motorsport and despite limited track time, has been very impressive in the W26 that was driven by for much of the season by South Australian Luke Dillon.

He won the final from Jason Kendrick, Brad Maiolo and Jamie Maiolo who collected enough points to win the season-ending mini-series.

Trent Pigdon

Trent Pigdon hasn't had much seat time this season but pulled of a big victory in the final 410 race of the year at Perth Motorplex

Trent Pigdon

Trent Pigdon down low on Carl Dowling

Pigdon put himself in the best possible position from the start of the show, being the only driver to crack into the 12-second zone in qualifying.

He then took a second in his heat race and won the Top 8 Knockout series, to start from pole in the main event, on the inside of Carl Dowling who was the early leader and into lapped traffic after just three laps.

Five laps in Bradford got the #57 on its back wheels and lost a spot.

The race stopped on lap 12 when contact between Mitchell Wormall and Tim Van Ginneken saw the latter going over on the approach to the main straight.

Tim Van Ginneken and Mitchell Wormall come together on the main straight

There was also a caution period after contact with Jake Beard-Miller and Robert Watson on lap 19.

On the restart Pigdon launched a challenge on Dowling but was unable to make it stick.

Unfortunately for Dowling it all came unstuck with nine laps remaining when he blew a left rear tyre on the back straight, and as he came to a stop, he was clipped at high-speed by Shaun Bradford who flipped hard.

Shaun Bradford had a wild ride

Shaun Bradford had a wild ride

The race was stopped again with four laps left after Robert Watson junior went into the pits bend wall.

On the race to the checkers Pigdon powered away for the win from Kendrick, who found a gap between the Maiolos to muscle from fourth to second in a spectacular move.

Brad Maiolo put in a stellar drive for his third after starting from P15 and earlier in the night dropped valuable points when the team was forced to change an engine.

Jamie Maiolo also dug deep after starting from P10 while Dillon started 14h and moved up to sixth.

Andrew Priolo yet again drove well at the business end of the night, this time coming from P17 to seven.

Kye Scroop (from P13) was eighth from Jason Pryde and Taylor Milling.

Qualifying: Trent Pigdon 12.992, Tim Van Ginneken 13.096, Callum Williamson 13.160, Cameron Gessner 13.168, Ben Ellement 13.211, Daryl Clayden 13.217, Taylor Milling 13.220, Lee Nash 13.287, Carl Dowling 13.310, Shaun Bradford 13.319, David Priolo 13.331, Jason Kendrick 13.454, Jamie Maiolo 13.369, Andrew Priolo 13.399, Mitchell Wormall 13.436, Robert Watson junior 13.447, Brad Maiolo 13.464, Scott Chatwin 13.465, Luke Dillon 13.517, Jason Pryde 13.579, Kye Scroop 13.609, Michael Keen 13.622, Lee Redmond 13.657, Aldo De Paoli 13.677, AJ Nash 13.893, Jake Beard-Miller 15.155.

Heat 1: 1st Carl Dowling, 2nd Trent Pigdon, 3rd Jamie Maiolo, 4th David Priolo, 5th Mitchell Wormall, 6th Luke Dillon, 7th Callum Williamson, 8th Kye Scroop, 9th AJ Nash. DNF: Taylor Milling, Ben Ellement and Lee Redmond. DNS: Brad Maiolo.

Heat 2: 1st Jason Kendrick, 2nd Shaun Bradford, 3rd Lee Nash, 4th Daryl Clayden, 5th Cameron Gessner, 6th Cameron Gessner, 7th Jake Beard-Miller, 8th Andrew Priolo, 9th Robert Watson, 10th Jason Pryde, 11th Scott Chatwin. DNF: Aldo De Paoli.

Midpack Madness 1: 1st David Priolo, 2nd Robert Watson junior, 3rd Kye Scroop, 4th Bradley Maiolo, 5th Andrew Priolo, 6th Scott Chatwin, 7th Jake Beard-Miller. DNF: Lee Redmond and Callum Williamson.

Midpack Madness 2: 1st Jamie Maiolo, 2nd Mitchell Wormall, 3rd Luke Dillon, 4th Taylor Milling, 5th Jason Pryde, 6th AJ Nash, DNF: Ben Ellement.

Feature: 1st Trent Pigdon, 2nd Jason Kendrick, 3rd Bradley Maiolo, 4th Jamie Maiolo, 5th David Priolo, 6th Luke Dillon, 7th Andrew Priolo, 8th Kye Scroop, 9th Jason Pryde, 10th Taylor Milling. DNF: Callum Williamson, Robert Watson junior, Carl Dowling, Shaun Bradford, Cameron Gessner, Jake Beard-Miller, Scott Chatwin, Tim Van Ginneken, Mitchell Wormall, Ben Ellement, Lee Nash, Daryl Clayden, Lee Redmond and AJ Nash. DNS: Michael Keen and Aldo De Paoli.

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