Perth Motorplex Dishes Up the Ultimate Action – Stunning Sprintcar Crash Sequence

All Images by Peter “Straight Shooter” Roebuck
Words : Paul Griffin

Last weekend Perth Motorplex ended its 2015/16 Sprintcar Season with a corker of a program – The Sprintcar Gold Cup. The action was fast and furious and even the best got caught up in some spectacular crashes.

Here you will see the action through Peter Roebuck’s Lens as he makes time stand still while firstly Shaun Bradford (W57) takes a wild ride, then followed by Rob Watson Junior (W66).

They were both massive crashes and luckily both Drivers emerged OK, reinforcing just how good the safety aspects are to these ferocious dirt track cars.

Shaun Bradford

Shaun Bradford starts a series of wild flips after contact with another car. From here Shaun is simply a passenger and can't do much about the outcome

Not to be outdone, Rob Watson Junior also got some airtime and attracted a lot of attention. Rob drives the Watson’s Express house car and anyone would think he was staging an advertising blitz given his car livery and the matching Watson’s Express Transport Signage in the background of the Motorplex fence.

Rob Watson

Rob Watson commences a sequence of violent flips at Perth Motorplex last weekend

Rob Watson Junior

Rob Watson emerged unscathed from this monumental crash at Perth Motorplex - Good news and a fabulous testament to his car and the Team's Preparation!

And so now we Sprintcar tragics are now faced with the sombre experience of a winter Sprintcar Hiatus as Australia’s Showcase Speedway – Perth Motorplex - now has a well deserved rest.

What a top season it was –  we are already after one short week longing for the start of the Perth Motorplex 2016/17 season!!!

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Trent Pigdon Wins Motorplex Sprintcar Gold Cup

All Images: Peter Straight Shooter Roebuck
Words by Darren O’Dea

DESPITE only racing a few times this season Trent Pigdon won the final race of the AHG Easy As 123 Triple Crown series at the Perth Motorplex on Saturday night (30th April).

Pigdon only recently teamed up with Diamond Bay Motorsport and despite limited track time, has been very impressive in the W26 that was driven by for much of the season by South Australian Luke Dillon.

He won the final from Jason Kendrick, Brad Maiolo and Jamie Maiolo who collected enough points to win the season-ending mini-series.

Trent Pigdon

Trent Pigdon hasn't had much seat time this season but pulled of a big victory in the final 410 race of the year at Perth Motorplex

Trent Pigdon

Trent Pigdon down low on Carl Dowling

Pigdon put himself in the best possible position from the start of the show, being the only driver to crack into the 12-second zone in qualifying.

He then took a second in his heat race and won the Top 8 Knockout series, to start from pole in the main event, on the inside of Carl Dowling who was the early leader and into lapped traffic after just three laps.

Five laps in Bradford got the #57 on its back wheels and lost a spot.

The race stopped on lap 12 when contact between Mitchell Wormall and Tim Van Ginneken saw the latter going over on the approach to the main straight.

Tim Van Ginneken and Mitchell Wormall come together on the main straight

There was also a caution period after contact with Jake Beard-Miller and Robert Watson on lap 19.

On the restart Pigdon launched a challenge on Dowling but was unable to make it stick.

Unfortunately for Dowling it all came unstuck with nine laps remaining when he blew a left rear tyre on the back straight, and as he came to a stop, he was clipped at high-speed by Shaun Bradford who flipped hard.

Shaun Bradford had a wild ride

Shaun Bradford had a wild ride

The race was stopped again with four laps left after Robert Watson junior went into the pits bend wall.

On the race to the checkers Pigdon powered away for the win from Kendrick, who found a gap between the Maiolos to muscle from fourth to second in a spectacular move.

Brad Maiolo put in a stellar drive for his third after starting from P15 and earlier in the night dropped valuable points when the team was forced to change an engine.

Jamie Maiolo also dug deep after starting from P10 while Dillon started 14h and moved up to sixth.

Andrew Priolo yet again drove well at the business end of the night, this time coming from P17 to seven.

Kye Scroop (from P13) was eighth from Jason Pryde and Taylor Milling.

Qualifying: Trent Pigdon 12.992, Tim Van Ginneken 13.096, Callum Williamson 13.160, Cameron Gessner 13.168, Ben Ellement 13.211, Daryl Clayden 13.217, Taylor Milling 13.220, Lee Nash 13.287, Carl Dowling 13.310, Shaun Bradford 13.319, David Priolo 13.331, Jason Kendrick 13.454, Jamie Maiolo 13.369, Andrew Priolo 13.399, Mitchell Wormall 13.436, Robert Watson junior 13.447, Brad Maiolo 13.464, Scott Chatwin 13.465, Luke Dillon 13.517, Jason Pryde 13.579, Kye Scroop 13.609, Michael Keen 13.622, Lee Redmond 13.657, Aldo De Paoli 13.677, AJ Nash 13.893, Jake Beard-Miller 15.155.

Heat 1: 1st Carl Dowling, 2nd Trent Pigdon, 3rd Jamie Maiolo, 4th David Priolo, 5th Mitchell Wormall, 6th Luke Dillon, 7th Callum Williamson, 8th Kye Scroop, 9th AJ Nash. DNF: Taylor Milling, Ben Ellement and Lee Redmond. DNS: Brad Maiolo.

Heat 2: 1st Jason Kendrick, 2nd Shaun Bradford, 3rd Lee Nash, 4th Daryl Clayden, 5th Cameron Gessner, 6th Cameron Gessner, 7th Jake Beard-Miller, 8th Andrew Priolo, 9th Robert Watson, 10th Jason Pryde, 11th Scott Chatwin. DNF: Aldo De Paoli.

Midpack Madness 1: 1st David Priolo, 2nd Robert Watson junior, 3rd Kye Scroop, 4th Bradley Maiolo, 5th Andrew Priolo, 6th Scott Chatwin, 7th Jake Beard-Miller. DNF: Lee Redmond and Callum Williamson.

Midpack Madness 2: 1st Jamie Maiolo, 2nd Mitchell Wormall, 3rd Luke Dillon, 4th Taylor Milling, 5th Jason Pryde, 6th AJ Nash, DNF: Ben Ellement.

Feature: 1st Trent Pigdon, 2nd Jason Kendrick, 3rd Bradley Maiolo, 4th Jamie Maiolo, 5th David Priolo, 6th Luke Dillon, 7th Andrew Priolo, 8th Kye Scroop, 9th Jason Pryde, 10th Taylor Milling. DNF: Callum Williamson, Robert Watson junior, Carl Dowling, Shaun Bradford, Cameron Gessner, Jake Beard-Miller, Scott Chatwin, Tim Van Ginneken, Mitchell Wormall, Ben Ellement, Lee Nash, Daryl Clayden, Lee Redmond and AJ Nash. DNS: Michael Keen and Aldo De Paoli.

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Michael Keen – 2016 WA 360 Sprintcar Champion

Words by DTN Media / SAWA PR
All Images: Peter “Straight Shooter” Roebuck

After three attempts, the 2016 WA 360 Sprintcar Title finally got underway and completed last night at the Perth Motorplex, with Michael Keen continuing his great year to grab his maiden 360 Sprintcar State Title.

Keen was all class as he started from position four in the final to race his way into the lead on lap twenty two, then raced away to take a strong win ahead of Ben Ellement and Steven Ford.

Michael Keen

Victorious: 2016 WA 360 Sprintcar Champion Michael Keen

The final got off to a rough start as a number of cars came together on the front straight, with Jamie Landrigan and Mitchell Wormall initially involved, Landrigan rolling and landing on top of a hapless Rod Snellin as he went through, sending both Landrigan and Snellin into a series of flips.

All three drivers were unhurt, but only Wormall was able to restart after his crew made hasty repairs during the ensuing open red light stoppage, replacing the front end.

The race went under a complete restart and this time we got away without a drama, pole sitter Ben Ellement grabbing the early lead from fellow front row starter Jake Beard-Miller and Keen.

Keen put pressure on Beard-Miller and grabbed second on lap four, then set about chasing down Ellement, a task he achieved when he was on the back bumper by lap eight.

The two continued to battle, but Keen couldn’t find a way past Ellement who was still leading at half race distance, while behind them Steven Ford had moved into third place.

As the leading duo worked their way through lapped traffic, Keen was able to take advantage of the situation and grab the lead with eight laps remaining in the thirty lap race. From here he began to pull away from Ellement, with Ford still in third while Ben Van Ryt made his way into fourth as Beard-Miller retired infield.

Ellement had a moment as he touched a lapped car and had a half spin, but this just allowed Keen to get further away, and let Ford get right on Ellements tail.

Despite the pressure Ellement was able to hold on, but up front it made no difference as Keen went on to claim the State Title from Ellement, Ford, Van Ryt and Luch Monte.

Courtesy of his feature win, Michael Keen should also have done enough to win the 360 Sprintcar Power Series, with official dividends to be released later in the week.

This brings the 360 Sprintcar Power Series and season to a close, so a huge thankyou to all drivers, their crews and families and of course the officials for all their efforts this season.

Official Results

WA 360 Sprintcar Title Feature Race – 30 laps: 1. Michael Keen, 2. Ben Ellement, 3. Steven Ford, 4. Ben Van Ryt, 5. Luch Monte, 6. Rob Watson Jnr, 7. Terry Cutts, 8. Jason Priolo, 9. Aldo De Paoli, 10. Luke Hughes, 11. Mitchell Wormall, 12. Rob Mould, 13. Michael Gronow. DNF: Jake Beard-Miller (21), Ed Trutwin (10), Jamie Landrigan (0), Rod Snellin (0). DNS: David Hall, Fergie Donaldson, Phil Waters, Owen Ahchee. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 5.957. Fastest Lap: 13.754 Michael Keen.

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Jamie Veals Wins Round 2 of Triple Crown Series at Perth Motorplex

Words by Darren O’Dea
All Images : Peter Straight Shooter Roebuck

WORLD Series Sprintcars champion Jamie Veal continued his stellar season when he won the second round of the AHG Easy As 123 Triple Crown at the Perth Motorplex on Saturday night.

Jamie Veal

Jamie Veal: Unbelievable successes this season

The Victorian was hired to drive the WA-owned Monte Motorsport W17 for the event and he rewarded the team with a solid win from South Australian Luke Dillon and local ace Jamie Maiolo.


Veal set up the win in the 30-lap feature after he started from pole position on the back of being second overall in qualifying and fourth in his heat race.

He survived some advances in traffic at the business end of the race that proved to be one of attrition and brutal on some of the drivers chasing down a podium placing.

James Inglis was one of the first casualties, going over at the start of the race and being hit by Lee Redmond.

Mitchell Wormall was one of the first drivers to suffer from tyre failure when his left rear tyre expired on lap seven.

New WA champion Tim Van Ginneken was struggling in the W56 (W1) after he spun around early, and despite getting a restart from the rear, spun around again after having a damaged front right end.

Jason Kendrick was the big mover in the race, starting from P13 and had stormed his way up to second when the car let out a big puff of smoke and he quickly pulled up on the main straight with fire crews racing to the #11 machine.

Tim Van Gennekan

Victorian hotshoe and newly crowned WA State Champion Tim Van Gennekan

Jason Kendrick

Jason Kendrick ended up with a ball of fall under his WA11

Late in the race Daryl Clayden went over on the back straight but landed on his wheels on the infield.

With a huge number of rolling laps officials made the call to pause the race, allowing crews to top up fuel loads on the cars.

The track took its toll on left rear tyres late in the race on a handful of cars.

Dillon, driving the W53 Muir Motorsport entry, was very solid, after starting from P12 and claiming second.

Jamie Maiolo was also strong late to take third after starting from P9.

Jame Veal - Winner

A-Main Podium: L to R: 2nd Luke Dillon, Winner Jamie Veal, 3rd Jamie Maiolo

Cameron Gessner started and finished fourth while Jake Beard-Miller took fifth after started from P16.

Andrew Priolo claimed some credibility after starting from P23 and taking sixth, from Jason Pryde (from P15), Taylor Milling (from P20), Aldo De Paoli (from P17) and Scott Chatwin (from P22).

Jamie Veal

Jamie Veal took over the Monte Motorsport WA17 and won Round 2 of the Triple Crown Mini-Series

Jason Kendrick

Jason Kendrick in action

Happy Racer: Jamie Veal has risen to the top of Australian Sprintcar Racing and is soon to start an aggressive American Campaign

Jamie Veal

Jamie Veal with Crew Chief Kim "Buzzy" Buswell and Monte Motorsport/Milwaukee Tools Team Owner Luch Monte

Qualifying: Carl Dowling 13.150, Jamie Veal 13.292, Luke Dillon 13.412, David Priolo 14.435, Cameron Gessner 13.440, Jamie Maiolo 13.480, Jason Kendrick 13.484, Tim Van Ginneken 13.515, Bradley Maiolo 13.551, Lee Nash 13.565, Trent Pigdon 13.569, Daryl Clayden 13.606, Kye Scroop 13.659, Jake Beard-Miller 13.710, Ben Ellement 13.723, Mitchell Wormall 13.762, Andrew Priolo 13.762, Andrew Priolo 13.766, Jason Pryde 13.806, Taylor Milling 13.809, Aldo De Paoli 13.850, Scott Chatwin 14.011, Lee Redmond 14.032, James Inglis 14.094

Heat 1: 1st Trent Pigdon, 2nd Bradley Maiolo, 3rd Cameron Gessner, 4th Jason Kendrick, 5th Carl Dowling, 6th Kye Scroop, 7th Luke Dillon, 8th Ben Ellement, 9th Taylor Milling, 10th Andrew Priolo, DNF: James Inglis and Scott Chatwin.

Heat 2: 1st Tim Van Ginneken, 2nd Lee Nash, 3rd David Priolo, 4th Jamie Veal, 5th Daryl Clayden, 6th Jason Pryde, 7th Mitchell Wormall, 8th Jamie Maiolo, 9th Lee Redmond. DNF: Jake Beard-Miller, Aldo De Paoli.

Midpack 1: 1st Jamie Maiolo, 2nd Jason Kendrick, 3rd Kye Scroop, 4th Jason Pryde, 5th Aldo De Paoli, 6th James Inglis, 7th Lee Redmond. DNF: Andrew Priolo.

Midpack 2: 1st Daryl Clayden,2nd Luke Dillon, 3rd Ben Ellement, 4th Jake Beard-Miller, 5th Mitchell Wormall. DNF: Taylor Milling and Scott Chatwin.

Feature: 1st Jamie Veal, 2nd Luke Dillon, 3rd Jamie Maiolo, 4th Cameron Gessner, 5th Jake Beard-Miller, 6th Andrew Priolo, 7th Jason Pryde, 8th Taylor Milling, 9th Aldo De Paoli, 10th Scott Chatwin. DNF: Lee Nash, Bradley Maiolo, Jason Kendrick, Trent Pigdon, Daryl Clayden, Carl Dowling, Tim Van Ginneken, Lee Redmond, Mitchell Wormall, Ben Ellement, David Priolo, James Inglis and Kye Scroop.

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Jamie Veal Seals The Deal at Valvoline Raceway

Words : Valvoline Raceway PR
All images: Gary Reid -

It was appropriate really….Ultimately the best driver in the country would become the Ultimate Sprintcar Champion, and last Saturday night (16th April) at Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway 26 year old Jamie Veal recorded his 16th main event success this season and in the process wrapped up the USC Chase Series.

Though he was only able to secure the point position late in the 35-lap Championship finale, it looked inevitable much earlier in the race as the #35 SWI Engineering Maxim methodically picked its way through the traffic from the original fifth row starting spot.

Veal would pinch the #1 spot in the dying laps from the speedy James Thompson in the #22 Stahlwille Tools QT Chassis to prevent the previous season’s track champion from scoring his second main event win this season.

Jamie Veal has had a simply outstanding season and in the process took the A-Main for the night and the overall USC Championship for 2016

It wasn’t an easy night for the WSS and Warrnambool Classic Champion as an exploding right rear tyre saw him miss the transfer and have to win a restart plagued B-Main.

Young Jackson Delamont began a late race charge to claim a potent third place finish in the Mad Harry’s Steel Maxim.

Jamie Veal

A Main podium: (l-r) Jackson Delamont (3rd), Jamie Veal (1st), James Thompson (2nd)

James McFadden began storming through the field from a deep starting position but a critical restart situation stole the momentum he had rolling and prevented what may have been a better finish than his eventual fourth place.

Robbie Farr controlled the feature for the majority in the #7 Hi-Tec Oils Cool but by his own admission the car was ‘free for most of the race’ and he was unable to hold on as the late race chargers stormed him – he would eventually finish 5th and claim second place in the USC overall.

Troy Little had perhaps his best night this season with a front row start and his share of the race lead in the Steve Lynch owned Pit Stop Autos entry before eventually finishing 7th.

Sam Walsh’s bogey corner at Valvoline Raceway appears to be turn one.

The #92 Rocket Industries Maxim inexplicably spun on it’s own whilst leading the main comfortably, causing Walsh and Dad John to ponder just what had caused his third spin in the same corner whilst leading in as many feature races.

Max Dumesny continued his superb run of top ten results with sixth place in the main event and a win in the USC NSW Championship in the process.

On the night that honoured his “Pa” (Steve) Jordyn Brazier was certainly racy and determinedly aiming at a possible podium finish on the Steve Brazier legend night but a big flip in turn three after contact with Grant Anderson unfortunately ended that.

Both Brazier Jr and Anderson were retirements from the race in that incident.

flag parade: Steve Brazier (front 58), Jordyn Brazier (58), Garry Brazier (21)

Flag parade: Steve Brazier (front 58), Jordyn Brazier (58), Garry Brazier (21)

A giant sized cushion in turn four and also in turn one claimed its share of cars with several right rear wheels packing full of clay and causing race-ending vibrations for their pilots.

Toby Bellbowen and Marcus Dumesny were two notable incidents.

Queensland teenager Lachlan McHugh was again impressive moving forward several positions in the main but an unfortunate flip in turn one after contact with Matt Dumesny ended the night on a disappointing note.

Lachlan McHugh

Queenslander Lachlan McHugh was impressive until contact with another car caused him to flip

Sydney teenager Daniel Sayre too looked rapid in the #28 Maxim but he too crashed spectacularly on the main straight in a separate incident whilst having earlier impressed with his first appearance in the Pole Shootout.

A big crowd reveled in the Grand Final nature of the USC Chase Finale with some truly courageous racing and some fearless competition combining for a fitting conclusion to the historic USC.

Fans stood in ovation as Jamie Veal climbed to the top wing of his fearsome #35 Maxim and claimed the USC title.

The season ended with Veal as USC Champion followed by Robbie Farr in second and James McFadden third overall.

USC Chase Championship podium: (l-r) Robbie Farr (2nd), Jamie Veal (1st), James McFadden (3rd)

USC Chase Championship podium: (l-r) Robbie Farr (2nd), Jamie Veal (1st), James McFadden (3rd)

Farr’s win in the USC Queensland and runner up in USC overall was indeed a great result for the gritty Sydney veteran.

Max Dumesny’s win in USC NSW was a fitting result for the legendary throttle stomper who has at least committed to the next season and an assessment of what happens after that in terms of his racing future.

Max Dumesny

Max Dumesny

VR Managing Director was delighted with the inaugural year of the USC.

“I think it’s exceeded our expectations on many levels,” says Green, “the car counts, the TV exposure, the fan support, the USC merchandise sales and the general excitement surrounding the USC in Victoria, Queensland and here in NSW has been incredible. We’re already working on next season.”

Midfield B Main: (l-r) Peter Bourke (79), Marcus Dumesny (47), Dion Bellman (72), Jay Waugh (99), Michael Jordan (34), Blake Skipper (24), Damien Hart (75), Mick Matchett (61)

Midfield B Main: (l-r) Peter Bourke (79), Marcus Dumesny (47), Dion Bellman (72), Jay Waugh (99), Michael Jordan (34), Blake Skipper (24), Damien Hart (75), Mick Matchett (61)

Thomas Jeffrey

Thomas Jeffrey (12) upends in front of Blake Skipper (24)

4-wide: (l-r) Troy Little (21), Jordyn Brazier (58), Robbie Farr (7), Sammy Walsh (92)

4-wide: (l-r) Troy Little (21), Jordyn Brazier (58), Robbie Farr (7), Sammy Walsh (92)

Sammy Walsh (92), Troy Little (20) Marcus Dumesny (47)

Sammy Walsh (92), Troy Little (20) Marcus Dumesny (47) early in A Main

Jack Lee

Jack Lee in action at Valvoline Raceway

Fireworks as Jamie Veal crosses the line to finish season 1 of the USC

Fireworks rocket into the night sky as Jamie Veal crosses the line to finish season 1 of the USC


Footnote: Words – Paul Griffin
And so with his spectacular victory in the USC Championship under his belt, Jamie Veal is heading from Valvoline Raceway to WA Perth Motorplex to complete in the 2nd Round of the Triple Crown Mini Series this Saturday night.

He will drive for Monte Motorsport in the #17 Milwaukee Tools Entry that American Kyle Hirst campaigned for Team Owner Luch Monte.

Despite the talent in the field, with his stunning performances this season and driving the cutting edge gear that Monte Motorsport dishes up, I feel that Jamie Veal is going to be very very hard to beat.

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Michael Keen Wins Bunbury 360′s

All Images: Peter “Straight Shooter” Roebuck
Words: Paul Griffin

Michael Keen showed the opposition a clean pair of heels on Saturday night (16-04-16) to take the 360 feature race at Bunbury Quit Speedway.

Following Keen (W15) across the line was Veteran racer Terry Cutts (W9) and Rod Snellin (W29).

Jamie Landrigan (WX11) took a wild ride and totally destroyed his rig as you will see below.

Peter “Straight Shooter” Roebuck caught all the action including the spectacular Landrigan crash sequence.

Jamie Landrigan starts the sequence by pulling an almight wheelie

The entire front end back to the radiator was ripped off in the accident

A very happy Michael Keen after taking the 360 A-Main at Bunbury

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James McFadden Shines at Valvoline Raceway in USC Chase

Words by VR PR
All Images compliments of Gary Reid -

James McFadden put an end to his car-destroying streak to score victory at Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway last night pocketing some valuable USC Chase points and $10,000 in the process.

After two consecutive weekends where his racecar was destroyed in respective crashes where he was battling for the lead McFadden was delighted to cross the line first in front of a cracker VR field that honoured Sprintcar Legend Sid Moore as Grand Marshall.

“I can’t tell you how good it is to finally get a win,” grinned the Westralian Diamond Drillers pilot, “it’s great for Moth, for Scott and Stephanie Milling, for our all our sponsors and everyone who believes in this team. It’s been a rough few weeks.”

A Main podium: (l-r) Sid Moore, Jamie Veal (2nd), James McFadden (1st), Max Dumesny (3rd)

A Main podium: (l-r) Sid Moore, Jamie Veal (2nd), James McFadden (1st), Max Dumesny (3rd)

McFadden took the win but he almost coughed it up on the final lap when he nearly spun the #25 Cool.

“I almost lost it there in turn one and two. That would’ve been difficult to swallow if I’d lost it completely.”

Trailing home in second and right on the tail tank of the leader was Jamie Veal who had come from the fifth row of the grid to nearly snaffle the win.

“After the run James and I have been having lately I wasn’t game to get too close,” Veal explained, “considering the way night started
After setting quick time in his group for Qualifying the USC Chase leader (Veal) changed motors to attempt to solve a vibration in the car but in the process a steering box was also replaced and he missed his heat race.

This meant the Warrnambool whiz would have to come from the B-Main in order to chase his 17th main event success for the season. After winning the B-Main his qualifying time saw him elevated to position #9 in the A-Main.

Whilst Veal and McFadden were pleased with their end result Robbie Farr could hardly concur.

Going into the penultimate USC Chase round in second place behind Veal, and with the USC QLD title in his pocket, Farr had every reason to feel confident.

Winning the Pole Shootout and starting alongside McFadden for the 35-lap A-Main Farr took his #7 Hi-Tec Oils Cool into an early lead but when McFadden passed him on the outside on the exit to turn four the pair made contact going into turn one.

“When I went around the outside of Robbie and we got to turn one I could see Sam (Walsh) on the outside going into the corner so I dropped to the bottom. We must have made contact because the next thing I know we’re both spinning.”

McFadden kept his car going but Farr spun into the path of the hapless lapped car of Michael Jordan and the resultant impact tore the front end out of the Farr #7 ending his night on an extremely disappointing level.

The battle for the final podium positions behind McFadden were fought out in hectic fashion between Veal, Max Dumesny, James Thompson and Troy Little.

Dumesny would eventually claim third despite an ongoing painful neck injury that he’s played down over the last few weeks.

Max Dumesny

Forever the Showman and Crowd Favorite : Max Dumesny

James Thompson claimed fourth with a powerhouse run to move forward and finish just ahead of the lively Troy Little in fifth, Jackson Delamont sixth, Toby Bellbowen seventh, Matt Smith eighth, Garry Brazier ninth and Grant Anderson rounding out the top ten after a huge pedal from the last row of the grid.

Sam Walsh brought the Rocket Maxim home in eleventh ahead of Matt Dumesny, Grant Tunks, Jay Waugh, Brian Czuzci and Peter Bourke as the last classified finishing car.

Sammy Walsh

Sammy Walsh With a Top Gary Reid Backdrop Shot

DNF’s were Ferguson, Atkinson, Linigen, Jordyn Brazier, Farr, Jordan, Reidy and Matt Thomas.

Highlight of the night was the historic battle in the Pole Shootout between Garry and his son Jordyn Brazier that Garry eventually won.

A-Main Final Results

1. James McFadden
2. Jamie Veal
3. Max Dumesny
4. James Thompson
5. Troy Little
6. Jackson Delamont
7. Toby Bellbowen
8. Matt Smith
9. Garry Brazier
10. Grant Anderson
11. Sam Walsh
12. Matt Dumesny
13. Grant Tunks
14. Jay Waugh
15. Brian Czuczi
16. Peter Bourke
17. Warren Ferguson DNF
18. Ben Atkinson DNF
19. Kelly Linigen DNF
20. Jordyn Brazier DNF
21. Robbie Farr DNF
22. Michael Jordan DNF
23. Danny Reidy DNF
24. Matt Thomas DNF

James McFadden

James McFadden has elevated himself at the right part of the season

Kim Becker

Kim Becker Pushing the Loud Pedal

Jay Waugh

Jay Waugh Guns it Down VR Main Straight

Michael Jordan

Cool Gary Reid Shot - Michael Jordan in Full Flight

Jordyn Brazier

Believe it or not, Jordyn Brazier saved this mighty bicycle in the A Main but blew a tyre in the process

Jamie Veal

Mid-pack in the early laps of the A Main: Jamie Veal (35) leads Jackson Delamont (48), James Thompson (22), Grant Tunks (54), Jay Waugh (99), Sammy Walsh (92)

Sid Moore

Sprintcar legend Sid Moore was Grand Marshall on the night and took his old rig for a spin to show he still has the "Mumbo" - Good on You Sid !!

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Victorian Tim Van Ginneken Wins WA 410 Sprintcar Title

Tim Van Ginneken

Victorian Tim Van Ginneken was a surprise winner of the 2016 WA Sprintcar Title

Words by Darren O’Dea
Images by Peter “Straight Shooter” Roebuck

In his first ever race at the Perth Motorplex Speedway, Victorian Tim Van Ginneken (TVG) claimed the WA Sprintcar Championship on Saturday night from Jamie Maiolo and Daryl Clayden.

After winning his first 410ci sprintcar feature race on the east coast only a few weeks earlier, Van Ginneken flew to WA to drive the W (V) 56 owned by Mining Crusher Magnate Steve Crabbe from Mandurah.

TVG started from P3 for the 30-lap final that was scheduled earlier in the show than usual after the threat of rain.

Tim Van Ginneken

Podium L to R: 2nd Jamie Maiolo, 1st Tim Van Ginneken, 3rd Daryl Clayden

Corey Hunter and Jason Pryde were the first casualties, out in the first lap after they came together when the field bunched up in front of them and they had nowhere to go.

Carl Dowling started on pole after he set quick time at the start of the night and also claimed a win in the heats.

Shaun Bradford started alongside Dowling for the main event after he also won a heat race.

Unfortunately for Bradford he struggled to get away on the start and fell back very quickly.

Jason Kendrick, who started P11, spun to the infield in high-speed fashion to avoid the carnage in front of him.

He managed to continue, albeit from the rear, on the restart.

Trent Pigdon, who was in his first drive in the Diamond Bay Motorsport W26, also headed infield as the field regrouped.

Ryan Farrell went into the fence in turn two on lap eight and as he tried to pull down to the infield and out of harm’s way, he was collected by Mitchell Wormall on the back straight.

In a moment of rage Farrell then threw his steering wheel at Cameron Gessner who was rolling around in third.

Lee Redmond forced another restart with 10 laps remaining after he spun the #13, his first drive for the Wormall team.

Shaun Bradford attempted a massive slide job in pits bend soon afterwards but came up against slower cars that saw quite a few hit and damaged.

Dowling, who was still in a podium position, headed infield before the field raced away again.

Gessner was also out of the show after blowing a left-rear tyre with nine to go.

Ben Ellement was on a charge and back up to second, challenging Van Ginneken for the lead when he went into the fence hard, flipped and was out of the contest.

Jamie Maiolo, who started from P9, dug deep in the latter stages and crossed the line only 0.955 of a second behind Van Ginneken.

Clayden, who started from P12, did well to claim a podium position.

Callum Williamson put in a wormanlike effort, starting from P25 to get his way to fourth.

Taylor Milling started P8 and finished fifth, ahead of Aldo De Paoli (started from P24), Troy Lawson (from P19), Redmond and Scott Chatwin.

Jacob Lucas didn’t even make it past the heats, pulling a massive wheelstand and as the car came back down to earth, it flipped violently ending his night.

Tim Van Ginneken

WA Sprintcar Title Winner - Tim Van Ginneken

Tim Van Ginneken drove the race of his life in the Steve Crabbe Lowes Auto Repairs entry

4 Wide

The 4 Wide Salute was pulled ahead with the A - Main because of dodgy weather that would eventually wash out the 360 Sprintcar Event

John Day Utes

The John Day Utes always look the part


Winning Style: Victorian TVG - Great car control in the #56 Crabbe Car !

Daryl Clayden

"Hooked up Dazza" drove the best race of his career to come 3rd

Ben Ellement

Ben Ellement Sequence - All over Red Rover


Qualifying: Carl Dowling 12.942, Tim Van Ginneken 13.166, Shaun Bradford 13.169, David Priolo 13.188, Cameron Gessner 13.249, Ryan Farrell 13.271, Brad Maiolo 13.300, Taylor Milling 13.327, Trent Pigdon 13.343, Ben Ellement 13.364, Jason Kendrick 13.368, Jamie Maiolo 13.403, Daryl Clayden 13.424, Mitchell Wormall 13.470, Scott Chatwin 13.507, Corey Hunter 13.526, Lee Redmond 13.537, Kye Scroop 13.538, Lee Nash 13.545, Jason Pryde 13.568, Andrew Priolo 13.585, Troy Lawson 13.624, Aldo De Paoli 13.676, James Inglis 13.687, Jacob Lucas 13.698 and Callum Williamson 13.704.

Heat 1: 1st Carl Dowling, 2nd Ben Ellement, 3rd Brad Maiolo, 4th Lee Nash, 5th Daryl Clayden, 6th Troy Lawson, 7th Corey Hunter. DNF: David Priolo and Jacob Lucas.

Heat 2: 1st Cameron Gessner, 2nd Tim Van Ginneken, 3rd Jason Kendrick, 4th Taylor Milling, 5th Mitchell Wormall, 6th Jason Pryde, 7th Callum Williamson, 8th Aldo De Paoli, 9th Lee Redmond.

Heat 3: 1st Shaun Bradford, 2nd Jamie Maiolo, 3rd Kye Scroop, 4th Trent Pigdon, 5th Ryan Farrell, 6th Scott Chatwin, 7th James Inglis, 8th Andrew Priolo.

Final: 1st Tim Van Ginneken, 2nd Jamie “The Jet” Maiolo, 3rd Daryl “The ‘D’ Train” Clayden, 4th Callum Williamson, 5th Taylor Milling, 6th Aldo De Paoli, 7th Troy Lawson, 8th Lee Redmond, 9th Scott Chatwin. DNF: Andrew Priolo, Kye Scroop, Ben Ellement, Cameron Gessner, Shaun Bradford, David Priolo, Lee Nash, Carl Dowling, James Inglis, Jason Kendrick, Mitchell Wormall, Ryan Farrell, Bradley Maiolo, Trent Pigdon, Jason Pryde and Corey Hunter.

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Robbie Farr Breaks Through at Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway

Robbie Farr

A Main podium: (l-r) Brian Linigen (Sprintcar Legend honoured on the night), Jamie Veal (3rd), Robbie Farr (1st), James McFadden (2nd)

All Images compliments of Gary Reid –

Words – Valvoline Raceway and USC

Robbie Farr clinched a nail-biting USC Chase Round Three victory at Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway Sat night (19 Mar) , literally brushing aside James McFadden to score the $10,000 win by a matter of metres.

Farr and McFadden traded the lead position twice in the final lap with Farr’s Hi-Tec Oils #7 Cool eventually edging by on the inside groove in turn three where he was never headed.

It was a thrilling conclusion to what had been a gripping race where the heavyweights of USC Sprintcar action all staked their claims for the $10,000 payout including Chase Series leader Jamie Veal who led his share of laps as well.

Valvoline Raceway honoured Sprintcar and Speedway legend Brian Linigen who presented the winners their hardware on the dais and waved the chequered flags for the 4-wide formation.

“It means a lot to get this trophy from Brian,” Farr explained, “I’ve driven for him and so many other people have as well. He’s been a huge supporter of Speedway Racing and he deserves tonight.”

If the battle for the lead wasn’t enough the arm-wrestles for position continued well back through the back thrilling the huge crowd on hand, many of whom were knew to the sport to see Monster Trucks as well for the “Ultimate vs Monster” promotion.

“The boys gave me a great car,” grinned Farr who came from the fourth row of the grid, “that last lap was pretty hairy with James but when there’s ten grand on the line and a possible USC Chase overall win you have to go for it. I know he’d have done the same.”

McFadden relieved Farr of the lead going in turn one on the final lap and came out in front as the duo exited turn two.

Farr drew back alongside him going into turn three and there was contact between the cars with McFadden bouncing up over the cushion and coming out literally metres behind the new leader as the chequers fell.

“It is what it is,” McFadden grinned later after playfully rugby tackling Farr during his TV interview, “you race against each other maybe fifty times a year and you only hit each other once or twice. It was a great race. I just wish I’d been able to shut the door a little harder going into three.”

Jamie Veal may not have scored the main event win but it was an important third place for the USC Chase leader.

“We weren’t that good tonight to be honest, we need to go back and work out where we went wrong for next time. James and Robbie did a great job but I really struggled passing lapped cars. You can’t afford to be off your game in any way at this level.”

Jackson Delamont was rapid in the #48 Mad Harry’s Steel Maxim to place an excellent fourth.

Ian Loudoun made a welcome return to form in the Essendon Ford J&J with KMS crew chief Dylan Buswell spannering the car for the second week in a row. Loudoun moved from position #13 to his eventual fifth.

Max Dumesny and James Thompson were very quick in various parts of the race and certainly had their chances for a podium finish.

The revelation of the night was Canberra’s Jay Waugh who qualified into the Pole Shootout and ran inside the top four for many laps before fading brakes saw him fall back through the order.

An obviously satisfied Waugh grinned in the pits after the night had ended.

“It was great to run up towards the front like that. It’s a different kind of intensity when you run with those guys, you just can’t afford to let up. We lost the brakes and that made it impossible to stay on the pace but I learned a lot in the time I was in the top group.”

Grant Tunks drove more laps than most having to come from the C-Main, then the B-Main and finally the A-Main to eventually place 16th.

Another entertaining battle going on behind Tunks was between Mick Saller and Matt Thomas who finished 17th and 18th respectively after the pair raced side by side for many laps, much to the chagrin of James McFadden when he was trying to lap them.

Jack Lee was the only red light stoppage of the main event when he rolled the #25 Lilley Lane’s Quarries entry earlier in turn three.
A-Main finishing positions:

1. Robbie Farr
2. James McFadden
3. Jamie Veal
4. Jackson Delamont
5. Ian Loudoun
6. Max Dumesny
7. James Thompson
8. Danny Reidy
9. Jimmy Matchett
10. Andrew Wright
11. Max Johnston
12. Jay Waugh
13. Grant Anderson
14. Matt Smith
15. Warren Ferguson
16. Grant Tunks
17. Michael Saller
18. Matthew Thomas
19. Toby Bellbowen
20. Kim Becker
21. Ben Atkinson
22. Sam Walsh
23. Jack Lee
24. Mitchell Dumesny

The Dumesny Dash Sprintcar race (featuring all six members of the Dumesny Family) was run and won by Michaela Dumesny who edged out younger brother Marcus and elder brother Mitchell to take the 8-lap win.

Matt Dumesny may well have been the victor after tearing up to second place before hurting a motor with a few laps to go and with his Mum Melinda and sister Michaela in his sights.

The USC Chase qualifying rounds continue this coming Easter weekend with Good Friday and Easter Sunday at Hi-Tec Oils Speedway Toowoomba and also at Premier Speedway Warrnambool on the Sunday.

Ian Loudoun

Ian Loudoun looking pretty cool at VR

Daniel Needham

Daniel Needham has impressed many this season and looks like securing a lucrative sponspoship deal next season

Jimmy Matchett

Jimmy Matchett gets on the gas

Jay Waugh

Jay Waugh at full noise

Robbie Farr

He was due for a win : Robbie Farr

Sammy Walsh

Now this has to be the shot of the Aussie Seaon !! Sammy Walsh in full flight......GREAT SHOT GARY REID !!!

Melinda Dumesny

Melinda Dumesny (77) and Michaela Dumesny (in Danny Reidy's 5 car) during the Dumesny family race won by Michaela

4-wide salute: Jamie Veal (35), Jay Waugh (99), James McFadden (25) and Max Dumesny (5)

4-wide salute: Jamie Veal (35), Jay Waugh (99), James McFadden (25) and Max Dumesny (5)

James McFadden

So close !!!!!!!!!!!! J Mac had a great duel with Robbie Farr in the feature

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James McFadden Wins AHG Grand Final Night, Brad Maiolo Wins AHG Series 2015/16

All Images by Peter “Straight Shooter” Roebuck
Words by Darren O’Dea

James McFadden

James McFadden

Former Australian and World Series Sprintcars Champion James McFadden claimed the Grand Final feature of the 2015-16 AHG Sprintcar Series at the Perth Motorplex on Saturday night 12th March.

After getting the call up from Krikke Motorsport to sub in the W2 Cool normally driven by Brooke Tatnell on Wednesday, McFadden worked hard after struggling in qualifying to start from P4 in the main event.

He won from Ben Ellement and Carl Dowling who both started on the front row.

Brad Maiolo, who started from P3, finished fourth, and wrapped up the AHG Sprintcar Series Championship for 2015/16 from elder brother Jamie.

The race ran non-stop for 30 laps and McFadden was clearly the driver to beat in the final being the only driver to dip in the 13-second zone, winning by more than four seconds.

Mitchell Wormall was the first casualty, pulling infield after one lap.

McFadden was into lapped traffic after nine laps and two laps later Jason Kendrick pulled infield.

This was after the #11 Kendrick car broke a universal joint in a heat race, forcing him to miss the second round of heats and start from the rear.

Shaun Bradford, who was caught up in Kendrick’s mishap at the start of the night, also missed a heat race and was forced to start from the rear.

He went infield on lap 18.

Jacob Lucas tagged the fence on lap 12 and limped to the infield and out of trouble.

Qualifying: Carl Dowling 13.544, David Priolo 13.708, Ben Ellement 13.719, Jason Kendrick 13.726, Bradley Maiolo 13.793, Jamie Maiolo 13.839, Troy Lawson 13.949, Ryan Farrell 13.951, James McFadden 14.001, Jason Pryde 14.025, Lee Nash 14.093, Taylor Milling 14.125, Andrew Priolo 14.162, Kye Scroop 14.322, Scott Chatwin 14.551, Mitchell Wormall 14.591, Jacob Lucas 17.404.

Heat 1: 1st Carl Dowling, 2nd Bradley Maiolo, 3rd Ben Ellement, 4th Jamie Maiolo, 5th Ryan Farrell, 6th Taylor Milling, 7th Kye Scroop, 8th Jason Pryde and Mitchell Wormall.

Heat 2: 1st James McFadden, 2nd Lee Nash, 3rd Andrew Priolo, 4th Jacob Lucas, 5th Scott Chatwin. DNF: David Priolo, Jason Kendrick, Shaun Bradford and Troy Lawson.

Heat 3: 1st Mitchell Wormall, 2nd Lee Nash, 3rd Ryan Farrell, 4th Bradley Maiolo, 5th Taylor Milling, 6th Carl Dowling, 7th Scott Chatwin.

Heat 4: 1st Kye Scroop, 2nd Ben Ellement, 3rd James McFadden, 4th Jamie Maiolo, 5th David Priolo, 6th Andrew Priolo, 7th Jason Pryde. DNF: Jacob Lucas.

Feature: 1st James McFadden, 2nd Ben Ellement, 3rd Carl Dowling, 4th Bradley Maiolo, 5th Jamie Maiolo, 6th Kye Scroop, 7th Ryan Farrell, 8th Taylor Milling, 9th David Priolo, 10th Andrew Priolo, 11th Scott Chatwin. DNF: Jason Pryde, Shaun Bradford, Jacob Lucas, Jason Kendrick, Lee Nash and Mitchell Wormall. DNS: Troy Lawson.

Kye Scroop

Kye Scroop (#89) in action at the Motorplex

Ben Ellement

Ben Ellement came 2nd in the A-Main

Jason Pryde

Jason Pryde

Taylor Milling

Taylor Milling

James McFadden

A-Main Winner James McFadden drove the KMS #2 Cool to the Grand Final victory

Ryan Farrell

Ryan Farrell was in the Keen's #90

4-Wide Salute

James McFadden

James McFadden was smooth in the #2 KMS Cool

A-Main podium L to R: 2nd Ben Ellement, Winner James McFadden, 3rd Carl Dowling

James McFadden

Happy Camper: James McFadden

Brad Maiolo

Brad Maiolo (W99) had a great season and took the overall AHG Series trophy

Earlier in the night Marshall McDiarmid had a wild ride - this shot is seconds before his big lose

Congratulations to James McFadden for taking out the AHG Series Grand Final race and to Brad Maiolo for winning the overall AHG Series for 2015/16 at Perth Motorplex last Saturday.


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