Robbie Farr wins in rain at Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway Track Championship Final

All Images by Gary Reid –
Words by Valvoline Raceway

Superstar Robbie Farr was just that in the 30 lap track championship grand final in between the showers at Valvoline Raceway last Saturday night (12th Aug). While Farr took race honours for the night, it was Max Dumesny who secured the 2013/14 Track Championship.

Robbie Farr (7) drives under Ben Atkinson to take the lead in the A Main

The meeting was interrupted by three bouts of showers, but the drivers managed to pack down the racing surface and keep it useable.

The 30 lap Championship Grand Final produced a stellar field and it was top end Ben Atkinson who took off from the front row and ran away with the opening 10 laps. Atkinson, Max Dumesny and Farr all used the high line to great effect and as the race hit the halfway point, a shower swept over the track and caused several more laps of wheel packing until chief steward Gary Winterbottom turned them loose again.

Atkinson went to the front while Dumesny was gathered in by Farr who then dived inside Atkinson for the lead.

As an aggressive driver with class to burn, Farr never let off the throttle and crossed clear of Dumesny, the track series champion and Atkinson and James Thompson.

Robbie Farr (centre) won the A Main from Max Dumesny (RHS) and Ben Atkinson

Ben Atkinson set quick time in time trials

Brad Stacey enters turn 3 in time trials

Warren Ferguson in the black N32

Hayley Sayers gets the throttle down in the brilliantly prepared N87

Seb Johnston gets tangled up with Hayley Sayers who went over

Fireworks in the 4-wide parade

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Shaun Bradford wins second round of the AHG Sprintcar Series Chase

Images by Peter “Straight Shooter” Roebuck
Words by Darren “The Digger”

Third generation Sprintcar racer Shaun Bradford has done it again, winning his second successive feature race, this time crossing the line ahead of Jason Kendrick and Ian Loudoun on Saturday night.

He claimed the 18th Annual DiCandilo Steel City Sprintcar Silver Cup at the Perth Motorplex Speedway by an impressive 4.727-second margin, starting on the outside of the front row and never looking back in the 30-lap showdown.

Shaun Bradford is coming on strong at the end of the season compliments of two features in a row

This was the third last round of the 2013-14 AHG Sprintcar Series that will wrap up with two rounds at the Motorplex next EASTER Saturday and Sunday nights.

The feature race only survived half a lap before the first major incident when “The King Of The Crash” Ryan Lancaster and Dayne Kingshott came together on the back straight, putting both of them out of the show.

Dayne Kingshott in trouble in the WA7

Kingshott continues to ride out the incident while Brad Maiolo (77) runs into the Rear of Mark Wells (21)

Cars were scrambling everywhere to avoid the incident with Brad Maiolo going onto the back of Mark Wells’ car that cut his right rear tyre. Carl Dowling sought medical treatment for a shoulder injury.

Not long after the restart Brad Maiolo spun around and then seconds later David Priolo, who finished second in the last feature race, rode out a big crash in pits bend.

Priolo stepped out of the car and was clearly in pain from the incident while Bradford was clearly happy with the second successive win, ending his season on a massive high.

David Priolo had a really big one - the next two shots continue the sequence


“It’s good thing to make a habit of,” Bradford said immediately after the win.

He clearly had the pace, cranking out a best lap of 13.245 seconds, well clear of Kendrick’s 13.661.

Kendrick, who started from pole, said he needed a better start.

“We probably missed the set up on the car a bit,” Kendrick said.

“This SEG series is an awesome series and everyone needs to get behind it and help it move forward.”

Loudoun looked strong for his third place with his best lap being a 13.710 second blast.

“A couple of mistakes hurt us a bit,” Loudoun said.

“This is good for the team…we had it pretty damn good in that race.”

Podium for the Silver Cup - Winner Shaun Bradford is flanked by 2nd placed Jason Kendrick (L) and Sydney's Ian Loudoun

Daniel Harding, who started from eighth, did well for his fourth, to cross the line ahead of Luke Dillon, Jamie Maiolo, Trent Pigdon, Lee Nash, Callum Williamson and Mark Wells who rounded out the top 10.

SILVER CUP FOR SPRINTCARS – detailed results:

Qualifying: Group 1: Luke Dillon 14.546, Daniel Harding 14.774, David Priolo 14.811, Jamie Maiolo 14.834, Carl Dowling 15.143, Callum Williamson 15.244, Daryl Clayden 15.331.

Group 2: Shaun Bradford 14.868, Jason Kendrick 15.013, Kye Scroop 15.020, Lee Nash 15.268, Ryan Schlam 15.715, Troy Lawson 15.281, David Scofield 16.700.

Group 3: 1st Ryan Lancaster 15.029, Cameron Gessner 15.062, Ian Loudoun 15.242, Jake Beard-Miller 15.351, Bradley Maiolo 15.554, Ben Butcher 16.438, Jason Boland 16.533.

Group 4: 1st Mark Wells 14.969, Trent Pigdon 15.322, Shane Norris 15.449, Scott Reilly 15.675, Dayne Kingshott 15.785, Jason Pryde 15.808, Russell Taylor 15.828 and Damian Blacka 17.151.

Heat 1: 1st Jake Beard Miller, 2nd Jason Kendrick, 3rd Callum Williamson, 4th David Priolo, 5th Scott Reilly, 6th Mark Wells, 7th Ryan Lancaster, 8th Jason Boland, 9th Russell Taylor, 10th Ryan Schlam.

Heat 2: 1st Dayne Kingshott, 2nd Kye Scroop, 3rd Troy Lawson, 4th Jamie Maiolo, 5th Cameron Gessner, 6th Luke Dillon, 7th Daryl Clayden, 8th Trent Pigdon, 9th Damian Blacka. DNF: Bradley Maiolo.

Heat 3: 1st Jason Pryde, 2nd Lee Nash, 3rd Shane Norris, 4th Ian Loudoun, 5th Carl Dowling, 6th Shaun Bradford, 7th Ben Butcher, 8th Daniel Harding. DNF: David Scofield.

Heat 4: 1st Daniel Harding, 2nd Jason Kendrick, 3rd Ryan Lancaster, 4th Shane Norris, 5th Carl Dowling, 6th Jake Beard-Miller, 7th Jason Pryde, 8th Jason Boland, 9th Ryan Schlam.

Heat 5: 1st Shaun Bradford, 2nd Ian Loudoun, 3rd David Priolo, 4th Scott Reilly, 5th Callum Williamson, 6th Russell Taylor, 7th Lee Nash, 8th Ben Butcher. DNF: Mark Wells.

Heat 6: 1st Cameron Gessner, 2nd Kye Scroop, 3rd Luke Dillon, 4th Trent Pigdon, 5th Dayne Kingshott, 6th Jamie Maiolo, 7th Daryl Clayden, 8th Bradley Maiolo, 9th Damian Blacka, 10th David Scofield, 11th Troy Lawson.

B Main: 1st Shane Norris, 2nd Jake Beard-Miller, 3rd Bradley Maiolo, 4th Scott Reilly, 5th Russell Taylor, 6th Damian Blacka. DNF: Ryan Schlam and David Scofield.

A Main: 1st Shaun Bradford, 2nd Jason Kendrick, 3rd Ian Loudoun, 4th Daniel Harding, 5th “Cool Hand” Luke Dillon,6th Jamie Maiolo, 7th Trent Pigdon, 8th Lee Nash, 9th Callum Williamson, 10th Mark Wells, 11th Jason Boland, 12th Cameron Gessner, 13th Bradley Maiolo, 14th Troy Lawson. DNF: Jason Pryde, Shane Norris, Scott Reilly, Kye  Scroop, David Priolo, Daryl Clayden, Jake Beard-Miller, Dayne Kingshott, Ryan Lancaster, Carl Dowling. DNS: Ben Butcher.

Great shot of Luke Dillon's "Office"

Ryan Schlam WA49

Second placed Jason Kendrick drove the 92 car

Jake Beard-Miller was second in the B-Main

Dayne Kingshott drove the Monte Motorsport house car #7

Brad Maiolo (77) runs hard with Jake Beard-Miller (32)

Shaun Bradford en-route to victory

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All Images by Gary Reid –
Words by Valvoline Raceway

Veteran Max Dumesny saved his best for last in the Sprintcar track championship semi-final Saturday 5th April at Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway.

Max Dumesny (centre) won the A Main from James Thompson (left) and Craig Brady

On a racy surface under dark clouds, Dumesny followed Jay Waugh into the lead and began to pressure him.

However, Waugh stuck to the outside line and continued to set the pace for 10 laps until Dumesny got the better of him in his Valvoline machine.

Once in front Dumesny gave no one a chance although point score chaser James Thompson looked a threatening at times.

Dumesny ran the low line for most of the race, but changed to the top when he found himself under a little pressure two laps from the finish.

Craig Brady was using the outside line to full advantage in the #74 Muswellbrook Nissan entry for Michael Rinkin.

Dumesny thoroughly deserved his win and the victory has sealed the season premiership for him with only the grand final remaining.

Dave Lambert (42) leads Matt Young (44) and Max Johnston (38)

Jay Waugh (99) and Craig Brady (74) in heat race action

James Thompson ran second in the A Main

Max Dumesny (5) inside Rod Bellbowen (7)

4 wide salute: Gavin Black (82), Jay Waugh (99), Max Dumesny (5), Ant Brien (68)

And the preceding week the B and A-Mains were run to complete the 22nd March rainout meeting. It was Robbie Farr in great form taking the victory from Jackson Delamont and Grant Anderson.

Robbie Farr (centre) defeated Jackson Delamont (left) and Grant Anderson in the A Main

Grant Anderson and Robbie Farr race through the rain which lasted for about 10 laps

Grant Anderson drives hard through turn 2

Jackson Delamont had a good night with a podium finish

Rod Bellbowen (7) leads Dave Murcott (A1) and Ben Atkinson (2)

Gavin Black won the B Main

What a great shot from Gary Reid - The Greatest Show on Dirt !!! Trevor Green (4), Robbie Farr (7) and Dave Murcott (A1) in the flag parade

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Max Dumesny Steals Victory at Valvoline Raceway in Last Corner Lunge

All Images compliments of Gary Reid –
Words by Sydney Speedway

Former Australian champion Max Dumesny turned in a blinder last Saturday (8th March) to win the 30 lap Sprintcar track championship at Valvoline Raceway after a last corner dash under Ben Atkinson.

Dumesny, who has led the track premiership almost from the outset, was again in top form as he blasted into the lead of the main event inside two laps.

He continued to pace the race until Atkinson arrived on the outside groove, passed him and ran away from the pack.

The rapid fire chase between Grant Tunks, James Thompson, Toby Bellbowen and Ian Loudoun spiced the event which was yellow flagged down to the 24th lap which brought about a single file re-start.

Atkinson again took off like a firecracker but Dumesny was planning his final surprise.
He closed on the tail of Atkinson as they ran into heavy traffic in the final corner and pulled off a magical pass on Atkinson to virtually rob him of victory.

Max Dumesny (centre) defeated Ben Atkinson (left) and Grant Tunks in the A Main.

“It was like someone stealing the chrome off your trophy,” Atkinson chuckled.
Dumesny, who drives for Valvoline and the Raceway that carries his sponsor’s name, was happy with his win.


“You’ve got to hang tough in this business and that’s what I did all night,” he told fans.

Grant Tunks, who drives almost without a lick of sponsorship all season, was a deserving third with James Thompson fourth and one spot clear of Toby Bellbowen and Ian Loudoun.

The race meeting had a number of wild crashes during the night including a roll cage twister by Clayton Priest while Sprintcar rookie Cameron Ware walked away from a bell ringer when his steering snapped and turned him inside out in front of the field.

The ex-Garry Rush 1975 Trostlle Australia 1 Sprintcar (restored by Brian Linigen and originally bought by Sid Moore) leads the 4-wide parade in the hands of former speedcar driver Chris Steep

Heat race action with Matt Young (44) leading Max Dumesny (5), Ant Brien (68), Grant Tunks (54) and Gavin Black and (82)

Warren Ferguson gets some air time in his second heat

Max Dumesny leads Ben Atkinson in the A Main

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Kerry Madsen Way Too Good at 2014 Krikke Boys Shootout

All Images by Peter “Straight Shooter” Roebuck, Words Paul Griffin

Kerry Madsen driving the Keneric Racing #29 blew the opposition into the weeds at last Weekends (Sunday, 2nd March) Krikke Boys Shootout at Quit Bunbury Speedway.

A delighted Kerry Madsen holds the KBS 2014 winner's trophy aloft

Madsen was a clear cut above the rest of the field and essentially was untouchable in the 35 lap final. He showed without doubt that his American world of Outlaws Racing program in recent years (Also running for the WA/Bob Gavranich-owned Keneric Racing Team) has moulded him to arguably the best Sprintcar Driver that Australia has ever produced.

At the get go Madsen was able head Brooke Tatnell and California’s Tim Kaeding with Robbie Farr showing early pace and moving into third.

Tatnell rode out a wild roll with just a handful of laps remaining after contact with the turn 4 fence - he  exited the event at that juncture.

After the gruelling 35 laps, the Chequers fell on Madsen ahead of an impressive run from SA’s Luke Dillon, Robbie Farr and Tim Kaeding.

It was one of the most spirited drives in WA this season and in a marvellous good will gesture, Madsen announced on the podium that the Keneric Racing Team would donate the entire $20,000 winners cheque to the Kick It Foundation - a great movement that raises money for paediatric and young Adult cancer research. Well done guys !


Kerry Madsen was in scintillating form and deserved the victory

The Krikke Clan hold showcase the trophies in the annual salute to the Drivers before the 35 lap final

The Smooth Style of Kerry Madsen

In a wonderful gesture, the Keneric Racing Team donated the $20,000 winner's cheque to the Kick It Foundatation for Cancer Research in young people - TOP EFFORT !

America's Tim Kaeding gets into the KBS Obligatory YMCA pre-race dance

Driver Introductions on the main straight

Proud Team - WA owned Keneric Racing took the KBS 2014 in fine style

Plenty of rough and tumble as always in a KBS event - 2014 was no different

Fellow Americans Kody Kinser (LHS) and Shane Stewart chat on the infield

Max Dumesny has had better KBS campaigns - here he surveys the front end damage after an incident

Flag bearers Tim Kaeding (USA) and Brooke Tatnell (Aust) in "Twin" #2 Cools

Jason Kendrick WA11 found the going tough

John (LH) and Ron Krikke join Kerry Madsen in the victory celebrations

Californian Tim Kaeding acts up for the camera

The John Day push utes are always a great spectacle

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Brooke Tatnell Wins Last Round of WSS….. But Steven Lines Takes Overall Championship Rights

Words WSS Media Release, Photos by Peter “Straight Shooter” Roebuck

Brooke Tatnell won the final round of ENZED World Series Sprintcars Saturday night (22nd Feb) at the Perth Motorplex in a fantastic come from behind performance but even that wasn’t enough to stop Steven Lines from scoring the Championship victory.
Lines wrapped up his first ever WSS Championship victory for the Halls Haulage team by a mere 68 points from Tatnell in second, James McFadden third and Luke Dillon fourth overall.

The Proud Team - Halls Motorsport proudly celebrate their massive success in taking out WSS 2014 - Major Sponsor Bridgestone Tyre Centre at Albany will be over the moon !

Kerry Madsen dominated the early proceedings in the 30 lap A-Main in the American Racing Custom Wheels #29 KPC but when the track laid rubber and Madsen went to the sanctuary of the low line Tatnell began his blast around the outside groove.
“Normally when it’s rubber down you have to get down to the low line as fast as you can so that’s what I did,” lamented Kerry, “but Brooke just sailed by on the outside and did a great job to get the win. Congratulations to Brooke and also to Linesy (Steven Lines) for winning the Championship.”
For Tatnell his 72nd WSS career win was bitter sweet as he brought the Toyota Genuine Parts KMS home to a rousing reception from the Motorplex crowd.
“We knew once we finished the Adelaide round that the only way we could still have a shot at this Championship was to win races,” he grinned, “and that’s what we did. We threw everything at this and only just came up short. Congratulations to Linesy and the Hall’s Haulage team they deserved their first series win, they aren’t getting their second one though.”
Tatnell dedicated the win to his long time crew chief (in seasons gone by) and good friend Peter Caporn’s wife Taryn who had major surgery during the week and appears to be on her way to recovering towards better health.

Steven Lines has had a ripper season and capped it off with the WSS Championship at Perth Motorplex

Mr Invincible - Steven Lines in the Brian Hall owned #3 KPC

Outgoing series champ James McFadden finished third in his Totally Workwear #25 Cool after running some inspired laps right up on the cushion near the wall in the last few laps.
“I’m sick of finishing third and fourth,” he lamented, “I just wanted to win a round in this series at least. We had a good shot at it tonight when the rubber went down but Brooke went to the top when I did and we just couldn’t get through enough from there to have a shot at him or Kerry.”
For Steven Lines the Championship win capped off an amazing series for the Hall’s Haulage #3 KPC with three wins and five podium finishes to his credit.
“This is for our guys,” beamed the new champion, “Brian Hall and Craig Bennett and everyone associated with this team have given me such a great car to drive night in and night out. This is such a great result for the team, I can’t thank them enough for this opportunity.”
Robbie Farr brought the ECP Racing #7 Maxim home in fifth ahead of David Priolo’s #8 Watson’s Express Transport entry in sixth and Luke Dillon placing seventh in the Diamond Bay Motorsport Maxim despite dropping a cylinder in the motor early in the race.
Eighth across the line was Jamie Veal (Mototech #35 Maxim) trailed by Mark Wells’ #21 Oval Track Diecast & Racing Collectibles J&J) in ninth, Brad Maiolo’s LJM Produce #77 Maxim in tenth, Daniel Pestka eleventh (Gawler Farm Machinery #27 J&J) and Tim Kaeding soldiering home with motor issues in the second KMS #2 Cool for twelfth.
Shaun Bradford (GKR Transport Cool) finished thirteenth ahead of Dylan Jenkin (Gericke Bulk Handling Cool) fourteenth, Shane Stewart fifteenth (Milwaukee Racing #7 J&J) and Jordyn Brazier’s Capalaba Wreckers #21 Schnee rounding out the field in sixteenth.
The only red light stoppage of the main event came on the opening lap when Cameron Gessner’s #41 Cowara Contractors Maxim spun in turn two and Garry Brazier rolled the Capalaba Wreckers Schnee in the resultant melee which also involved and took out Matt Egel (Muir Motorsport #53) and Carl Dowling (Di Candilo Steel #87).
Ian Loudoun retired the #65 Peet Motorsport Maxim with an engine misfire in a separate incident.
Final Championship Points:
Steven Lines 3453
Brooke Tatnell 3385
James McFadden 3204
Luke Dillon 3097
Jamie Veal 2901
Shane Stewart 2422
Dylan Jenkin 2382
Robbie Farr 2369
Daniel Pestka 2344
Jackson Delamont 2063
Garry Brazier 1908
Daniel Harding 1760
Jordyn Brazier 1512



A-Main Podium : Kerry Madsen (2nd), Brooke Tatnell (1st) and James McFadden (3rd)

A massive crowd was on hand to witness the best racing all season at "The Plex"

Jamie Maiolo ran into trouble early

South Australia's Dylan Jenkin - A major talent

Luke Dillon in the Diamond Bay Motorsport Team entry came 7th in the A-Main

Shaun Bradford inspects a section of his left rear tyre to try to understand why it let go

Steven Lines has truly come of age working with one of the best Teams in the Country - Halls Motorsport Albany

Kerry Madsen won Prelim night honours the night before and the Top 8 Shootout on the final night

4 Wide head on

4 Wide tail on

Brooke Tatnell won the final round at Kwinana but it wasn't enough to take the Championship away from Steven Lines

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Kerry Madsen Wins WSS Final Round Prelim A-Main – Perth Motorplex Kwinana

Words WSS Media, Images Peter Roebuck

Report and Results WSS Kwinana Final Round – Night 1

With no thoughts of a Championship result to cloud his mind Kerry Madsen cruised to an all the way win in tonight’s (Fri 21st Feb) preliminary A-Main at The Perth Motorplex, leading home Brooke Tatnell and Steven Lines in the 25 lap affair.
Whilst it might have appeared that Madsen had the handle well and truly reigned in on the #29 American Racing Custom Wheels KPC chassis the driver himself explained that it was far from an armchair ride.

“To be honest, I was never really happy with my track position. I knew that Brooke was running slightly higher than me but I was bouncing around all over the place out there trying to find somewhere that suited where I was at. I don’t think I ever really found that place.”

Kerry Masdsen was happy with his Prelim Night win at Kwinana for Keneric Racing

Prelim Night WSS Podium - L to R: Tatnell, Madsen, Lines

Tatnell was quick to praise Kerry, even if he wasn’t prepared to himself.

“That’s why he wins World of Outlaw races and why he’s driving for such a great team, because he is that good. We didn’t really have anything for Kerry tonight and as for that bloody Steven Lines, he just won’t go away will he?” grinned the 8 times WSS champ.

Brooke Tatnell stamps on the throttle

Lines himself was businesslike in the Hauls Haulage #3 KPC, running third to the lead duo but sitting right on Tatnell’s (his main championship rival) #2 KMS Cool tail tank.
“We did what we had to do tonight,” said the Mt Gambier hard charger, “my job tonight was to get through that race with some points and keep Brooke from making too much ground on us with one night to go.”
James McFadden brought the Totally Workwear #25 Cool home in fourth place in a determined drive to stay within touch of the two drivers looking to steal away his WSS crown.
Fifth home was Luke Dillon in the Diamond Bay Motorsport #26 Maxim after the South Aussie set his 6th Revolution Racegear Quick Time in qualifying earlier in the night.
Rounding out the finishers were Shaun Bradford (GKR Transport Cool) in sixth, Cameron Gessner seventh (Cowara Contractors #41) Tim Kaeding (KMS Cool) eighth after coming from 15th and winning the B-Main, Matt Egel in ninth (Muir Motorsport Cool) Brad Maiolo (LJM Produce Maxim) in tenth and Ian Loudoun eleventh in the Peet Motorsport #65.

Shaun Bradford was impressive and came 6th in the Prelim A

Some bone jarring wrecks were unfortunate highlight TV show reels including Jamie Maiolo when something broke on his #99 LJM Produce Maxim sending him into a violent series of rollovers, Jason Kendrick flipped heavily on the main straight after he and Callum Wlliamson tangled coming out of turn four, Jackson Delamont who crashed heavily into the turn four wall and Trent Pigdon who rolled in turn one.

Jackson Delamont had a wild ride

Also registering a DNF were Robbie Farr (flat left rear) David Priolo (flat left rear) Jamie Veal (mechanical) and Garry Brazier (mechanical).
Several drivers did not make the transfer from the B-Main to the A-Main including local hero Mark Wells (8th) Trevor Green (11th) Dylan Jenkin (12th) Daniel Harding (13th), Shane Stewart (14th) and Daniel Pestka (15th).
Jenkin and Pestka in particular both struggled to overcome a disastrous evening when they failed to make the inversion cut after qualifying.
Shane Stewart again endured a heartbreaking evening with a crash then thrash job to even make the B-Main.

Shane Stewart had another tough night

The points situation sees Brooke Tatnell slide marginally back on Lines as the Championship heads to it’s final night of the season at the Motorplex tomorrow (Saturday) night.
Steven Lines 3236
Brooke Tatnell 3105
James McFadden 2976
Luke Dillon 2906
Jamie Veal 2729
Dylan Jenkin 2331
Shane Stewart 2166
Daniel Pestka 2046
Jackson Delamont 1991
Garry Brazier 1682
Daniel Harding 1662
Jordyn Brazier 1280


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Ben Atkinson aces Max Dumesny in 8th Feb Sydney Speedway Meeting

Words – Sydney Speedway – Images by Gary Reid

Northern Territory racer Ben Atkinson saved his best for a last dash run at the Sydney sprintcar track premiership which resumed at Valvoline Raceway on 8th Feb.

Atkinson, driving the Pick and Payless #2 machine, started from position six in the field on a slick track, and quickly worked his way to the front inside a lap.

A re-start was called when two cars tangled and caused a re-start to the event.

Atkinson worked his way back to the front and then started the lapping procedures which were incident packed.

At the halfway mark it began a race against the curfew as Atkinson roared away with Max Dumesny and Max Johnston in third, one place ahead of visitor Danny Reidy.

The race looked like beating the curfew, but a flip by Kim Becker brought out the yellows.

Atkinson continued to lead the re-run from Dumesny and Johnston until officials declared the race five laps from the finish.

Atkinson was delighted to receive the winner’s trophy after a tough season at Valvoline Raceway where he has enjoyed mixed success this season.

“This feels terrific after the summer I’ve been through,” said Ben.

Luckiest driver on the night was young sprintcar racer Matt Dumesny who went into a corner in his heat race, overdid the slide and flipped violently.

Matt wasn’t injured and laughed off the spill.


Alex Orr (43) upends in turn 1 in his heat as Kim Becker takes avoiding action

Nick Simmons (9) leads Ben Atkinson (2) and Ant Brien (68) in heat race action

Max Dumesny (5) holds out Jay Waugh (99), Danny Reidy (5) and Ant Brien (68)

Ben Atkinson drove the high line for most of the A Main on his way to victory

Ben Atkinson (centre) won the A Main from James Thompson (left) and Max Dumesny

Max Dumesny (left) and James Thompson listen to winner Ben Atkinson's race description

James Thompson in the sunset flag parade

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2014 Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic Photos – Behind the Scenes Lot 1

Photos by Paul Griffin – this is lot 1 , lot 2 to follow in a day

The Crowd was a lockout - here 21 month of Tyler Griffin gets an icy pole from Brody Miller while the Gentle Giant "Big John" (RHS black cap) checks out turn 4

Jamie Veal did really well to earn the rights for pole position for the Championship Night - He ended up coming 3rd

Trevor Green has been on fire lately and was in the top 5

Ian Madsen and Steven Lines have a chat in the pits

Danny Smith and Premier Speedway Manager David Mills

Tim Kaedings #99 heads a "sea of wings" in the pits

118 entries was an all-time record

The Steve Caunt-owned Jason Meyers outfit was awesome

V91 BSR pit - former formula 500 champion Liam Williams did really well in his first Classic

Kody Kinser helps service the car

Queenslander Todd Wanless

Doony Schatz's helmet sits at the ready for the next heat

The White Board before all A-Main spots had been decided

Premier Pits looking to Allansford end

The pits were jam-packed with a record car count

Tyler Griffin would rather be racing with Dad than shopping with Mum - so the Tee Shirt said !

Lucas Oils Sponsored the 2014 Classic

The Premier Speedway track during one of the final night heats

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2014 Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic Results – America’s Tim Kaeding Storms to Victory in Front of Record Crowd

Words by Paul Griffin,

Images by Corey Gibson

Californian Tim Kaeding proved too strong for the 117 other rival nominations at Sungold Premier Speedway Warrnambool for the 42nd running of the Grand Annual Sprintcar classic on Australia Day – Sunday January 26th.

Kaeding took the victory after 40 laps and was followed across the line by crowd favourites Max Dumesny and Jamie Veal. It was the first time the classic has been run over three nights – a format requirement simply necessary because of the sheer volume of entries. The format was similar to a Knoxville Nationals deal where the field was split into two, and half ran qualifying on Friday night, with the other half completing the run on Saturday night. After the two nights of time trails, Tim Kaeding signalled that he was going to be well and truly in the mix with an overall QT of 10.471 sec.


Tim Kaeding was jubient after winning the 2014 Classic. His celebration was a series of hot laps, a wing dance and an expression session of radical donuts that saw the #99 tipover on its side ! - Image complements of Corey Gibson Photography

Joining Kaeding in the 2014 field were another 20 fellow Americans – all just as desperate to win the $30,000 pay cheque. The total prize pool was $208,000.

The Thomos Race Graphics Hard Luck Award was taken by America’s Brad Sweet while Cameron Gessner moved from P20 to P13 to easily claim the Hard Charger Award by Skwid Signs. Kris Lacey won Best Presented Car with huis stunningly prepared #16 Oxygen Sponsored rig.

The three days saw nearly 25,000 spectators attend, with 9500 being estimated as the crowd size on the Championship night. Notable absentees from the event were regulars Jason Johnson, Gary brazier and local shoe Stephen Bell.

Keading was brillant in the final, taking the lead from pole sitter Jamie Veal on lap 5 when he snuck under the likeable local in V35. Max Dumesny was lurking and also slipped passed Veal. The track was a bit “one lane” unfortunately in the A-Main and all cars including back markers were circulating at much the same speed – overtaking was a mammoth challenge.

The race laps counted down and it was looking like a non-stop 40 lapper until uncharacteristically Donny Schatz in a desperate attempt to move forward took a sickening tumble his #15 maxim as he rode the right rear of the Robbie Farr #7. Farr continued on but Schatz was out of the running with 10 laps to go.

Tim Kaeding was simply too good and the Sean Dyson owned #99 from Singleton NSW thoroughly deserved the win.


Time Kaeding in full flight at Premier Speedway - Warrnambool


Tim Kaeding and extended Team on top of the world

Time Kaeding grabs the chequered flag and heads off on some celerbratory Hot Laps

Tim Kaeding and car owner Sean Dyson

Torque Tube will be providing a whole stack of extra images From The Classic in the next few days as well as an array from the lead up races at Avalon (Presidents Cup) and Borderline (Kings Challenge) – please come back

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